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It’s gift-giving season again. For us Filipinos, we love giving gifts to our families and friends. But it’s quite hard to send them anything when we’re abroad and they’re in the homeland. Especially when we’re running out of time. Uhmn did you say it’s just a few days before Christmas?! OMG really?! What date is it now?!? Haha! Enter online shopping sites like
Lazada Philippines is the fastest growing online shopping site in the country. It offers a wide array of products and provides a convenient, worry-free online shopping experience with free delivery available, 14-days returns policy, and cash on delivery. We can shop anytime, anywhere! What a solution to holiday gift-giving from a thousand miles away right?! It has almost every thing we can think of giving like books, electronics, phones, gadgets, appliances, toys, jewelries, etc. Can I say local Amazon?!
It can be very difficult to choose what gifts we can give our loved ones so I gathered some ideas for you which I saw in Of course, I considered budget so I chose items that cost less than P5,000 (approx. less than SR 500)…
Raise your had if you’re always stumped on what to give the men of your lives! I always have a hard time thinking and buying for my father, brothers, and uncles (of course they’ll say I don’t give them any thing anyways, haha!). For my guy friends too! You know how guys are… they like expensive techie stuff. Heheh.

  • Samsung Pocket Galaxy Neo Duos (P4,090.00) Yes, an extra phone for roaming is a must! This one is dual sim and touchscreen with 2.0MP camera and 4GB storage. Your husband will like this, especially if he’s also bound for abroad.
  • 10-in-1 Octopus USB Connector (P299.00) It’s compatible with most gadgets and devices. Need I say more? Your gadget freak son will be needing this for all the gadgets you gave him.
  • Sony Smartwatch Gen 2 (P4,813.00) Gadgets are not enough. This scratch and splash-proof multitouch display watch is both fashionable and techie. Your techie father will probably be bewildered why he received something as complicated as this but you know how our dads are… they refuse to admit it but they also want to be cool and updated once in a while. 😛
  • Yoobao Magic Wand Powerbank (P1,395.00) Who doesn’t want extra power for our gadgets? It’s one of the first things I bought when I landed in the Philippines. Perfect for your gadget freak brother.
  • Pacsafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag (P3,990.00) We’re not blind and deaf to the crimes in the Philippines so you might want to give your man this slash proof bag with eXomesh splashguard and smart zipper security buckle to prevent theft.
  • Co:Caine Sound Clash Noise Isolation Headphones (P1,999.00) It’s once to have a very fashionable headphones. Nephews will love the doodles in this one.
We women are usually the easiest to give gifts to. We appreciate a good bargain as well as a luxury product. And our likes span a lot of categories so this list? I chose the stuff in the website and wrote about them in 10 minutes!


  • CLN Katrina Handbag (P1,999.00) A lady can never have too many bags. Your wife will be impressed with this gift because it’s not only elegant, it also shows how fashionable your choices are. 😛
  • Uplift Sonic Skin Cleansing System (P2,950.00) Your daughter is growing up fast! She’s no longer a baby. The lady now needs a sonic skin cleanser that deep cleanses her face keeping pimples and skin problems at bay.
  • Euroo Foot Massager (P4,390.00) Your mothers are not getting younger (aren’t we all?) so this foot massager will ease their pains and aches. Perfect to wind down a busy day at the market or the kitchen. 
  • Samsung Pen Type Bluetooth Headset HM500 (P2,209.00) You want to talk non-stop with your girlfriend left in the Philippines? Then give her a bluetooth headset  that will help her chat with you and do other important tasks too. A girl can certainly multi-task! 😛
  • Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer (P2,879.00) It’s the new healthy fad. Your sister, who’s into making herself sexy healthy, will appreciate this juicer with a special patented juice extraction technology. 
  • White Allure Pure Moroccan Argan Oil (P1,200.00)  For your favorite tita, this 100% pure argan oil is anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory. She’ll thank you for this certified organic youth serum. 😛 
  • Dork Diaries Box Set (P1,063.00)  Your tween niece needs some help she can get in growing our of her awkward years. This series made me laugh when I read it (and I was already 28 when I did). It’s a good book companion for her. 
The key to giving gift is knowing the person you’re giving the gift to really well. If you know his/her personality and hobby, then you’ll have an easy time finding a gift. Visit for more choices! You can pay with credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or Paypal. For orders within Metro Manila, Lazada delivers within 1-5 business days upon payment. For orders outside Metro Manila, delivery takes 5-10 business days. They offer free shipping for orders above P1,000. Shipping fees are reasonable if your orders do not go beyond P1,000. They ship via LBC and 2Go.
For no-hassle sending gifts to our families and friends in the Philippines, give a try! All you have to do is whip out that credit card! Haha! ~ Sundrenched

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