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Newly renovated Applebee’s in Tahlia looks bigger, brighter and definitely better from their previous look. Since re-opening four months ago, their restaurant is exuding high spirits and fun times with a wider, open-dining area that’s reminiscent of your neighborhood pub (with large screen TVs behind the “bar” and all). 
The ladies and I (with a couple of our foodie friends) went to their Tahlia branch to give the new ambience a try and we were glad we did. The family section is cozy (not too dim, not too bright) and we opted to sit in the open area to get a better feel of our surroundings. I’m actually glad that they de-cluttered most of the memorabilia that used to overwhelm the walls. They still have a few around, just enough to still have that Applebee’s vibe we all used to know. 
We ordered our drinks first and naturally, the girls go after their signature Sangrias (minus the wine in it, of course). What’s fun about the open area is that you have a pretty good view of the bar where you can see the bartenders prepare your drinks. 
Here’s our drinks for the night:
Peach Sangria for Shoegarfreeruby – perfect for the girly-girl, according to our waiter.
Red Apple Sangria for Sundrenched, her favorite. Fresh!
Strawberry Mojito for our fellow foodie friend #1. Minty and sweet. 🙂
Cherry Lime for our fellow foodie friend #2. It packs a sour, tangy punch. 
Now, considering we came in from a long work day, we were hungry for some appetizers! And I think we overdid it. Hahaha! There were plenty to choose from and we helped ourselves to the max. Proof is shown below: 
Applebee’s Pretzels! 
The girls went gaga over these deep fried pretzels. The crispy outer layer hugs the soft bread inside so perfectly and if you dunk it in one of the cheese sauces there, you will be in pretzel heaven. This is a must try and THE bestselling appetizer of Applebee’s to date!

Sampler of Chicken Wanton Taco and Buffalo Wings in BBQ Sauce.
This is a customized sampler to our liking. We wanted to try the Chicken Wanton Tacos and found them to be of the Asian flair. The wanton wraps are deep fried in a shape of a taco shell, with a garden slaw and chicken bits mixed with sweet sauce spooned inside. The chopped coriander on top accented the overall taste really well. My only comment on it would be that the wanton wraps were a bit too oily for my preference. Otherwise, I ate everything inside the taco. 
The Buffalo Wings were tender and the sauce was just right. I could not have just one piece of it, I had to take two. 🙂 By the way, don’t forget to eat those celery sticks! Did you know that celeries have negative calories? Meaning if you eat them, it minuses calories from what you just ate? I kid, I KID! Haha. It was a running joke on our table. But seriously though, celeries are a healthy snack at only 10 calories per stalk. It helps lower your blood pressure and is rich in Vitamin A. So crunch away on those celeries! 

Chicken Quesadillas
Now this is one heavy starter. I’d say one order of it is good enough for three people. What I liked most about these quesadillas was the tidbits of bacon strips scattered inside the edges of the tortillas — why? Because usually when you get to the crust-end of the slice, you feel like there’s no more filling there right? But with the bacon tidbits there, it gives you that kick of flavor you need to not leave your last bite of the quesadilla left hanging. 

Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella sticks are pretty standard: it’s a finger-sized lump of mozzarella cheese, rolled, crusted and deep fried. But, what makes Applebee’s Mozzarella Sticks stand out is its marinara sauce. I would seriously order this just for that sauce alone. Or course, it’s basically a deconstructed pizza, but that sauce, I repeat, is simply delicious. 

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
We liked the nachos, we liked the salsa. But for me, the spinach and artichoke were a bit too pronounced in that little bowl and I was looking for it to have more creaminess for some balance. Nevertheless, it’s one healthy-tasting appetizer. 

Chilli Fries
Another heavy starter and great for sharing. You’ll have the gooey cheese and messy chilli on top of every french fry. If you are carbo-loading, this is a must-have. 🙂 
At this point, we wondered if we still had any space left for the main course! We indulged in a little chit-chat first before letting the waiter bring in the next wave. Here goes:
T-Bone Steak, Medium Well for both S and R
According to Sundrenched, even though it looks dry on the photo, it’s actually tender and juicy. Shoegarfreeruby ordered the same and said it’s one of the few steaks that she likes over all the steaks she’s tried in Riyadh. That’s four thumbs up! 

Seared Rib-Eye with Garlic and Shrimp
This was one of our friend’s order and I was able to taste some of it. I love herbs on steak, really, because I think it gives them a different dimension when you bite into them together — so you can tell by now that I liked this dish. It was also covered in some kind of light soy sauce and sesame seeds – quite Asian in flavors if you ask me. 🙂

Rib-Eye, Medium Rare
Another friend of ours ordered a different version of the rib-eye steak, this time done medium rare. She’s actually a meat aficionado and according to her, they actually got medium rare right – which is a rarity in most steak houses in Riyadh. 

Chilli and Lime Rubbed Salmon
This one is my order – I’m a salmon fan. I’d eat salmon all day for the rest of my life if I could. The mushroom sauce is usually poured on top of it but I asked for it to be on the side so I can still get a taste of the grilled salmon alone. It’s very tasty with a little kick of the ground chilli here and there. The fish was cooked great – not dry at all!

Applebee’s has fares for those who are health-conscious too! How can a steak and shrimp combo be just 55o calories?! Wow! Applebee’s Under 550 Calories menu consists of delicious sirloin steak with garlic herb shrimp and zesty chicken dishes. Try it for a tasty lunch or dinner without feeling guilty of ruining your diet. Applebee’s has also amped up their sizzling entrees. We should try those sizzling skillet dishes next time. Oh, and also, if you’re opting for some steaks, they slashed off a good discount on them. Try their T-Bone for SR 79 only (from SR 99) while they’re in their Steak and Ribs Celebration!

As much as we were full to the brim by the end of the main course, the staff would not let us go without having at least one (or two) desserts. We were hesitant, but might as well cap off our tastebuds with something sweet before we go. 
Final Round…FIGHT!
Chocolate Lava Cake
Choco Brownie with Ice Cream
Truth be told, these desserts were waaaay too sweet. I think you can already get an idea of that with the pictures of the cake and brownie drowning in chocolate sauce, which I think didn’t have to be too generous. To offset the sugar attack I was having, I ordered a cup of tea to accompany every bite instead. 
This is the gang at Applebee’s! 🙂 
Having said all that, the night was young and hearty and the company of good friends always make a night out of dining complete. I think us Riyadhizens are always looking for a relaxed and comfortable place with great food and ambiance (plus a decent service) and Applebee’s is one of those places you should definitely consider. The food is great, the service is attentive and the place is just right for you to unwind and take a break from your usual routine. 
The weekend is coming, why don’t you go and try out their newly renovated branch for yourself? 🙂 Bring your friends and family. 
Happy eating! 
Visit their branches at:
Tahlia Street
Rimal Center
King Abdullah Road 
Hayat Mall

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