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What? Who? Who’s missing in the blogging action? Haha! Okay, okay, please give us a break for a while here… The weather is lovely yeah? Change topic much? Haha! The cool, calm weather is related to our lack of posts, promise! Because who can write when your brain is telling you to just sleep some more? Or take longer naps during the weekends? Our brains seem to freeze and stop working for a while. I’m not making sense am I? Told you! Haha!
Because we are kind of lazy these days, we’re not in the mood to go out and hunt for new restaurants too. It’s a good thing I found out about Hellofood.com. It’s an interesting way of ordering food online from restaurants that we’ve always known and from new ones that I might want to try. This solves the problem of searching for phone numbers and being stuck in traffic jams (and you know how horrible the traffic is nowadays don’t you?).

Food in your doorstep.
So I went online and visited saudi.hellofood.com. I chose our street/area in the pull-down menu and looked at the list of restaurants it presented that are quite near and are willing to deliver to our place. I chose Taxi Burgers because I’ve only tried it once and… uhmn, who doesn’t like burgers?! I proceeded in making my order by signing up and going through Taxi Burger’s menu. I finalized my order and voila! It says my order has been taken and I will just have to wait for the delivery. I will pay with cash when the food gets delivered.
A few minutes after, a representative from Hellofood called me to ask about my exact address. I told him details and landmarks of our place. After that was settled, I waited. And then the rep called again to inform me that Taxi Burgers couldn’t deliver because well, Taxi Burgers doesn’t have a driver to deliver the food. Uh-hmn. So would I like to choose another restaurant? I thought for a while and settled for Pizza Fusion. I’ve eaten in Pizza Fusion for a couple of times already but haven’t visited the restaurant recently. I went online again and went through the same process.

Ditching burgers for pizzas
Finally after 45 minutes, Pizza Fusion‘s driver called us… and he couldn’t understand me because I don’t speak Arabic and he doesn’t speak English. I handed the phone to my dad and he was the one who instructed the driver on how to reach our place (our street and building is not hard to find). After 15 minutes, the driver still hasn’t arrived so I called him but he wasn’t answering. Another 5 minutes and someone called me asking where our building was. I had to direct the man in line (the driver found a person on the street who can speak both Arabic and English). I also had to go down our building and stand in front of it so the driver can see me.
After an hour and a half, we finally had our dinner of salmon pizza and Hawaiian pizza.
While there were slight problems with my first time ordering via Hellofood.com, I can say that it’s still a convenient way to order food especially when you’re not in the mood to go out or cook. They have a lot of restaurants in their lists offering various cuisines. Whatever you’re craving for, they have a restaurant that they can recommend. Pizza? Burger? Shawarma? Kabsa? Sushi? Their call center support staff is also easy to deal with. They have a Live Chat feature in their website where you can connect with their operators immediately just in case you have questions.

Hellofood has an app available for download in the Apps store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android. Hellofood is also available in Jeddah, Dammam, Al Khobar, and Dhahran. So check it out, people! 😉 ~ Sundrenched

Hellofood Riyadh
Online delivery service
T: +966-537972303
FB: https://www.facebook.com/HellofoodSaudiaArabia
Twitter: @HellofoodSA

PS. I wish the delivery drivers of restaurants any where in Riyadh can speak and understand both Arabic and English. 

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