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We’re always on the lookout for something new in Riyadh, especially when it comes to food. FOOD. Yes, food. Haha! Looking at the gustatory landscape of Riyadh, I observed that there is a lot more left to be desired. There are so many types of cuisine that is waiting to be seen and tasted from other countries. I’m pretty sure that locals and expats alike would be grateful for some Vietnamese cuisine, Hongkong dishes, and maybe some Mediterranean and Greek. However, we can always make do with what we have for now. It’s not that easy to open a restaurant in Riyadh anyway.
Here are three food discoveries over the Haj holiday…

Are you ready to line up?
Hailed as the best burger by print magazine Destination Riyadh, Hamburgini has long been a favorite by a lot of locals. A testament to this is the looong line that’s always snaking its way from the counter to the outside creating traffic on the street where it’s at. They also halt the ordering way before its closing time because of the many burgers they have to create for those who ordered a lot (and we mean A LOT). My brothers have to line up for more than an hour to get their orders. 
The single burger
So what makes these burgers worth the line? First and foremost, it’s just SR 9. It’s small but it’s really worth it. The bun is soft and buttery and the patty is beefy and savory. The tomato and lettuce are fresh and the sauce has a bit of sweet and sour mixed into it. One bun is not enough so yes, order A LOT! And go there early. They are so confident of their burgers that they only have three main items in their menu: Single, Double, and Triple (and by that they just mean the number of patties in your burger and nothing else). You can only add fries and soda. That’s it.
Al Muruj District
Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Thani
(in front of Othaim Market)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-4103330
Twitter: @HamburginiSA

Cafe Mr. Dainty in Avenue Mall
I am a huge fan of bubble teas in the Philippines. I have no excuse for the amount of bubble teas in various flavors that I consume when I’m in Manila so I am quite disappointed that Riyadh hasn’t gotten into the bubble tea craze. I’ve been waiting for years! (Naks!) Enter Mr. Dainty in AlQasr Mall and Avenue Mall…
Uhmn yup, all mine!
I love their simple Assam bubble tea. It’s what I always order. It has a mild sweetness and the tea flavor is not overpowering. The bubbles are chewy too. Try the chocolate flavor too. A large order (SR10 + SR2 for the bubbles) makes me so full I couldn’t eat any thing else. Except if it’s Mr. Dainty’s delicious breads. They have an array of breads that are soft and flavorful. My favorite includes the tuna bun, custard bun, and egg&mushroom bread. The AlQasr branch delivers for a minimum of SR 100.
Second Floor, Avenue Mall (Lulu Hypermarket)
Olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Food court, AlQasr Mall
Suwaidi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Timing: 12:30pm-12:00am
T: +966-11-4574116

AlQasr Mall branch
There are so many donut brands in Riyadh that makes this city probably the sweetest ever. Haha! (Really?! *cough*) Or the most diabetes prone. 😛 Who doesn’t love donuts? I love donuts but not the kind smothered with sugar or syrup. That’s why BestBite is a refreshing alternative. It’s so refreshing it’s not an American brand! It’s Chinese!
Less sugar, more flavor!
The bread is what I like in this donut. It’s pillowy soft and not at all sweet. It’s not covered and glazed with sweet syrup like other brands (*cough* Krispy Kreme *cough*) and not oily. The toppings and fillings give it its distinct taste. I especially like the ones with blueberry and strawberry jam surrounded with whipped cream. Classic flavors include Choco Star, Oreo, Snow White, Black Forest, Almonds, and Pop Corn Flakes. All flavors are SR 6 each. Best Bite also offers hot drinks like espresso, hot chico, tea, cappuccino, and Turkish coffee that goes well with their donut. Not for hot? Then cold drinks like Oreo, Mockha, Corn Flakes, and Mocha Oreo are available too.
Tahlia Street, Sulaimaniah
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-2937307
Food court, AlQasr Mall
Suwaidi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-53-4468859

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