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I was with Shoegarfreeruby last Tuesday night in Granada Mall and she said she’ll be getting another bottle of perfume. That sent us into a discussion of perfumes, the kinds we have in the market, and how we choose them for ourselves. I have a three bottles in my dresser. One is my signature scent, the one that I’ve been using ever since because it matches me perfectly. One is the special occasion scent, the one that is used on rare, special moments that the bottle is hardly ever empty. And there’s the last one, the wild card. It’s that random find. You liked the scent and you use it when you just don’t want the usual. 
Now I’m still on the verge of guessing on what category the new rich, woody perfumes of Zohoor Alreef will go to. Their newest collection of six, exotic perfumes are inspired by Oriental countries from the Far East to the Middle East. And mind you, these countries are special in their own ways. 
The Masoumeh is inspired by the East Asian country of Burma. Its attractive and feminine pink color shows how delightful this sweet-smelling perfume is. A blend of honey makes it sweet but its woody base makes its undertone richer. If you’re a woman looking for a touch of luxury and sophistication, this is for you. I think this perfume fits me. 
India is the inspiration of Azin, the deep blue perfume that is rich in Indian spices saffron and cumin blended with patchouli and citrus. A hint of sweetness is revealed through its cedar wood base. This is for the confident woman! Eyecandy fits the bill and I think she will like this. 
Houri, a warm, fruity eau de parfum, emanates the sweet scents of Pakistan. Made from a blend of red fruits and green leaves, this perfume smells natural and mellow perfect for the desert’s warm, summer night. Shoegarfreeruby is The Pink Tarha’s natural and mellow, I’m sure she’ll like this. 
The light, summer scent of Jannat is inspired by the country of Kazakhstan. I love the color of this perfume. Its bluish tint is simple but refreshing to the eyes. Its heady combination of summer roses and spices is reminiscent of a sexy but subtle elegance our own Sampaguita Pride has. 
Maliha has its roots in the mountains of Afghanistan (a country I would like to visit someday, seriously!). Maliha gives a sensation of fresh mountain air. With its delicate combination of floral woody notes on a dry powdery base, a youthful, charming woman will enjoy this. I’m quite sure Maryhadalittlehump likes this type of fragrance. 
Lastly, the summer of Indonesia is the inspiration for Asal, the fruity scent that will whisk you away to a far-off exotic beach. Its peach and orange blossom scent is warm, carefree, and enchanting. All The Pink Tarha ladies will love this! 
So there you go, six new fragrances from Zoohoor Alreef that will be great addition to your dressing tables! Choose the ones that not only catches your sense of smell, but the one that encapsulates your personality! Oh, and if you’re partial to any of the countries they were derived from, go for it! I’m torn between Masoumeh and Asal. They’ll be on the third category… that wild card perfume that is different from the usual. 
By the way, did you know that you can shop the products of Zohoor Alreef online and they deliver on your doorstep? Oh yes! Visit their website now! ~ Sundrenched

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