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We all know that a woman is never fully dressed without a perfume. And at this age and time, there are so many perfumes and scents out there enough to drive us nuts in just the selection process. But we still go on the search for the best fragrance because ‘it’s always wonderful to be elegant, it’s always fashionable to have grace, it’s always glamorous to be brave, and it’s always important to own a delectable perfume!’ 
So let Zohoor Alreef, Saudi Arabia’s very own fragrance company, show you how beautiful fragrance is always in style, at any age, at any form! Zohoor Alreef is the brainchild of brothers Faisal and Waleed AlKhaldi. They started making perfumes from natural ingredients in AlKhobar in 1991. From catering to their families and neighbors’ requests, they opened stores in Hofuf, Jeddah, and Riyadh in 1993. Today, they have over 200 stores worldwide. This proves how far Zohoor Alreef has gone in terms of providing high quality products to their customers whom they consider as family. 
What started as a family business widens into an even larger family, extending to the company’s growing employee numbers and loyal patrons over the years. Customers are given a special participation in the creation of Zohoor Alreef’s products. And with the introduction of social media platforms, more voices are heard and more feedback are gathered. Zohoor Alreef listens to their family members thus creating a range of products that are perfect for each and every one. Welcome to Zohoor Alreef! 
Welcome to Zohoor Alreef!
Walking into a Zohoor Alreef store provides relief from the busyness of life. Its subtle yet chic interiors matched with the pastels and muted colors of the products’ packaging make shopping a breeze. The ranges are lined up on wide shelves not overcrowded with products. Every shelf and rack are well-curated with items that go well together and are suited with every personality. 
Your choice begins here…
In 2001, the AlKhaldis acquired a production facility in France that produces similar products using natural ingredients giving birth to Zohoor Alreef’s bestselling line, La Verger Shop. La Verger, which means “the orchard” truly encapsulates the meaning of its name by taking different fresh fruits and flowers and whipping them up with extraordinary perfume creation skills into an unparalleled body care range. From the orchard into the bottle… the French orchard comes to each and every one’s homes through Zohoor Alreef. 
One of the bestselling lines… lily of the valley.
From body creams and lotions to shower gels and creams… they have it for you!
Selecting the right scent is mind-boggling because they’re all fragrant! Popular scents are lily of the valley, pomegranate, sweet camellia, papaya and sweet rose. They also have unique blends like neptune (a fresh, vibrant scent with hints of the surf), raisin rouge (a full fruity fragrance) and green tea (a refreshing scent of Japan’s most popular drink). It’s not only the scent that will make your decision difficult, it’s also the colors. From light to deep, passionate hues, La Verger products look good in the bottles, jars, and tubes they come in. 
I’m in love with the raspberry scent…
But I like the color of Lily of the Valley.
Massage oil candles… how cool are these?
Apart from La Verger Shop, Zohoor Alreef has other exclusive ranges from houses like Le Maison de la Vanille and Collines de Provence. 
Gorgeous packaging, luxurious scents
Everything vanilla added to other fragrances
Le Maison de la Vanille combines the classic vanilla scent with other popular notes: powdery, oriental, druity, floral, and woody. These products come in gorgeous packs that are great for gift-giving. 
Popular products from La Maison de la Vanille
Moai is a popular Le Maison de la Vanille product for men. It has an energetic and fiery scent but has notes that make it tender and soft. If you describe your man as authentic and emotional, then you have to get him this! Meanwhile, Vanahe is magical and sensual. It brings the exotic flowers, fruits, and the ocean together to create a harmonious and mysterious fragrance. 
The Collines de Provence, on the other hand, is a company inspired by nature. Since 1995, it has been churning out aromatic home fragrances and linen fragrance as well as organic cosmetics and soaps. 
Minimalist packaging, big on fragrance
While the brands above are great, we could not disregard the fact that Zohoor Alreef’s heart is its perfumes and fragrances. After all, it’s what made Zohoor Alreef really famous. 
The exclusive perfumes
Sniff the Orient and the Parisian aromas
We’ve written about one of their newest releases, the Signature D’Orient collection. They also offer the Four Winds collection, inspired by the winds that travel throughout France. It features Mistral, Greco, Garbino, and Calima. With just these names, I’m already enthralled to try them all. 
Zohoor Alreef also has perfumes on-the-go suitable for the younger ones, or just those like us who don’t leave the house without a small bottle of our favorite scent. Reserve Naturelle‘s ‘flavors’ are young, hip, and fun. I’m intrigued with the marshmallow and chocolate varieties. 
Travel size
Lots of ‘flavors’ to choose from
Apart from these eau de parfum and eau de toilette, Zohoor Alreef is also best known for their signature oil perfumes. So many scents to choose from! I personally thought these oils were expensive but they’re really affordable. This potent fragrant liquid makes for a distinctive smell. Choosing your very own fragrance will prove to be difficult for the indecisive but once found, you’ll get your home’s own principle of scent. When enveloped with it, your home can welcome anyone from your friends to your VIP guests! 
The classic signature line
What do you want to smell like today?
The luxury oils come in beautiful, elegant bottles
I had fun reading the names of the oils. Wonder what Broken Heart, Be Happy, Good Mood, Perfect Love, and Sunny Smile smell like? You should try them all in Zohoor Alreef! And you should try them using these cute burners… 
Say, if you’re not into perfume oils… what is a good alternative? Why scented candles and wax melts, of course! I got to know Zohoor Alreef on my first year in the Kingdom because I was looking for Tarts wax melts and voila! They’re carrying the Yankee Candle brand. I love the clean scent of Clean Cotton and Soft Blanket. 
Your room, instantly refreshed
See? There are so many great brands that Zohoor Alreef carries and if I were you, try their high quality products. Whether for yourself or for your home, you’ll find something fragrant in their store. 
Mix and match!
Oh wait, you don’t even have to go to their store to get their products! You can purchase them online and they get delivered to your doorstep! Visit now! Don’t miss their special deals and promos too. 
When they say that a perfume is the most intense form of memory, Zohoor Alreef must be one of the greatest memory keepers then. The good thing is, they share their wonderful gifts of fragrances to everyone so that we can all have our own delectable perfume. They even went as far as providing us with the best body care products and home fragrances lines. Now, that’s Zohoor Alreef for you. ~ Sundrenched
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