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The Riyadh event landscape is changing. I’m not sure I’m supposed to reveal that out loud just in case someone who’s not supposed to know discovers it. Haha! But there is nothing wrong in the events that are held by various brands in the city. They’re fun, lively, and very stylish. It proves that Riyadh is actually the “it” city right now. Whoops, did I just claim that?! Haha!
One of the recent events we attended was held by one of our favorite fashion brands… New Look! This brand is our go-to fashion brand when we’re looking for stylish yet affordable pieces. We do not leave a mall without going to New Look. Except of course when there’s no New Look store in it. Otherwise, we just go to the stand-alone New Look branch in Olaya Road.
New Look began in Taunton, United Kingdom in 1969 and has grown to over 1,100 stores worldwide. They’re pretty popular in the UK and Europe. New Look has 30 stores in the Kingdom and they’re opening their 31st branch in the Eastern Province soon. New Look offers clothes, accessories, bags and shoes that are trendy and easy-to-wear. Most of the items in The Pink Tarha ladies’ closets are from New Look. What can we say? We love it!

A flawless, classic welcome for NLAW13
The New Look Autumn Winter 2013 Collection
The event last week was New Look’s launching of their autumn 2013 collection. It was held in Maison Bo-M, also one of our favorite places in Riyadh, located in Nujoud Mall beside the Intercontinental Hotel. We were warmly welcomed by the New Look marketing team which flew in from Dubai, UAE. We were toured by the lovely Robyn to see the various collections and the bestselling pieces they have.
Here’s a look at one of the best events we’ve been to this year:
The Baboushka Collection

Be on the lookout for the Russian-inspired collection. The accessories featuring matryoshka dolls are so cute! Love the black pullover too.

Blues, whites, and blacks…

Who can get wrong in this combination? I love this collection the most because it doesn’t only have my favorite colors, it’s also my style.

A mix of casuals
The reds.

The primary colors red and blue are highlighted in the collections. I love the stripes and patterns too. You know the usual rule right? Patterns against solids makes a good combo.

Preppy chic

The collection above is for the sweet and adventurous. The florals and pastels lend a cuteness that’s hard to resist and the denims gives off a fierceness that balances the whole look.

The formals and the semi-formals

I have a love for New Look’s formal wear. They’re affordable but glamorous and anyone can pull of the “prom” or “red carpet” look effortlessly with their long gowns and mini dresses. I was telling Robyn that I have one of their dress style in 3 colors because I really look good on that kind of dress (at least I think I do! Haha!). Remember my violet gown here? It’s from New Look and I bought it when it was on sale (only SR160!). A lot of my friends said that I look ‘expensive’ on it. 😉

LOVE New Looks accessories and shoes

No one can argue that New Look boasts of the some of the best accessories, bags, and shoes in Riyadh. Half of our accessories and shoes came from this brand. And they have every kind for all occasions. Pair the ones above with the formal wear and you’re on your way to the next glam event.

More bags and shoes
On to my wish list!

I appreciate the way they displayed the items on Maison Bo-M’s shelf and cabinets. I wanted to point out all the shoes and bags that caught my attention and buy them all (okay, more of ask for them if possible, haha!).

The guys side

Oh look, the guys have their corner too. New Look are offering other brands in their label lounge. For guys, they have Tokyo Laundry.

After going around and checking out the items that we liked, we sat down in Maison Bo-M’s cafe to enjoy the food. I must say that I am truly impressed with the appetizers and desserts that were served. They’re all so good! Kudos to the chef!

Love the chicken satay and the peanut sauce!

Congratulations to the team of New Look! You all did a good job launching the new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.

Next event please!

So what are you waiting for, ladies and gents? See you in New Look? 😉 ~ Sundrenched

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