How To Apply For A Passport Extension In Riyadh

There was a time when I begin thinking that I am an employee of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. Seriously! Have you seen our entry on How To Renew Your Passports in Riyadh? It has over 100 comments that another page had to be made to accommodate more! Whew! The questions were getting more concrete and my replies are getting more obsolete. Who would have thought consular stuff are that complicated? I salute them who have extreme patience to go through each case/problem in the Consular Services section of our embassy.
Anyway, just to set the record straight, I am not an employee of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh. Neither are the rest of The Pink Tarha ladies. I mean I want to just to help our kababayans in Saudi Arabia. Ergo, The Pink Tarha blog. So I am not an expert and feel free to not believe me. I’m quite sure the embassy employees can answer all the questions you have. Sometimes, it’s even in their website. And, you can always call them in their hotline: +966-11-4823559. Oh right, they’re too busy to answer sometimes? Well, that’s what “try and try until you reach your breaking point them” is all about. No, don’t think they’re ignoring you. No really, they are here to serve and help the Filipino people right? Right? 😉
In the meantime, I will unravel the mystery of extending your passports. I’ve received a handful of questions on this and even if I don’t need an extension, I just have to research what this is all about. Just in case.
So, you probably should know that you NEED to renew your passport nine months before its expiry date (quick, check your passports now!) because getting an online appointment is quite tedious. The earliest possible date of renewal might be two months from now. So be as early as possible in having your passport renewed. You cannot travel out of a country into another one if your passport is no longer valid for six months. For example, my passport will expire on October 2014 so I can no longer travel from the Philippines to KSA (or vice-versa) on May 2014. I will have to renew it as early as January 2014 to avoid hassles and stress.
What if you have some emergencies and your passport is no longer valid for less than six months… or worse, your passport is already expired… what will you do? That’s where an extension is granted.
Passports extensions can only be granted in the following instances: 
1. Death in the family requiring the OFW and members of his/her dependent family to urgently travel to the Philippines. 
2. Medical emergencies requiring the OFW and members of his/her dependent family to urgently travel to the Philippines or another country for medical treatment. 
3. OFWs returning abroad with valid employment contracts processed by the POEA. 
4. OFWs going home on final exit visas. 
If you notice, all of the above are kind of in the category of “life and death situations”. Why of course! Because giving an extension should not be as easy as 1-2-3. Remember that a passport is the most important ID you’ll ever have (well, except for the iqama here in Saudi Arabia) and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. So if you’re going to another country just because you’re visiting as a tourist and you handily forgot that your passport is already expired? Well, forget about your travel plans too! They won’t grant an extension for you. (Hello? If you have a plan to go out of the country for leisure and pleasure, check your passport first!)
You need to present proof of urgency when you apply for an extension. For example, for reason 1, a death certificate must be presented. For reason 2, a medical certificate. Valid employment contracts processed by the POEA or POLO, along with plane tickets with confirmed flights should be presented for reason 3.
Reason 4 is what most of our kababayans are asking. Yes, you can go home to the Philippines on a final exit visa even if your passport is already expired as long as you get this extension.
Now, there are conditions that will apply when an extension is granted. 
1. The extension shall only be done once and shall not be beyond 31 October 2015. 
2. The applicant shall apply for an ePassport at the same time the application for the extension is filed with the Embassy or Consulate. 
3. Payment of the consular fees for the extension of the passport and the application for the ePassport (SR 240). 
4. The extended passport shall be submitted for cancellation on the date of the release of the ePassport. 
*Those who are going on a final exit visa are no longer required to apply for ePassports. 
Those who will be applying for extensions of passport must make an appointment in the Philippine Embassy – Riyadh website ( But if you are on a final exit visa, you do not need an appointment. You can go as a walk-in. I’m not sure for the other reasons but if you see that the earliest appointment available in the system will be two months away, then that defeats the purpose of your emergency need right? So I suggest you call the Embassy and inquire ASAP.
If you’re not residing in Riyadh, what should you do? Well, check the schedule of consular outreach/embassy on wheels in your area. Now na!
Applying for an extension of your passport can also be considered as renewing your passport already (because uhmn, you wouldn’t need the extension if your passport is still valid right?) so prepare the following requirements too:
1. Bring yourself because a personal appearance is required.
2. Original passport for renewal
3. Photocopy of passport (data page only: where your photo and details are)
The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh is open from Sunday to Thursday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. 
For general embassy matters, you can call +966-11-4823559, +966-11-4820507, and +966-11-4821577. For Consular Services (meaning passports, visas, etc.), call +966-11-482-3816. (This is the number you will call when the entry above didn’t answer your question. 😉
Some helpful links:
Make An Appointment (Renewal of Passport; both in Riyadh and EOW)
Extension on Passports (where I got the details above)
Philippine Embassy – Riyadh
Diplomatic Quarter
Ummayah Abu As-Salat Street
P.O. Box 94366, Riyadh
11693 Saudi Arabia
Map (inside Diplomatic Quarter):
A marks the spot.


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  1. Greetings! Thank you for the article, it's very helpful! I'm in the Philippines, but my mother is working in KSA. Unfortunately, her passport has already expired and her contract is going to expire in October 2014. Will she be qualified to apply for passport extension on the grounds of reason no. 4 (OFWs going home or final exit visa)? I kept trying on setting an appointment via online so

  2. Hi Amore, there's still a lot of time for her to have her passport renewed because she won't go home til October 2014. Try to set up an appointment in the EOW for her as soon as possible. Slots might be full for the coming months but try for next year.

    • michael saulo Reply

      Good pm…im here in iqama ended on jan. 2015 Bit my passport expired on feb 02 2015…

      Sabi ng boss ko punta daw ako riyadh para ipaextend 1 yr..ano ano po ba dadalin ko???nid din po ba appointment para sa ganun

      • Janelle Reply

        If you’re going to Riyadh, might as well renew it than extend it. You can also search on the schedule of Embassy On Wheels; they do that in Dammam and Al-Khobar. Kindly visit the embassy’s website.

  3. Hi i just wanna ask. Im applying for abroad and ive already sent my passport in the agency for visa application. Its only 10 months validity bcoz it will expire on october 2014 too. Can i renew my passport in riyadh?how? Pls help me thanks

  4. Anonymous Reply

    we will travel on 29 December 2013 to see my grandmother who is very sick and our passport will expire on 04 April 2014 how we can get an extension for our passport.<br /><br />thank you

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Magandang gabi.<br /><br />Andito po ako ngayon sa Pilipinas for emergency vacation since Dec. 7, 2013. Exit Re-entry po ang aking visa. Itatanong ko lang po kung papaano ko ma-claim ang passport ko. I renewed my passport last Oct. 2013 at kaka-post lang po nila sa Riyadh Embassy website (Dec. 11, 2013) na ready for release na ang passport ko. I am planning now na hindi na ako babalik ng Saudi.

  6. @Mary Louise: You can fly as long as your passport is still valid for 6 months. Yes, you can apply for renewal in Riyadh. The steps are here:<br /><br />@Anonymous 2:19PM: The steps are above. This entry is written for it.<br /><br />@Anonymous 6:31PM: We have no idea po. You can email the Philippine-Embassy in Riyadh

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Good pm,<br /><br />My final exit will be on april 2014 and my passport will be expired on june 2014, do i need to renew/extend my passport?<br /><br /><br />thanx

  8. @Anonymous 7:47PM: If you can get a passport renewal as early as possible before the year ends, then it&#39;s advisable to have your passport renewed.

  9. Iya Reply

    Hi i have a flight on december 25, 2013 and my passport will expire on january 20, 2014. Do you think they will hold me at the immigration in king khaled airport even if i have Final Exit Visa? I need your reply ASAP please!

  10. As far as we know, if you&#39;re already on final exit, you can still travel out of KSA with that passport. But for a more accurate info, kindly call the Philippine Embassy. Thanks.

  11. Iya Reply

    I already called phil embassy and they cannot give me a sure answer. They adviced me to asked the HR who processed my papers because they know more about it and according to HR i am allowed to travel since i will go back to my own country and final exit already. Thank you so much for your kind and quick response. I am just so worried for my upcoming flight! I hope they won&#39;t hold me at the

    • April buera Reply

      Hi iya,.ask ko lang kung nakapagexit ka kahit ang passport is valid only within a month..ganun din kase mangyayari sa kakilala ko, magexipre passport nya ng octber 2015, pero meron na syang exit visa..gusto na nya makauwi..thanks sa reply

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, I&#39;m here in Riyadh and I&#39;m going to vacation this coming February 19, 2014 but my passport will expired on March 30, 2014. Can I still travel to the Philippines? I&#39;m planning to renew it there in the Philippines. It is too hard to make appointment here in Philippine Embassy.

  13. @Anonymous 2:13AM: Kindly call the Philippine Embassy regarding this because your passport will already expire and technically, it&#39;s no longer valid for traveling. Passports should be still valid for 6 months when traveling. You might need to get a visa extension. And have your passport renewed in the Philippines. The Philippine Embassy Riyadh numbers are above for further clarification.

  14. Good day. Im confuse and upset about this 6months rules. Mine will expire on october 2014 and my contract will end on april 2014. Meaning they will not give me visa because of this rule. Miss pink tarha, what is the best solution yoi can advise me because i dont want to stay longer here in ksa because i have a health problem and i need to undergo operation as soon as possible when i get home in

  15. greetings!<br />im a big fan of you pink tarha. thank you for this helpful article, you help a lot of filipinos here in the kingdom. i just want to ask some questions regarding my situation. first… if i can use my passport for final exit on the first week of february 2014 (going home to philippines), the expiry date is 25th of february 2014, i asked the HR in my company and she told me that its

  16. @Mr. Dante: You can still renew your passport before April since it&#39;s just January. If you cannot get an online appointment, then maybe you can call the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh and tell them of your status. They can give you an extension since you&#39;re already on a final exit visa on April (if they can&#39;t accommodate your renewal request).<br /><br />@Miss Oxygen28: As long as you&#

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Hi! Good extended passport will be xpired on april1, vacation will be on feb10 2014 from riyadh to it possible can I still go with my vacation n just renew my passport in phils ..if I can still hav exit n reentry visa since my iquama still valid?..will I be hold in the kkia or naia immigration due to my passport less than 6mos?

  18. Hi, can you please help me or give suggestion, I&#39;be having my exit on June 28, 2014, but my passport is already expired last Dec. 2013. Do I need to renew or is it better if I just apply for extension. I need a faster method because the next schedule of appointment is April and then I still have to wait for 45 days to receive my new passport. <br /><br />Please advise, thanks 🙂

  19. @Anonymous 6:04PM: Technically, you can no longer travel with your passport because it&#39;s expiring on April. Did you get an exit/re-entry visa already? Because as far as we know, they won&#39;t be releasing a visa if your passport is expiring already. Try to get an extension. Please contact the embassy.<br /><br />@Tristan: Kindly call the embassy. They might grant you an extension because you

  20. Anonymous Reply

    There is no problem if i renew my passport 2 months after expiration.. because there is no slot in appointment

  21. Anonymous Reply

    Hi miss pink tarha! I just wanna ask your opinion.. Because i will be having my vacation this march 2014 and my passport expired last september 2013. And the schedule i got for renewal in riyadh is on april.. Do you think they will consider to grant me an extension? Thankyou! Your reply will be of great help!

  22. @Anonymous 7:28PM: There is no problem if you renew an already expired passport. The important thing is, you renew it! :)<br /><br />@Anonymous 11:09PM: Kindly call the Philippine Embassy-Riyadh with regards to this. I think they have a satellite site which receives passport renewal applications from those who cannot get an appointment.

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Greetings! Your article will surely help a lot of Filipinos working here in the kingdom.<br />My passport will expire on 14 Nov 2014. I will be going on vacation to Philippines on June 6, 2014. The latest available appointment that I got to renew my passport is on April 23, 2014. Do you think I will be able to get m y renewed passport by the end of May? If not, what will I do? Thanks a lot

  24. Hi Anonymous 12:04AM: When you go on your appointment on APril 23, make sure that they know of you vacation dates. You can also inquire there and get their assurance that your passport will be released on time, before your June 6 flight and before you get an exit/re-entry visa (because your passport number must be updated in the system). They need 30 working days to renew passports.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    Gud day! My passport will expire on October 2015 and I am going for vacation on June 6, 2014. I will be travelling back to Riyadh on July 2014. Can I still use my passport, or do I need to renew before my vacation? Thanks a lot

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Good afternoon<br />I am going on vacation this coming March. I am planning to renew my passport which will expire on March 2016 in the Philippines while on vacation. Do you have any idea how long will it take for a renewed passport to be released. I will be on vacation for 45 days.

  27. Anonymous Reply

    ask k lng po emergency po kailngan k lng p umuwi tlga because of my wife expire n ung passport ko etong marso gus2 k mag extension nlng kailangan k lng tlga mauwi dahil sa emergency plss ano po dapat kong gawin online boking fully n iwas going vaction on feb plzzz

  28. Anonymous Reply

    ask k lng po exipre napo ung passport ko sa darating n marso ang prblm ko mag bakasyon ako ng feb 2014 gus2 k nlng extension ung passport k pra makauwi agad ang prblm ko ung appointment dahil puno n at walang avelable ano pb dapat kong gawin kailngan k lng umuwi ng feb dahil sa condition ng asawa ko puede bk pumnta dyn sa embassy for extension nlng plsssss

  29. sir/maam,<br />expired po ang passport ko…this comming end of march ay EXIT po ako for emergency reason..pwede po ba ako mag aply ng passport extenxion..kasi po fullu book na po ang appoitment strating today till february…pwede rin po ba ako mag apply thru &quot;walk in&quot; ng passport renewal ko kahit di na ako sa dadaan sa process ng E-passport appointment system?….hope someone reply…

  30. can i extend my expired passport thru extension i will go exit this end of march…can i go to embassy tru &quot;walk-in&quot; process?

  31. @Anonymous 7:19PM: Try to renew your passport before you go for vacation.<br /><br />@Anonymous 1:45PM: Your passport will expire on March 2016? Then it&#39;s still valid, unless you&#39;re still using the green/maroon passport which are not machine-readable. In the Philippines, you have the option to make the renewal in a RUSH. Only a week and you&#39;ll have your passport delivered to you. <br

  32. @Christian: Call the Philippine Embassy regarding your status. As long as you&#39;re going for exit, they will give you an extension. I think those who are going on exit have a different process.

  33. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,<br /><br />Can i know how much is the current fee for the philippine passport renewal in Riyadh?

  34. briliant Reply

    Good Day,<br />I would to ask in behalf of my brother an ofw in riyadh because his passport was expired last January 2014 and his contract will end on Nov 2014.What he will do with it?thanks

  35. @Anonymous 9:42AM: Current passport fees:<br />Passport Fees Renewal (e-Passport) – SR 240.00<br />Lost Passport: Green or MRP – SR 360.00+SR100 for affidavit <br />e-Passport – SR 600.00+SR 100 for affidavit<br />Newborn children – SR 100.00<br /><br />@Anonymous 6:47PM: Have him renew it in the Philippine Embassy – Riyadh. Get his appointment asap.<br /><br />

  36. Anonymous Reply

    Good Day,<br /><br />Is it okay and enough to bring the confirmation thru online registration? I accidentally deleted all my mails and forgot to print the confirmation from my email. I hope I can get your feedback as my schedule would be next week. Thank you so much!

  37. Good Day,<br /> My passport will expire on November 14 2014 but my schedule of vacation is on June 15, 2014 can i just renew it that time when i&#39;m in the philippines? for i&#39;m staying very far i&#39;m located at dana bay half moon for in which travelling to Riyadh is so far and expensive do you think that is possible for me to just renew from there in the philippines at the time of

  38. @Anonymous 11:44AM: Yes, bring your confirmation through online registration and explain your predicament to the officer. Thanks<br /><br />@Francis: I suggest you have your passport renewed from here asap. However, you can also call the Philippine Embassy Riyadh for a more sure answer. Passports should be 6 months valid for international travels. Thank you.

  39. Hi Miss Pink Tarha,<br />I have the same question as Mr. Francis Francisco, I plan to go on vacation in the Philippines May 2014, my passport will expire on March 2015. I just want to ask (that since it&#39;s still more than 6-months valid), can I still be issued a reentry visa? And what if I renew my passport in the Philippines what will be the process or documentation needed since I will be

  40. Good morning po maam pink tarha, please reply asap. Ill be going for vaccation on march 20, problem my passport will expire on july 2014. Ang tanong ko lang po kung i-renew ko passport ko gaano katagal bago ko makuha? Mahahabol ko po ba ito before march 20? Pwede po ba bayaran ko na lang dito sa jeddah ang renewal at sa pilipinas ko na lang i-process? Any suggestion?

  41. Anonymous Reply

    hello po gud pm po. ask ko lng pag expired pasport b mas matgal ang processing???In average ilang days po ang processing ng passport bago ma release???thanks<br />

  42. @Joan: You can renew your passport in the Philippines. Just bring the old one when you go back in Saudi Arabia. There&#39;s a room beside the immigration booths in the airport in Riyadh where you can have your passport number updated. Do this before lining up for the immigration booth. Thanks.

  43. @Eric: Sorry for the late reply. But as you might have already known because it&#39;s clearly stated in our entries on passport renewal in Riyadh that it takes 30 days for your passport to be renewed. So it will not be released on or before March 20 if you have it renewed March 10 onwards. Kindly call the Philippine Embassy – Riyadh about this because as far as we know, you cannot travel unless

  44. @Anonymous 4:45PM: Renewal of passport takes 30 WORKING DAYS, whether your passport is already expired or not before renewal.

  45. Anonymous Reply

    nag renew ako ng pasport last feb 7 pero gang ngayon po d pa na rerelease lampas na po 30 days….ano po pwede gawin para ma release na to before march25…need po makauwi ng date na un kc..

  46. Hello im syrian and I want to get the fillipino passport and nationality if I went to the embassay will they give it to me or is it only for fillipinos

  47. Anonymous Reply

    Hi! I need help kung paano kumuha ng apoinment sa renewal of passport sa riyadh online? nag try ako sa online hindi ma click yung date na gusto kung apoinment o kahit anong date hindi ma click. Kailangan ko na kasing kumaha ng appoinment para sa kapatid ko na sa saudi. Ma expire na kasi passport niya sa July 14. Pwede po ba syang mag apply for extension kasi uuwi sya magbakasyun sa pinas?

  48. Ms. Leah Reply

    Good morning, Ms Pink Tarha, my passport will expire this coming November, and i already had appointment for renewal on April 13. Unfortunately, right now my passport is in UK embassy coz i applied for visa coz i plan to go to UK this July. My concern is, how am i going to ask for a change of date coz im sure, i will not be able to receive my passport back on April 13.

  49. gegeh said:<br /> good day ask ko lng po kng mang maximum n released ng passport eh 45 days at hnd po nreleased san ko po b pwede iffolow up ngrenew ako last feb 15 2014 po at ung mga ksaby ko ngrenew nreleased n po&gt; dto po ako s saudi?? thankyou<br />

  50. Ask ko lng po.. Wla po bang maging future prob sa immigration kng paexpire na po ang passport in a day or two kht po exit visa? Thanks po. Godbless! 🙂

  51. Anonymous Reply

    Good afternoon. My daughter is here in Riyadh for vacation since March 25. Her passport will expire on November 2014. Can she still use her passport to go back to Philippines, her scheduled flight back to Phil. is on June 11, 2014.

  52. Anonymous Reply

    My passport will expire on Novermber 22 2014, can I still use it by June 2014 and will renew it in the Philippines?

  53. Anonymous Reply

    Dear Ms. Pink Tarha,<br />I want to know whether I can still use my Passport in going back to Philippines on June 2014. My Passport will expire on Nov. 22, 2014. I am here in Riyadh for summer vacation. I am a dependent of my OFW parents. I will renew my Passport in the Philippines po. Maraming Salamat po.

  54. Anonymous Reply

    Ms. Pink Tarha, good day po. Ask ko lang po kung pwede ko pa gamitin ang passport ko this June 2014, kung mag-expire ito ng Nov. 2014, Thank you po

  55. Haloo tarha gud pm po pwd po ba hingi na tulong or advice po.kung ani dapat kung gawin .ng renew na po aq nang passport ko noong april 6 2014 sabi nila 30 days lang andyan na ung passport bat hanggang ngayon wla parin..mgbakasyon po aq ds june17 pwd ko nalang po ba eh xtend ang passport ko para lang mkabaksyon aq 1month lang po bgay sa akn na bakasyon.pwd ho bah ma xtend ang passport ko

  56. Maam ng renew po aq sa passport ko noong april 6 2014 expired na po ang passport ko noong oct.2013 pro hanggang ngayon po hnd parin na release passport ko..kailangan ko po mg bakasyon aq ds june 17 2014 maam pwd ko ba eh xtend ung luma ko na passport habang nghintay na ma release ang bago kc pra lang mkabakasyon po aq…pls help me maam

  57. Good day mam pink… tanong ko lang po sana, what if yung employer ay ayw mg bigay ng final exit visa, at sa halip mg bigay ng re-entry visa. mkaka apply pa rn ba ako ng extension sa passport ko?

  58. Sorry for not being able to reply for quite a long time. I&#39;ve been on vacation and has limited internet connection. I hope that my answers will still help you, or others that might stumble on this entry in the future. :)<br /><br />@Anonymous 5:28 (March 15): I hope your passport got released on time.<br /><br />@itech itch 12:37PM (March 26): You mean you want to become a Filipino?

  59. Gudmorning..i will have my vacation this october 2014 but my passport will expire this january 2015..can i still have my vacation?..hoping for ur reply..tnx..

  60. @Dada Nana: I think you can but you also have to check if they will be giving you an exit/re-entry with the expiration date nearing. You should try having your passport renewed before October to avoid problems/hassles.

  61. Good day
    Will doctor’s medical certificate be enough as a requirement for extension!? I need to go home asap cause i have medical emergenccy at home. But unfortunately my passport has expired. I have an appointment for renewal but since it will take a long time, i opt for extension. I couldnt have the plane ticket right away so will a med cert be enough? Thanks.

  62. Dondon Evardome Reply

    Hello po,
    Mayron akong kaibigan, she is working here in riyadh saudi arabia. She is planning to exit this coming March 2015 but her passport will expire this 2015 of august, is she needs to renew her passport or just asking extension?

  63. peter sideno Reply

    hi ms pink tarha…worried lang ako kasi my passport will expire on october 3rd 2015…I will go december 27th 2014 for vacation and come back in the kingdom on february 7th 2015…valid pa ba yung passport ko for exit reentry. sa saudi?! di kaya ako madedeny pag magboboard na ko on the day ng flight ko…peter here from jeddah tnx

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello Peter, hindi naman po kayo made-deny kasi valid pa naman po yung passport n’yo for six months sa February dahil October pa naman po ang expiry n’ya. Magpa-renew na lang po kayo agad pagbalik nyo sa Saudi.

  64. Dante Reply

    My passport already expired last Dec 14 2014. but scheduled for a vacation this coming Feb. 9, 2015. I already have a plane ticket but my employer cannot apply for my exit-reentry visa due to my expired passport. It’s too late for me to schedule for an appointment. Can I go directly to Embassy as Walk-in? or what should the best thing to do? thanks!

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Dante, you can apply for an extension of your passport but there are reasons/conditions to be met before they can extend your passport (emergency leave, medical purposes, etc.). If they can’t grant you an extension, then the best thing to do is change your booking and move your vacation. Kindly contact the Philippine Embassy for more info. Thanks!

  65. Jho Reply

    Hi Janelle, my passport will expire on August 1, 2015 and I’ve got an exit re-entry visa issued today, I will be leaving from Riyadh on 1st week of February 2015 and will come back on 1st week of April 2015. Will I be able to come back here in Riyadh knowing that my passport is 4 months from the expiration date? Thanks…

    • Janelle Reply

      What I know is that you need to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. What I suggest is for you to renew your passport in the Philippines while you are on vacation. You can just present your new passport in the immigration office when you get back here in Saudi Arabia.

  66. Ailiegh Reply

    Hello, janelle. I work as private nurse sa house po. Now I fineshed my contract this month of 17, January 2015. My boss are willing to give me a release to work in madina hospital. But my problem is can I travel Madina , using my passport that it would expire on March 20 – 2015. Please po need your reply for I don’t want to extend 1 month more hear to my employer to wait my passport renewal. Can I renew my passport at time I come to Madina ?

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello, where are you now? If you’re inside KSA and you have your passport and iqama, then you can travel anywhere. You can renew your iqama in Madina, if there’s a nearby consulate or embassy-on-wheels.

  67. ryu Reply

    Hi madam ask ko lang po kasi sa june mag exit na ako ng saudi pero august magexpire na passport ko tinanong ko naman sa opisina namen if need ko pa magparenew dito gusto ko kasi sa pinas na sana matatakan kaya ng exit passport ko?

    • Janelle Reply

      Ask for an extension of your passport because you cannot travel if your passport is not valid for six months. When you apply for the extension, just tell them that you’re going on exit already.

  68. mike Reply

    hello good day, my passport expired last jan.14, 2015 and my contract already finish last Oct. 07 2014 , and im a seaman here at ras al khafji ksa, my problem is my company always telling me no problem they will onyl take a extension letter and now they are going to renew, now everybody is going home and im still here 17mos already, i just want to know if they will take a extension letter how many days it will take or if they renew it how long i will wait, supposed to be they already make all the arrangement before my passport expired.. please help me…

    • Janelle Reply

      You have enough time to renew your passport before October or January. Have them get you an appointment for renewal now so that you can get your new passport within 30-45 working days. You’re the only one who can renew your passport for you since you need to appear at the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh or their Embassy on Wheels consular outreach services near your area.

  69. Mjoy Reply

    Good day po. I would like to ask… Paexpire po yung passport ko this coming sep.2015. Tapos n po yung contract ko pero dpa rin po nila ko pinapauwi ksi wla pa po akong kpalit. Kung skali po ba na lumagpas yung sept and by that time my kapalit n po ako, makakauwi pa po ba ako sa pinas using my passport? D po ako nkapagrenew the last time n nandito po yung mobile pra e passport… . Thank you. Godbless.

    • Janelle Reply

      You can check the next schedule of the mobile passport po because they conduct it in regular intervals. Expired na po kasi yung passport n’yo by that time and hindi na po kayo pwedeng mag-travel using it.

  70. If going back to country of origin does the 6 month rule applies?if my passport will expire this July 2015 and I were to travel back to Philippines they would not allow it?

  71. April buera Reply

    Anyone here na na nagexit even ang passport will expire within 2-3 months… Wala ba naging problema sa immigration..kase yung kakilala ko d nya alam gagawin nya, if kailngan pa ba paextend passport nya..kailngan kailngan na din nya kase umuwi eh..thanks sa magrerepky..

  72. Venus Reply

    Hi , miss Janelle, my passport will expire september 19 ,2015 and final exit na ko this end of August. Plan to go back sa pinas September 3, 2015, is it ok to travel ? sa pinas ko na plan mag renew . Is it ok to travel or I need extension pa din . ? Tnx I’ll wait for your response !!

    • Janelle Reply

      You still need an extension of passport. Just tell the embassy consular office (passport) that you’re going on exit already.

  73. patrick Liban Reply


    Im patrick here in al khobar KSA and i have a question regarding passport extension, i just want to ask if i can avail passport extension, my passport has expired last June 2015 and my employer did not renew it, then now, my contract is already finished, can i avail the extension with reason #4,. i requested final exit to my employer then he told me OK.. so can i avail extension for my two months expired passport? then can i ask also what is the difference between final exit visa in final exit letter.
    Thank you and hoping for your immediate response.
    God Bless and More Power…

    • Janelle Reply

      Hi Patrick, yes you can avail of the extension for passports in the embassy especially if you’re going on exit already. I’m not sure what’s the difference between the final exit visa and letter but I guess the final exit visa is the more legal and valid one.

  74. Efren Tabasa Reply

    Sir gud day.. sir last july this yr I applied exit in my company but our administration manager told me that do not exit just go vacation and i agreed to him. And i am reminding him that my passport will expire this coming january 25, 2016 but he said no problem. And now my schedule of my vacation will be this coming first wk of december, the problem now my re entry visa will not be given as soon as my passport will be renew.

    I am now here in Jubail sir. I want only extension of my passport so that i can go vacation this december, and i can attend a very important matter that scheduled december 15, 2015. I will just renew my passport in the Philippines.

  75. Hello mam jannel my tanong Lang PO ako dto po ako sa kSA ngayon matatapos n PO contract ko by this coming July 2016 PERO yung passport ko ma expired na ngayong august 2016 exit na po kasi ako do I need to extend or renew my passport or ok lng Hindi na plan ko kaso SA pinas. Ko nalang irerenew. Di Kya ako magkkaproblem ayw n kc Irenew ng employer ko kasi exit n daw ako..pls I really need your answer thanks and more powers PO…

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