Breathtaking Maldives: Male 4/4

Promise, this is the last entry on Maldives, unless we go back and create another fantastic summer escapade. But nah, it might take quite a while for us to go back because we want an adventure in a new country/place! But I digress, we’re still in Maldives as far as this entry is concerned. 
Thank you, Medhufushi!
The four days and three nights that we spent in Medhufushi Island Resort were filled with awesome experiences. We couldn’t forget the amazing details up to now and if we can only teleport to see any thing blue and green in our surroundings, you know where we want to go pronto. On our last day in Medhufushi, we were surprised by the staff with a gumamela-decorated table. Perfect for breakfast!
Our last day table
We opted for the latest check-out they can give us. Our seaplane flight arrived around three in the afternoon. And we were off amidst the smiles and waves of the Medhufushi staff. Thank you, everyone! It was an EPIC vacation!

Our ride! Bye, Medhufushi!
Upon landing in the Hulhule Airport, we were greeted by Mohammad of Skorpion Travels and he directed us to a smaller port where ferries plying the Airport-Male route are. We went with the Express ferry for $2. We were booked in a simple hotel in the city, just a few steps away from the ferry station… Hotel Relax Inn. ($100 per room for two persons with free breakfast.)
After resting a bit, he toured us around the small island. Malé is the capital of Maldives. And it’s quite interesting to note that the country name (Maldives) came from the name of the city (Male). Medyo baligtad.  Maldives literally means “islands (dives) of Male”.
Our “taxi” to Male.
Male is just a 10-minute ferry ride away from the Hulhule island where the Maldives International Airport is. The whole island is only 2.239 square miles. Kuya RJ of Medhufushi Resort said that he used to jog around Male in under one hour. That goes to show how small this island is but it’s also the most populous. Most citizens and a few expat workers are based here. Every thing is “walkable” or can be reached using motorcycles, which is the most popular mode of transportation. There are cars and taxis but they seem to be a smaller version of the regular ones. 
Even our hotel is quite small. We had to squeeze ourselves in the hallways which is about a meter in width… and you’ve seen our photos right? We’re not exactly the free size which you can just stuck in a dim hallway somewhere and will fit perfectly. Not after this super luxurious, super wide water villa. That doesn’t even seem to make sense. What happened?! Well, mafi fulos happened. Haha!
The view from our hotel room
Anyway, I have to tell you that upon arriving in our hotel in Male, we were tired. We were also hungry because we haven’t had lunch and we were not supposed to eat until the dinner our friend Janeth prepared. We were also hurting from the sunburn we’ve acquired in Medhufushi. Our shoulders hurt from carrying our bags! So much for being island girls! And so, going on the city tour with Mohammed was pretty much like the worst idea ever. But then… we couldn’t pass up the chance. Because who knows when will we ever pass by this way again, right?
Here are the points/buildings of interests:
The Hukuru Miskiyy (Friday Mosque) built in the 1656 is made up of coral block walls. 
Again, we are not allowed inside.
Built across the Friday Mosque is the Mulee Aage (Presidential Palace). Yes, that’s the official residence of the president. If that doesn’t explain how small Male is, I don’t know what will. Nah kidding. The building is painted with cool colors! The president must be a fun man. But then again, there was no president when we were in Maldives. Politicians were still campaigning. (The elections is coming to a close.)
The Presidential Palace 
Beside the mosque is a cemetery, which is probably weirding you out right now because I’m not supposed to put a cemetery picture in this sunny, happy feature! But please hear me out read me! It’s actually interesting to see their tombs because they were not of equal height. The tombs erected depends on the age and gender of the deceased. It also takes power and influence into consideration. Some of their heroes, sultans, and nobles have more intricate tombs.
Where the nobles lie
We also visited the garden compound where the Sultan Park and National Museum are. 
Waaah! Santan! A flower from my childhood!
A tree that has many stories to tell.
The museum grounds; it was already closed when we visited.
We passed by the Islamic Centre that has a geometric stretch of white steps leading up to the grand mosque. It also has a tall minaret that has a full moon at the top instead of the usual half moon. And I was hoping I can climb it because I assume the view from above will be great… haha! But alas! Non-Muslims cannot enter this place.
The grand mosque
Like the chevron pattern!
In the middle of Male is the administration building with a huge flag pole carrying the Maldives flag. The flag of Maldives feature a red rectangle (bravery of their heroes), a green rectangle (peace and prosperity), and a white crescent moon (Islamic faith). This overlooks a simple park where families spend their time. 
The center of Male
Next to the Male square is the port. It is quite obvious that most Maldivians live on fishing. Their TUNA IS AMAZING!!! Sorry, sorry I just remembered that. 😛 Anyway, we happen to see the men load their supplies for several weeks of stay in the sea. The Maldivian sunset is also lovely. And their TUNA IS AMAZING!!!
Where VIPs arrive
Where the boats come and go.
The Maldivian port-scape
Love the sunset and the colors of the boats
After this quick city tour (thank you Mohammad for putting up with us), we had to go back to the hotel. Yes, we were just walking the whole time! I don’t think that was even walking. It’s probably more apt to say dragging our tired feet across Male! Hehe. Good thing, Janeth saved us from hunger! I swear I can already hear my insides trying to eat each other. We had a delicious dinner and a good laugh of our (mis)adventures. We also went out to get pasalubongs (treats) for our families and friends in Riyadh. Thank you very, very much, Janeth! 
Male is a Muslim city so we didn’t miss Riyadh much when it comes to the absence of alcohol and pork. A Male night life can be found in Hulhule Hotel located in the international airport island. Being the old ladies that we are, we didn’t have the energy for this night life anymore so we decided to pass (wooooow!). 
Good night, Male!
We had an early flight in the morning so we checked out around 6 in the morning and traveled to the airport by ferry again. 
Male City!
The check in was smooth and fast and we were in the plane in no time at all. Sigh, so this is finally goodbye to Maldives.
Goodbye, Maldives! See you soon? 🙂
Riyadhizens, go to Maldives! Please go to Maldives!!! That’s all we can say.

And oh, their tuna is amazing.

And oh… Shukuriyaa Maldives. Dhanee Maldives!  ~ Sundrenched
*Dhivehi (Maldives’ official language) for Thank you and Goodbye respectively.

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    hi girls! I would like to ask since you flew to Dubai before going to Maldives, did you fly back to Dubai before going home to Riyadh? We are planning to go to Maldives too, stopover Dubai for a few days, but I am afraid, we would need to have a multiple visa? Did you need a multiple visa to Dubai for this trip? TIA.

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    Please mention the budget, visa application and other important information next time.

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