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​I love the use of witty names for stores, shops and restaurants. In the Philippines we have a lot of those like Cinna Von Laundry (which is a cool use of Cinnabon, the cinnamon rolls company, and ‘sinabon’ which means getting soaped in English), Goldilooks Barber, and Bread Pitt (a bakery). I usually laugh out loud when I come across one. Or maybe go down and actually eat in the restaurant just because it made me smile. In Riyadh, since most restaurants are franchised from different countries, there’s a lack of witty names and slogans. And then I come across “Bite Me!” It’s a sandwich and salad shop. And the name’s not only the cool part about it. Add their slogan and you’ve got, “Bite Me! Before somebody else does!” Fun eh?
Of course the fun doesn’t end with the name and slogan. It’s only beginning. Bite Me! mainly delivers but it has a relatively unassuming store in the corner of Al Maather street and the Nasriyah roundabout. Its logo, featuring the words Bite Me! flanked with swishes and curls of decorative lines, is charming and enticing. Bite Me! delivers gourmet salads, sandwiches, and desserts and also caters to events, meetings, and parties promising a bite that won’t be your last. Naturally, I want a first bite of it so I went ahead and ordered for pick-up.
The Bite Me! store


Their Caprese and Date Salad (SR 27) with freshly-sliced buffalo mozzarella with avocado, baked dates, cherry tomatoes, and toasted pine nuts drizzled with balsamic pesto is one of their bestsellers but I opted for what I think are unique and newer mixes.
I love the color of this salad!


Pouring the Asian-inspired dressing
The Thai Beef and Apricot Salad (SR 28) got me with their soy garlic dressing… woot, Asian-inspired! The tender beef is marinated in a Thai-inspired sauce and partnered with dried apricots, crushed cashwe nuts, spring onions, and mixed greens. I love the greens because they’re really crispy. The dressing was a bit salty for my taste but the apricots stabilized the taste with its smooth, subtle sweetness.
Refreshingly light and tasty


Salmon, couscous, and avocado… delicious combo!


The Salmon Couscous with Avocado Salad is new to me but the various flais of flavors it presents deliver and satisfy. I like the texture of this salad. The greens are fresh and crisp; the salmon is smoky and robust, the couscous is a fluffy but a bit gritty (which I like), the darkly-colored dressing is slightly sweet and tart. The salads came in paper boxes that hold them well together. They come in generous servings (can be shared by 2) and is fresly-prepared.I plan on trying the Raspberry Goat Cheese Salad (SR 26) and Curry Chicken and Pineapple Salad (SR 26) next time. They seem good in the menu and I heard that salads with the goat cheese are also favorites in Bite Me!
Both sandwiches came in brown bread


When it came to my sandwich selection, I went for something classic and something a bit more modern. The classic came in the form of Steak and Mushroom Sandwich (SR 29), which seems to be a must in most sandwich shops. Bite Me!’s version is filled with grilled steak, cheddar, lettuce strips, and basil mushroom relish. The brown bread roll it came with is a bit hard and needs a good chewing but it’s filling.


Steak and Mushroom, a classic sandwich


New in my tastebuds is the combination of lightly grilled chicken breast with mango slices, spicy avocado, red chili, coriander found in the Mango Chicken and Spicy Avocado Sandwich (SR 22). It’s interesting; with its unique play of flavors from all the ingredients used. Up in my to-try list is the Zesty Smoked Salmon and Shrimp, Guacamole, and Halloumi sandwiches.
Look at those slices of mango!




Check out Bite Me!’s menu here and salivate just by reading the descriptions of their offerings. Their desserts are not listed there but their gallery has pictures of red velvet cake, carrot cake, and cheesecakes. There are also juices. Bite Me! is open from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Orders outside these hours needs 24 hours notice. Call in advance!Bite Me! is not only witty; it’s also fresh, light, and healthy! ~ Sundrenched


Bite Me!
King Khaled Road
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
(see map here)
T: +966-54-4794133 or +966-11-440-4222
W: www.biteme-ksa.com
FB: www.facebook.com/wholesomebites
Twitter: @BiteMeKSA
Instagram: @bitemeksa

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