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NOTHING CAN LIFT your lady spirits up than a trip to a nail and hair salon! But for us, it’s not just any nail and hair salon…the place to be is the newest branch of FOUR Nail Spa and Salon in the Diplomatic Quarters. 

I have to commend the business and marketing mind of FOUR Spa’s owners for expanding their concept of what it means to have an elegant and sophisticated salon experience. All of the products and equipment that they use are top-of-the line and personally selected by Ms. Nouf in the beauty and cosmetic conventions she attends in different parts of the world all year-round, making their services truly one-of-a-kind. What started out to be a quaint and cozy nook in the Amenities Centre of King Faisal Specialist Hospital has now branched out to a larger and more luxurious location at the Diplomatic Quarters. It’s more than safe to declare that FOUR Nail Spa and Salon has definitely arrived in the market! 
The Pink Tarha ladies and I had the privilege of visiting their newest branch as they are in the stages of their soft opening. It is located at the Al Kindi Plaza of the Diplomatic Quarters, right across the Kudu fast food branch. 

Be on the lookout so that you won’t miss it! Soon they’ll have a bigger signage. 
We were welcomed by their very polite and kind receptionist named Jasmine, who took our abayas for us and asked us for our preferred drinks. As we began to marvel at the very chic interiors of the salon, Ms. Nouf arrived and greeted us by giving us a short tour of the salon.

Super chic interiors! We LOVE it!
Clean sheets and no-fuss details 
Music all-day round and products we likey!
Gorgeous nail bar
Getting ready for our hand and feet pampering!

We really love the interiors of FOUR! Its elegance and sophistication set it apart from other salons in the city. We felt like Hollywood celebrities in this place! 😉

We were happy to learn that all of their nail spa staff were newly-hired Filipinas and they too, were psyched to see fellow Pinays! 🙂 What can we say, Filipinos really deliver quality work ethics so we were so proud and humbled that they would be the ones who would work on our nails that day. 

Your trusty nail specialists! Sorry ate in the middle, di ko maibuka eyes mo… 😛 
The three of us got The Spa Manicure and Pedicure and thus, began the most relaxing part of our visit. With the background music of today’s Top 40, I couldn’t help but feel hip and chic as I got my nails did. 😉 
Soothing foot mask
Moisturizing my legs and feet… ahhhh!
ANd the mani sesh starts
Moisture, moisture, moisture! <3
The products used were from CND. Sundrenched loved the almond scent! The nail polishes were Tito, a world-renowned brand of lacquers that doesn’t chip and fade easily. All of the tools and equipment used by FOUR Nail Spa and Salon are sterilized with a state-of-the-art sterilizing machine and they also have disposable manicure and pedicure sets for their customers so you can be assured that the tools they are using on you are clean and have never been used on anybody else before. Talk about supremely clean hygiene! 
Love this concept!
This kit contains the basic stuff you need for a mani/pedi pampering. For SR 15, you’ll get a brand new kit to be used on your session and you’ll also get ti take it home afterwards! Awesome deal right? In Four, cleanliness and good sanitation are always maintained.

Four’s hair services will be coming soon! Hair cuts and hair coloring will be available in their very sleek hair services area. I really like their simple and sophisticated design.

Their salon services are coming soon!
I’m excited!!!

Of course, the experience in FOUR comes at a beyond-your-usual price range. But that’s just because it is a beyond-your-usual salon experience. I personally think that their rates are worth it for the quality of products and service that they deliver so if you’re one to pamper yourself because you know you deserve it, do visit the FOUR Nail Spa and Salon branch at the Diplomatic Quarters. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

FOUR in Diplomatic Quarters is open from 10:30AM to 8:00PM every day except Fridays. For rates of services, please contact Four Nail Spa and Salon. Contact details are below. 🙂

Go, lift them lady spirits up…FOUR Nail Spa style. 


Four Nail Spa and Salon 
Al Kindi Plaza, Diplomatic Quarters
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
(across KUDU)
M: +966-50-165-4444 
T: +966-11-201-4444
TW: @4spa
IG: @4spa

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  1. Is the salon catering to men as well? Well, you know, men nowadays are as conscious as women when it comes to grooming..maybe a pedi or hair coloring (for those worrying on their ever-whitening crown..)…

  2. @Edwin: This salon is for women only.

  3. How do you get in to the DQ?

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