Saison Du Pain’s Floss Buns, And More

When I was younger (and by that I mean… uh, I can’t remember anymore when was that, haha!), I used to watch a Japanese anime called “Yakitate! Japan.” It’s about a boy who loves baking and wishes to come up with a bread worthy of Japan’s name. I remembered being so hooked with it; I was amazed by the passion of the characters in the series over bread. For some reason, I can relate. Bread is not the number 1 carbs in a Filipino’s diet (hello rice… and extra rice!) but we eat it a lot. I like bread a lot and I go the extra mile just to find delicious, unique breads in Riyadh. Remember Bread Talk? So, here’s another bread shop in Riyadh that might pique your interest.
Bread is always in season at Saison Du Pain
Saison du Pain was suggested by one of our readers in our Facebook page. I got curious and visited their Instagram and found out that most of their patrons are Malaysians. Now that got me even more adamant to visit the place but it’s in Exit 14. Should I venture out of the city center just for bread? Hmn, of course!!! For the love of bread. Haha! So, one fine morning, I visited Saison du Pain in Rabwa Plaza in Exit 14 (map below). It’s a little store beside Baskin Robbins. 
The Saison Du Pain store
What to choose?
Yummy breads!
The store is bright and airy and the breads are well displayed in covered trays on wooden racks. I can clearly see the bread inside and naturally, I gravitated towards the floss bun:
Ahhhh floss buns!!!
A floss bun is a soft, fluffy bread topped with meat floss (‘rousong‘), a light and fluffy dried meat product that originated in Fujian, China, and mayonnaise. The bun is simple yet has savory and sweet flavors that go well together. Pork floss is commonly used but we all know that pork is not allowed in Saudi Arabia so the floss of Saison du Pain is chicken. I truly enjoyed this bread. Apart from the floss, it has a light filling of tart mayonnaise. The bread is soft. The store has a version of floss bread with a hotdog on it.
After finding my floss buns, I went around and looked at the other breads in the store. They have a lot of choices and I warn you, it’s so hard to choose from the offerings of macarons, cakes, cup cakes, tarts, breads, pastries, and muffins. 
What’s the occasion for today?
Solo servings
Strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and red velvet
Coffee and chocolate, anyone?
Decadent singles
This tart looks amazing!
Fruit danish and chocolate croissants
Macaroons in different flavors
They also have the Mexican roti buns, which you are well familiar with the influx of them in the city center (remember this family feud?). But Saison du Pain amps up the taste factor by coming up with four flavors: cheese, buttermilk, chocolate, and of course, coffee. I tried the coffee and cheese and I must say, the cheese roti is the bomb! I love the combination of sweet and salty!
Eeny meany miney moo!
Crispy crust and soft bread inside
Curry bread: a bit bitter and sour for me
Now I usually am the decisive one among the Pink Tarha ladies and our friends but when you put me in a bread place, or any store with food (and stationary), I spend minutes going back and forth. However, I finally settled on breads that are quite new to me immediately (that’s what a waiting taxi with a meter on can do to you, hehe). I ended up with a box of mixed sweet and salty buns: cheese and coffee roti (SR9), tomato cheese bun (SR6), chicken and potato curry bun (SR7), custard bun (SR5), potato cheese bun (SR7) and several pieces of chicken floss buns (SR5) which I nearly hoarded (sorry to those who came later and found that tray empty, haha!). I also tried their Brownies Cheesecake (SR9/slice), Macadamia Cheesecake (SR10/slice), and Apple Crumbled English Cake (SR15). The notable ones for me are the custard bun (yummy bread and not overwhelmingly sweet), macadamia cheesecake (creamy), cheese roti (sweet and salty), and the english cake (moist and with enough apple filling). 
Love their custard roll
Tomato and cheese makes a good combi in this bread
Saison du Pain is also a good morning stop because they have hot drinks, crepes, and pancakes. They have an extensive list of sweet crepes (ex. butterscotch crepe, banana nuttela, banana toffee, sweet cheese, creamy sweet corn and peanut, etc.) and salty crepes (ex. hotdog, chicken mortadella black pepper, egg onion, vegetarian, etc.). I want to try them next time. They can also do custom cakes for special occasions. You can check out their creations in their Instagram.
Bachelors can eat in the seats overlooking the street
So, what will you do to find good bread? I just traveled to Exit 14 alone and braved the morning rush just to get chicken floss buns. Am I crazy or what? Hey, a dose of craziness once in a while can’t be that bad huh? 😉 ~ Sundrenched

Saison Du Pain
Rabwa Plaza (after Tamimi Market), 
Exit 14, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-454-8877
Twitter: @saisondupain
Instagram: saisondupain
Follow the pink arrows.

Directions: Take Khurais Road and stay on the right side. Turn right on Nahdah Road. Turn right when you see Prince Salman Kidney Diseases Center on your left. Go straight and you’ll see the Rabwa Plaza on your right (it’s the only mall in that area). DOn’t go inside the parking lot of the mall. Continue straight until you see the Baskin Robbins store. Beside that is Saison Du Pain.

Of course, you can take any other smaller roads like Pepsi Road or King Abdulaziz Road. It’s up to you  really. The map is there for reference.
Closer Look:
The A in the map is Rabwa Plaza. Saison du Pain is in the small building where Baskin Robbins is, right after Rabwa Plaza.

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