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Now that the weather is quite cold, it’s lovely to head outdoors and have some coffee noh? Unfortunately for us ladies, coffee shops don’t have an outdoor section for us unless you consider Lenotre and La Vela in Centria Mall. They have a terrace open for families but even that can get claustrophobic since walls separate us from the street scene below. All we ever see are the rooftops and the skyscrapers. Oh well, it’s still good to drink something hot and warm to comfort us during this winter nights. And here are some cool, er warm, pairings you can try.
Versus Caffe is newly opened in Panorama Mall. You’ve probably seen the Versus by Versace Boutique there. This is their coffee shop. No idea they’re meant to have one but this red cafe just suddenly opened in front of Longchamp, Furla, Coach, etc. Must be a great idea to be surrounded by luxury brands while sipping your overpriced coffee. Haha! Anyway, you’ll actually feel like a celebrity while entering it because there’s a rope and a red carpet… and a bouncer. Yes, a bouncer-like person in black. We found it hilarious but whatever works with the theme, yannow? What’s more hilarious than that? The spelling in their menu. For a luxurious cafe, they scrimped on copywriting. We won’t show how misspelled the names of the food in their menu are so we won’t spoil the fun for you.

Cafe Melange + Red Velvet Cake

The coffee I ordered is laced with honey and cinnamon. It’s subtle and sweet. The red velvet is just the right kind of moist but overly sweet. I was looking for the familiar cheese cream icing on red velvet but this one is sporting a white sugar icing.

Versus Caffe 
Panorama Mall, Takhasussi Street
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-205-7401


Leil Nhar, a Lebanese restaurant in Tahlia Street, is not exactly a coffee shop but the friends and I find it quaint and quiet so we really enjoyed our dinner and desserts there. Their menu is simple; pretty much just wraps, sandwiches, and pizzas. They’re fresh and healthy. Naturally, it would scare me to eat something healthy (hehe) so I insist on something sweet (read: unhealthy) to counter the healthy food I just ingested. Hehe. So, that’s when I discovered this pair:

Black Coffee + Chocolate Cake

Please disregard the Chocolate Biscuit on the side. Concentrate on the moist and fudge-y slice of cake in the center. I love this cake! It’s a bit heavy but once paired with black coffee, it’s the bomb! It also doesn’t hurt that the coffee came in a mug with a cute design. My friend can’t help but arbor one from the flustered waiter. Haha!

Leil Nhar
Al Salam Building, Tahlia Street
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-288-3366
Twitter: @LeilNharLeb


Maya La Chocolaterie is one of the popular after-dinner spots for ladies. This is where you can enjoy a good dessert and hot drink with just the right ambiance. While we frequented the branch at the end of Tahlia Street, we’re also liking the branch at the Home Offices building in Oruba Street. It’s more airy and bright and we got scored free chocolates.

Cappuccino + Chocolate Fondue

What better way to enjoy coffee but with chocolate… the kind that melts even before reaching your mouth. Fruit slices, mini cakes, and marshmallows are dipped in this heavenly fondue. You can choose if you’ll go for dark, milk, or white chocolate. All good! But if it’s down to one choice, then go for milk. It solves everything!

Maya Le Chocolaterie

a. Tahlia Street (T: +966-11-211-3311)
b. Hayat Mall, King Abdulaziz Road (+966-11-2015-7942)

c. Home Office Center, Oruba Road
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Dr. Cafe is a favorite for those craving for a quick caffeine high; you can find it every where, or mostly every where. The branch in Khurais Road across King Fahd Medical City is probably the most popular. It’s the closest to Starbucks in terms of popularity. Dr. Cafe has branches in Singapore and Malaysia.

White Chocolate Mocha + Chocolate Chip Muffin

My go-to drink in Dr. Cafe is their cafe mocha. It’s sweet and creamy and just makes a dull day lovely. Even if there’s probably more milk and sugar than espresso shots in my tall cup (coffee drinker? pffft please!), I still order it more than the other available variants. I usually pair it with a muffin, any flavor! It’s just that chocolate chip is the one here in the photo. I love Dr. Cafe’ muffins because they’re soft easy on the pocket (I’m looking at your pastries and sandwiches, S*bucks!). Oh, I love their cheesecakes too.

Dr. Cafe
Check their branches here.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Twitter: @drcafecoffee


Yeah, yeah, I’m pretty much biased with coffee but I do not disregard tea. I mean, having been to Sri Lanka and having visited wonderful tea plantations (yes, I just have to insert that here), I got enamored with tea. It doesn’t surprise me to find delicious, fresh-tasting tea in a Japanese restaurant, specifically Shogun Japanese Restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel along King Abdulaziz Road.

Green Tea + Ice Cream

Now that is one weird pairing huh? Not sure if the staff are just hurrying us to finish our dessert and drink our tea that’s why they decided to serve both at the same time or maybe it’s just how they do it there but then, we’re not complaining. The combination works! The slightly bitter taste of the tea is countered by the sweet ice cream. No, you don’t have to mix them together like what you do in Coke Float. Eat and drink separately; alternately if you must.

Shogun Restaurant
Radisson Blu Hotel,
Al Mubarakiah Plaza, King Abdulaziz Road,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-479-1234


You can enjoy all these pairings in all-year round but it’s time to take advantage of the pleasant cool weather. Yes, you will be indoors but if you really must, then walk outside for a bit before settling for the warmth comfort of these drinks and their partner. Then chat along, ladies! 😉 ~ Sundrenched

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