The Fancy Shmancy Le Chateau

This restaurant we’re featuring has some case of an identity crisis. We don’t know what their overall theme is because the name is French, the food is Chinese, and the decorations are over-the-top futuristic (like in the movie Tron or something). It’s an assault to the senses. Literally and emotionally. Seriously. 
Le Chateau – Cuisine de Luxe Restaurant occupies a building along Takhasussi Street. It’s the biggest restaurant in Riyadh! During the day, you won’t miss this building because it’s colored pink and yellow. Yes, like a box of stained glass in the middle of the city. During the night, it has this flamboyant feel to it; you’ll be attracted but you’ll also feel the need to stare for minutes gaping and wondering if it’s a chandelier and furniture store.

Is there a party inside? 
It’s a surprise!
The entrance to the Bachelor section

Trust me, our jaws dropped when we stepped into their lobby where a guest relations officer was telling us they’re full. The waiting rooms were very interesting. On the left you have a subtle room filled with white sofas glowing under the pink lights. Being Pink Tarhas, we could’ve stayed put but we wanted to check out the other waiting room. On the right, you have Madame Butterfly’s lair. It was so red, yellow and orange I had to blink a couple of times for my eyes to get used to it. I don’t think my eyes got used to it but we stayed anyway because this room has a more energetic vibe than the other one.

Madame Butterfly’s lair
We didn’t know if we entered a leveled up Timezone or an inter-galactic space ship. The escalators are all aglow with bluish lights and running lights. We were excited boarding the escalator. Haha!

We went up the escalators and entered a massive room where the hustle and bustle of Riyadh converged. Okay, OA, but all the booths seemed so busy, the honeybee structure seemed so apt. People flock Le Chateau because of the family booths that surrounds the restaurant. You have a great view of the streets outside from the glass walls. We chose an open table in the middle to get the overall vibe of the place from the center.

Let’s get this party started!
Open kitchen.
The middle section has a bar centerpiece where you can enjoy your drinks, non-alcoholic of course, and the shabu-shabu set which we find new in the city. There’s also an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs cook and do their thing. And then there’s a room with doors taken from the Forbidden Kingdom in China. And then there are larger than life chess pieces. And a horse covered in mirror I can probably skip the bathroom to fix my hair just by looking at it. And the disco lights in various colors that goes over and over the area. My goodness, what is this place? We couldn’t understand the theme really but let’s just say it’s grand and flamboyant. We were in awe the whole time!

Shining, shimmering! You think I can ride that? Haha!
And the food? Well, if you’ve eaten in Mirage, Gulf Royale, and Diamond, then you will not be surprised with the menu. They’re the same because they came from the same company. So if you have your favorites from those restaurants then chances are, you’ll see them here.

Crispy, tasty appetizer and condiments

We started with free crackers and a trip of appetizers. I couldn’t help but munch one after the other.

Crunchy outside, soft inside
Our friend J likes the Shrimp Balls, a crispy and oily appetizer that’s flavorful. Love it!


Soft and warm, these dumplings are a real comfort food. The wrapper almost sags from the broth inside.

Chicken with cheese kebab, beef teppanyaki, and sweet&sour fish

Our main dishes are delicious; they’re the usual food we order from a Chinese restaurant. They all came with a way to keep them warm. The chicken and cheese kebab in a grill was tender. The sizzling beef teppanyaki was sweet and savory doused with the right amount of thick sauce. The sweet and sour fish is just right. All in all, we were happy with our orders. However, they are expensive for Chinese food but we understand that we’re also paying for the ambiance. Shabu-shabu sets start from SR 200 up per person.

Chocolate cake

It was Eyecandy’s birthday when we visited this restaurant. We ordered this chocolate cake for her. The waiters came out to sing her a birthday song and those around our table were singing along too. Fun! The chocolate cake is interesting; it was mousse-like in consistency.

Cream with fruits and jelly

This came as an accompaniment with the chocolate cake. It’s a good diversion in between bites of the chocolatey dessert.

Visit Le Chateau for special celebrations. Better call for reservation because they’re always full. Yes, they’re the biggest restaurant in Riyadh and they’re always full. Wow right? But if you don’t mind waiting at the colored waiting rooms, then don’t. In Le Chateau, you’re going for the fun, vibrant, and impressive place. The food is an afterthought. ~ Sundrenched
Le Chateau – Cuisine de Luxe
Takhasussi Street (near the King Abdullah Road intersection)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-480-5352

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