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“You create beauty with your attitude, your behavior, and your actions.”
Sooo deep. I can’t fathom it. Haha! Well, it’s more of the explanation for the concept of putting value to the beauty inside all of us (aka personality and character) instead of the beauty outside. We say, we can have them both! Because we’re ‘shallow’ (no, not really), this entry will concentrate on the outside beauty. Hahaha! It’s not rocket science nowadays to be beautiful in our physical appearance. Especially in Riyadh where salons and ladies centers are frolicking. But which is which? Which is a good salon? What about the affordable ones? Are there ladies centers that offer beauty and fitness services?
There are! And one of them is tucked in Building 7 of the Iskan Almaather Building (aka Kuwaiti Housing) near the intersection of Dabab and Al-Matther streets. The salon is located in front of the parking space just off Dabab (map below). 
Prettylicious Ladies Center might be the answer to our beauty and fitness problems. It’s a one-stop place that offers beauty and spa services and fitness packages. It has a gym and also a place for aerobics classes. Granted that it’s not as big and grand as most of the fitness centers in Riyadh, they’re certainly more affordable! Also, with the smaller number of members, you’ll feel right at home! All of their beauticians and fitness instructor are Filipinas too. 
The gym area
Prettylicious Salon has been in business for years. It’s not exactly new and their space shows that but it does what it says it offers: good hair services and a fitness and aerobics center that can help you lose weight or tone your bodies. It’s pretty much a straightforward and simple salon. A lounge welcomes guests while the rooms inside are divided into the aerobics room, the gym, the sauna/jacuzzi area, and the salon. 
Get your fit on!
I can totally hear the treadmills calling me.

The gym area is not too wide but it doesn’t get too crowded so it’s still conducive for your fitness regimen. You can use the exercise machines anytime you want if you’re enrolled in their gym membership program.

The aerobics room 
Mirror mirror on the wall as walls.
You can use some balls! Haha!
The aerobics area is clean and has enough room for a fun and engaging class. They usually conduct two aerobics classes per day. Lockers are available for members too. Prettylicious offers a different membership for aerobics alone but you can combine both in their mixed membership package (rates, promos, and types below).
Time for some jacuzzi
The sauna
You can also relax in their sauna and jacuzzi. Pamper me time! Mix enrollees can avail of the jacuzzi and sauna twice a week for free! 😉
The salon area
Prettylicious Salon offers a lot of hair services like cuts, coloring, blow drying, and rebonding. The prices depend on the hair length. They also do hair styles and makeup for your special occasions. There’s also a room for your waxing needs. Their spa list includes the usual mani and pedi and foot massage.
I had my hair trimmed when I visited and I must say that Edina, one of their hair stylists, did a good job. And she went beyond the call of duty when she blow dried by hair really, really well! When I stepped out of the salon, I felt like going to a party pronto because my curls were so perfectly in place. But then, I have no party to attend to that night. Hahaha! 
Prettylicious comes up with promos monthly. And look at their December promo! Sulit!

Sometimes, you create beauty with a good ladies center! 😉 ~ Sundrenched

Prettylicious Ladies Center
Ground Floor, Building No. 7
ISKAN Almaather Building, Dabab Street
T: +966-11-466-0423
Opening times:
10AM to 10PM from Saturday to Thursday
1PM to 10PM on Fridays
Pink always marks the spot.
If you’re coming from King Fahd Road, take the roundabout (aka Cairo Square) to go to Khurais Road. Once you reach the intersection of King Fahd Medical City, turn right in Dabab Street and go straight. Stay on the right side (don’t take the underpass). You’ll find the Iskan housing on your right. Find number 7 and turn right towards the parking area. You’ll find Prettylicious in your right. (It’s always right huh! Hehe!)

The cluster of similar building is the ISKAN Housing aka Kuwaiti housing

Price List for Salon Services:

What would you like madame? 😉

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