Top 5 Date Ideas In Riyadh (For Married Couples Only)

I have no entry planned for today because you know us, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia. Do you? I don’t know about you but let’s not attach “Valentine’s” to anything we do on this day to avoid attracting the muttawas.
However, the other day, I noticed a car in front of ours being harassed by the car beside it while we all waiting on a stop light. Local youths (please, I’m not discriminating because it’s obvious they are Saudis) were shouting and holding out their IDs to the other car. I swear, they’re IDs… with photos in them. Question, why? Do they have their numbers in there somewhere? And they didn’t stop even if the people in the other car were ignoring them. They kept shouting, taunting, and pressing their car; nearly bumping into the other car. Seriously dudes, get a life! Learn how to take rejection well.
Anyway, this entry is not about that incident. It’s a good introduction though because some are getting desperate these days finding themselves with a decent date… but then if you can’t be decent enough to introduce yourself, then really? You’re expecting to get a decent date? So anyway… legal couples out there… you see how desperate unmarried people are in securing a date? Don’t waste your opportunity to enjoy your time in Riyadh as married couples because you have every legal right (literal) to do so here in Saudi Arabia!
I know I should have published these ideas days before but you can try this all-year round! Haha, palusot! Okay so apart from going to dinner, here are my ideas:
1. Enjoy coffee under the desert sky and stars. 
Go to your favorite coffee shop and order take out mugs for you and your husband. There’s no shortage of drive thru coffee shops in the city so go ahead and pick one that you pass by in the road. The more unfamiliar the better (shun away from the popular ones so you also get to try something new) and drive to the outskirts of Riyadh. Pick a spot in the desert; not too far from the main road but far enough to not be disturbed by the noise made by cars. Sit on a shawl or a blanket or a mat and enjoy each other’s company. Talk anything and everything under the sun stars!
Meet a camel, if you haven’t met one. No way, you haven’t?! Haha! (via Google)
If you’re up for more adventures on the same light, then book a desert safari tour. Check out SCTA-approved tour agencies like Masawife and Haya Tour. Or smaller groups like Riyadh Safari that can take you and your other couple friends.
2. Enjoy the city lights. 
Maybe natural lighting stars are not your thing? You have three viewing decks that I know of: The Skybridge in the Kingdom Tower (SR35 entrance fee, popular, busy, crowded), The Globe Experience in Faisaliah Tower (SR35 entrance fee, less crowded but cold at this time of the year), and The Water Tower (SR10 entrance fee, no crowd but old and cold). Did you know that it’s beautiful up in these viewing decks?
Bright lights
No matter where you choose to take your wife/husband, it will be a beautiful moment. And please, sit and stay. You’re no longer a tourist in Riyadh who just comes and goes. You have all the time in the world to admire the city lights and have a good conversation.
3. Enjoy the sky.
This time, you’re really flying up in the air! There are aviation schools and companies in Riyadh that actually offers a one-day discovery flight for locals and expats. They mostly operate in the Thumama area. Try the Saudi Aviation Flight Academy’s Discovery Flight (SR1,000) for a one hour flight in a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced aircraft with a certified flight instructor. It is expensive but remember what’s said about spending more on experience than on things? This is worth considering if you have the money to spare for your honey.
4. Enjoy a hotel staycation.
Did you know that there are a lot of hotels right now which are offering discounted rates? Of course they’re not published as Valentine’s Day treat… but more of a honeymoon treat. You will probably consider this as a waste of money since you live in Riyadh. You pay rent to live in Riyadh. Why live somewhere else for a night and pay a whole month’s worth of rent? Simply because you’re worth it. I mean, is your flat or room a hotel suite? It’s not every day that you get to splurge so check out the ideas from Destination Riyadh and Triperna’s Ritz-Carlton offer. Find time to enjoy the finer things in life with the love of your life.
Read Destination Riyadh
5. Enjoy indoor sports.
Like bowling, billiards, and badminton. The Universal Bowling Center is a good place to enjoy your night with your husband and wife. Ladies, lie low on the malls and treat your husbands to sports activities that they will enjoy. We’ve heard the bowling center in UBC features glow-in-the-dark alleys? How true? And they also have video arcades and Playstations for your gamer husbands. Bring it on! (Map here.)
UBC’s bowling alley; credit to the photographer above
So in summary, enjoy your spouse’s company in this very special day. You don’t have to go through desperate measures to enjoy hearts day in Riyadh. You have the (wedding) license to do so. For the singles, check out Riyadh Acumen’s Generosity Day. Do one good deed and you’ve already spread the love. Find out more here.
Sorry if I’m cutting this entry short because I seriously don’t have anything more to say except maybe for… THE PINK TARHA LOVES YOU, RIYADHIZENS! 🙂 ~ Sundrenched

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