Can We Just Stop And (Bread)Talk Awhile?

So we posted this photo in our Facebook wall and everyone got crazy. 
Why is the guy in a “shhhh” mode when it’s BreadTALK? Hehe.
Ergo, we needed to address the questions immediately because it seems like we’ll be eaten alive if we didn’t. Haha! Yes, BreadTalk is now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and we have the first and only branch of this beloved bakeshop in the whole of Saudi Arabia. 
The almost empty display
Eyecandy and I went last night and we only relied on Google Maps and Foursquare to find it. Othman Bin Affan street isn’t exactly a popular street and we didn’t know if it has a more famous nickname. According to my father who knows North Ring Road better than I do, it’s in Exit 7. Just after the Abu Bakr Assediq Road, which is of course Exit 6. Toinks. (A map is available below).
For those who are not familiar with BreadTalk, it’s a famous bakeshop that originated in Singapore. They brought a renaissance in the bread business because they offered a lot of distinctive, unique, and delicious breads. They have branches in the Middle East (Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, etc.) and obviously, in the Philippines. That’s why we know it and we long for it. 
BreadTalk in Riyadh bears the same urban, clear glass, clean cut look that the brand is known for. It has an open kitchen to see how they bake and work inside. It was past 9 o’clock when we reached the bakery and we found the trays mostly empty. Awwww, sad.
The Japanese ‘cheese cake’ in the middle; SR40
The familiar breads we know from BreadTalk Philippines were not around. And yes, we asked for the bestseller Floss bread but they’re not available. We were wishing for the Hot Chick version since pork is not allowed here but even that is not available. Huhu. Anyway, we just had to choose from the meager selections:
Phoenix Bread = chicken mushroom with a layer of paprika 
Cheesy stuff
Breads with beef and mushroom
Soft and yummy bread
The rainbow bread

Most for their breads on one side are have Arabic spices and flavors.

Even their pizzas are have an Arabic twist into them.
Cheesy, veggie… healthy? 😛
Looks yummy!
Apart from the breads, they also have cakes in full and slices and also some dessert cups.
Ooooh lala!
White black forest (around 200 riyals)
The white version of a black forest, hehe, in small slices.
All chocolate!
What a sweetheart!
Muffins in chocolate chips, almonds, blueberry…
Colorful macarons (SR10 per pack)
Cheese crisps

We love BreadTalk because their breads are soft and sweet. Their products are considered as novelties. If you have the chance, go get their “bear bread”. Not only is it delicious, it’s also cute. The prices are a bit more expensive than your usual bread found in most bakeries but for something new and different, why not? If I were you, go there as early as possible so you get first dibs on every kind of bread they have. They open at 7 o’clock in the morning. So, go!!! 😉 ~ Sundrenched

Ta’awn Area
Othman Bin Affan Road
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The blue arrows signify the North Ring Road, it’s the easier route to take. Just go straight and exit in Exit 7. Turn right and go straight. It will be on your right side.

Click to see a larger version.

The red arrows signify the route from Riyadh Gallery. Just go straight too and exit the Othman Bin Affan Road (there is a road sign for this street so be on the lookout). Turn left and go straight. BreadTalk will be on your left so you have to use the side road and make a U-turn to go back to the building where the bakeshop is.

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    thanks for this info. I went there and found out various kind of bread. And I was told that they have now second branch in Al Waha (not sure the exact place). <br /><br />Thanks again Pink Tharha.<br />

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