A 19th Century Burger Lands In Riyadh

Please let me write this one already because I’m kind of excited to write a restaurant feature. I’m properly armed this time around! One of the few things I got myself when I was on vacation in the Philippines is a guide book on the dining scene in Manila. It really wouldn’t serve its purpose now that I’m back in Riyadh but I bought it for the hope of gleaning words and style in writing food and restaurant features. Remember when I got sick of using the word “delicious”? Hopefully, I brought with me an arsenal of new words that would describe my next gustatory experience. And here comes one now…

The first adjective that I’m going to use is one of my favorite words too: simple (I know, not the most creative of words). That’s the first thing that came into my mind when I went to 19th Century Burger in Tahlia Street. You will only choose from 4 items in the menu! I usually get stumped when I go to the more fancy burger houses in Riyadh but in this joint, you only choose from four… beat that! And two of them are not even the usual burgers: one is their chicken burger and the other is their hotdog sandwich. So basically, two options only: 19th Century Burger and Country Burger. Now, that’s simple.

The 19th Century Burger

I naturally went for the signature burger: the 19th Century Burger (SR 27) which has 100% certified beef with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, white onions, and their super secret 19th Century sauce. There are several add-ons that can be chosen from: bacon, egg, mushroom, more onions, more cheese (in swiss or cheddar), etc. I opted to add an egg and remove the tomato (I am not a fan of tomatoes in my burger). I have the burger sliced into two because I am a prim and proper lady who doesn’t just chomp on her big, fat burger without class. Joke. Haha! Of course I attack my burger like a madman especially when hangry (angry at being hungry, haha!). I just find a half of a burger easier to handle. Anyway, so I was really excited to eat my huge burger which is good to share if you’re generous and on a diet. 

Not a century old.

It’s interesting to note that 19th Century, a Saudi brand, makes its patties every day from scratch. They also bake their own buns. I love food grown made in your own backyard. They’re freshly-made. The beef patty is definitely heavy and thick. You’ll notice that they made use of the best, high quality ingredients they can get their hands on. However, there’s a lack of seasoning. My companion, who has eaten in the place when it opened, had the same observation. They seemed to have held the salt and pepper. Well, as a consolation, you have salt and pepper canisters in your table. And the small tub of sauce, which they call the 19th Century Burger sauce (now that’s creative!) that gives a tangy, garlicky flavor to the burger. Don’t overdose on it though so it won’t overpower the beefy goodness of the patty. 

The Country Burger is not that different from the 19th Century Burger. It just has a thinner, lighter burger patty with two slices of swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, white onion, and 19th Century sauce. It’s SR 25 a piece. The Chicken Burger (SR 24) has a whole chicken breast with the usual toppings while their Hotdog sandwich (SR 23) features a classic grilled beef hotdog in between a soft, sliced bun. 

Yummy starters!

All orders come with french fries, which you can switch to potato wedges or onion rings for SR 3. Now, you have to know this beforehand because you might feel offended when your starters land on your paper table mat without so much ado (after all, they say it in the mat itself that something will “land” in there). Yes, they dump the fries and onion rings in your table mat. I was amused. Of course, who needs utensils in eating finger food right? Just pick up and dump in your ketchup! 

These onion rings just landed on my table mat!

You should try their Cheesy Fries (SR 17) too! It’s oozing with melted cheese (seemed commercial for me but tasty nonetheless), their sauce, bits of beef bacon, and fried onion rings. Don’t worry, it comes in its own plate and doesn’t get dumped on your paper mat. Haha! I love this because I am a fan of soggy, tasty fries topped with condiments. The fries retain their crispness after being doused with the sauce for a while so it’s still good for those who like their fries with a bite. 

The fries took a sauce bath!

19th Century Burger offers good quality burgers that are easier on the pocket than other specialty burger stores. The restaurant is devoid of too much decoration and is swathed in browns and leather. What is it with burgers being associated with macho men and things associated with them (hello cowboys!)?! You don’t think we ladies can take on a burger?! Haha! 

Okay, okay, if you’re hankering for burger, try the ones that came from the 19th Century. It doesn’t taste old, promise!

Super secret chos sauce!

Oh, btw, don’t ask for mayonnaise. ~ Sundrenched

19th Century Burger
Tahlia Street,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: 920033900
W: www.19thCB.com
FB: www.facebook.com/19thCB
Twitter: @19thCB

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