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We all cannot believe what is happening in our home country, the Philippines. It has been rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on October 15. The Visayas region hasn’t even stood up from the calamity when a supertyphoon came barreling fast and strong leaving in its wake a destruction we have no words for. Seeing the photos and videos in the news channels and websites left us all in shock; our mouths open in disbelief, our hearts swell with anguish for our fellow Filipinos who have perished and were severely affected by the storm. Yolanda, international name Haiyan, is the strongest storm of 2013 and it has chosen to pass through the Philippines at a difficult time already. What are the odds?

We have no words… and these are just the destroyed properties. We cry at the photos of people. (via BuzzFeed)

But we Filipinos are known for our resilience and our bayanihan spirit. With these, we will prevail in these hard times. We highly encourage everyone, especially OFWs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to come to the rescue of our fellow Filipinos suffering in the Philippines. There are a lot of agencies open for relief and cash donations. 

For relief donations such as canned goods, mineral water bottles, medicines, mosquito nets, and toiletries, LBC branches kingdom-wide are serving as drop-off points. You can visit any of their branches:

RIYADH Branch: Store 14-16, Abi Alabass corner Al Murshdi Streets (Near Pinoy Supermarket), Al Batha District, Riyadh 
JEDDAH Branch: Store 175, Jeddah International Market (SARAWAT), Madinah Road, Jeddah
AL KHOBAR Branch: King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Street Cross A (near RAMANIYA COMPLEX, beside SEVEN ELEVEN), Al Khobar 
Customer Service Hotlines: 800-8-110332
For cash donations, the Red Cross is accepting via Paypal.
Donations via credit cards are accepted via the following websites:
You can also send your cash donations via Enjaz or through your banks to the following Sagip Kapamilya accounts:
Other options to help for people outside the Philippines:
We believe in the generosity of the Filipino people. We also believe in the generosity of the world who continuously pours their donations to the Philippines. Thank you! We wish that these donations are used for the calamity victims and not go to the pockets of our corrupt officials. We appeal to the government to make sure that all donations are given to those who need it and deserve them the most. 
We also believe in the power of prayers. Let us continue to ask strength, guidance, and providence from the Almighty to see the Philippines and the Filipino people through these difficult times. 
God bless the Philippines! God bless the world. 


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