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And so the challenge has begun! The Juan For Fun Backpacker Challenge, that is! 
We’ve mentioned this new contest by Cebu Pacific in an entry before when the teams were still being assembled but now, 5 teams have been chosen to embark on an all-expense paid journey to 6 local destinations in the Philippines. Wow, all-expense paid?! Count The Pink Tarha in! If we were in the Philippines, we would’ve joined the fun! Ooops, we’re no longer at the 17-23 age range and we’re not students so uh, I doubt we would get in. Haha! 
The send-off party!
Anyway, the teams are comprised of very able students who can go around the Philippines and do the tasks and challenges ahead of them. The teams are: Team Sun Broadband, Team Crimson, Team Awesome, Team Lemixian, and Team Seven. 
The first destinations is… can you guess? Manila, of course! 
The Philippines’ national capital region is 633.3 square kilometers with with over 13 million people. The challenge is to guess the one word with 4 pictures as clues (4 Pics 1 Word online game anyone?) 
Boracay in Aklan: a must-see destination
The second destination is Kalibo in the province of Aklan. The teams were challenged to pina weaving, an age-old tradition which has been recently revived in the past 20 years. Team Seven, composed of Cyryll Juvan Macas, Mark Cominic Pat, and Irish Gayle Cajigas of Bukidnon State University, takes home the pineapple! 
Pina weaving winners Team Seven
Picturesque Davao is the third destination. Crocodile Park, one of the most famous tourist spots in Davao, took the teams into several tasks like eating, peeling, and running! Team Awesome composed of Cebuanos Windom Lim, Leander Dan Aldemita, and Shemaiah Xyza Baja of University of San Carlos – Cebu, wins this one. 
To keep up with the teams and their race around the Philippines, visit JUAN FOR FUN and the Cebu Pacific Air Facebook page. It’s also a good way to discover interesting places in the Philippines which OFWs like us can visit when we go home for our vacation in the homeland. ~ Sundrenched
*This entry is sponsored by Cebu Pacific Air. All opinions are the writer’s own.


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