Top 5 Skin Care Tips For Winter

I didn’t experience the 0 degree weather in Riyadh this winter season because thankfully, I escaped to my tropical home country before the cold bit me. It’s still quite cold in the desert nowadays with the temperature ranging from 10 degrees above. The mornings and evenings are the most harsh; I feel like I undergo botox every time the wind blows on my face. Not that I’ve tried botox, haha! It just feels like my cheeks are frozen and couldn’t move (isn’t that the effect of botox? Haha!). I feel for my skin but I don’t really make any changes to my skincare routine in the morning thinking that the winter season will be short and will go away any time soon.
Turns out I should pay more attention with my skin during the cold weather. And so should you. Here are some tips I got from Dr. Lilian Khan, Pond’s Arabia‘s dermatologist and brand expert. She said that there is a need to change cleansers during winter because our skin is not that oily from the heat and humidity that summers bring. So a change of state needs a tweak in skin care regimen even for just 3-4 months, or as long as winter stays.
1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 
All skin types will need moisturizers during winter – even those who have acne-prone skin. If you’re suffering from acne, choose hydrating lotion and labeled “non comedogenic.” If you have dry eczema prone skin, choose hypoallergenic non irritating moisturizer. The key to this is reading a product’s label and choosing those which are specific to your skin type.

Moisturizers and creams
2. Wear sunscreen. 
The sun is always shining so don’t think just because it’s cold, that the sun has let up its powerful rays. Wear sunscreen whatever the season is. Wear sunscreen every day! A broad spectrum sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB with the recommended SPF 30 and above is still mandatory. A good option is Pond’s Flawless White BB+ Cream with GenActiv formula that brightens natural skin tone. It provides both coverage and sunscreen.

A BB cream that works wonders.

3. Use milk. 

I’m not saying you buy milk from the grocery and use them to take a bath. Unless you’re Cleopatra (or Gretchen Barretto), you don’t need to waste as much milk. Just look for milk or lactic acid in the ingredients of the products you’ll use and that’s effective already to make your skin soft, smooth, and hydrated.

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4. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!
Say goodbye to dry skin by using a nice honey and sugar combination (these stuff are easy to find in your pantry!). Honey acts as humectant and reduces inflammation and sugar, when massaged on the skin, increases circulation and acts as mild exfoliant. Use this mixture once per week to elbows and knees to make them softer and brighter. When using exfoliating tools like scrubs, rub mildly.
5. Shower for 10 minutes only.Yes, 10 minutes only because even if you want to take a longer hot shower and bath because it’s cold, the longer you take a bath, the dryer your skin becomes. Make sure that you use of water that is slightly colder in temperature on your last rinse. Also, use shower oils! They’re a solution to dry, flaky, irritated skin.
So there you go, simple skin care steps that will help you go through the cold, dry winter. Personally, I also carry with me a tube of hand cream all the time because my hands get really dry especially with all the washing it undergoes on a daily basis. Let me know if you have more skin care tips and we’ll be glad to share them in our Facebook page. ~ Sundrenched

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