Ladies, Let’s Keep The R Lounge A Secret

Me: Let’s go to Kingdom Mall!
Father: Have you realized that in the years, MANY years, that I’ve been in Saudi Arabia… I have only been there 3 times?
Me: Really? That’s why we’re going. So you can count more times of visiting.
Father: And you? In the 6 years you’ve been here, you’ve visited it for many times?
Me: Uhhhhhh…
Father: And I haven’t been to the Skybridge. 25 years in Saudi Arabia and I haven’t been there.
Me: Really? Then let’s go.
Father: And what about the Ladies Floor? What’s in there?
Me: And what about the Ladies Floor indeed… 

So we occasionally have our sumbatan moments… especially with my lakwatsas. Hehehe. Nothing life-threatening though. Just being a normal family here. 😛
In the numerous visits to Kingdom Center, I haven’t really explored the Ladies Floor. Have you? I just don’t get the point of going there if my favorite brands are located below it. And most of the boutiques have stratospheric prices I obviously cannot afford. *bitter!* As for the freedom to remove my abaya… well, it’s fine. There are ladies who enjoy shopping without their abayas but I’m already in love with my abaya I’m too lazy to remove mine and put it back again after a few minutes. Besides, honestly, I only have my pajamas on when shopping. Hahaha! I have nothing against those who enjoy the Ladies Floor though. I mean, Debenhams Ladies Section. ‘Nuff said. 😉
It’s no wonder why it’s the first time I tried R Lounge. I think R was supposed to be “retro.” My friend J and I were famished after attending insightful sessions from the Global Competitive Forum in the Four Seasons Hotel right next door the mall so we looked for something “new.” (The GCF was held last January so yes, I wrote this entry late again.) We decided to try the restaurant in the Ladies Floor after consulting Foursquare.
A cafe too!
Many ladies seemed to enjoy R Lounge for quick bites. Someone swore the tuna sandwich is heaven-sent. Whoah! But first, this Lucky Accident caused us to stare for a minute. What a paradoxical name for an appetizer. Accidents aren’t supposed to be lucky. Unless when you survive one, then you are blessed.
Asian flare!
Anyway, I guess this starter was a product of a sudden mix of veggies and chicken. I say, we Filipinos have this accident happen to us a long time ago in the form of… lumpia. They just made into bags and added cilantro. Coolio.
That’s healthy-looking!
The combination is good and flavorful. The bags retain their crunch; it’s just a conundrum how to eat this the proper way without spilling its contents all over you.
Good for your shopping break.
It’s easy to determine what’s inside the tuna sandwich just by looking at it. So we’re curious what made it heaven-sent. I mean, it was delicious but it wasn’t extra-ordinary so don’t expect.
Aha! I see you ingredients!
It was good because the bread is soft and the corn kernels provided a slight crunch and sweetness from the mix of light tuna and mayo. I did enjoy eating it but I only reached the clouds. Not heaven. Haha!
Looks yum!
The most intriguing would have to be the orange-infused shrimp pasta. I’m sure there’s a more elaborate recipe somewhere but this pasta is creamy with a twist of tang. Okay, so no fireworks when I tasted it but it was a fine, delicate, smooth cream-based pasta. If you want to veer away from the usual carbonara, then go for this.
A fresh twist.
A good time to visit R Lounge would probably in the morning and in the afternoon. You can still enjoy the punch-colored seats and the steady buzz of the Kingdom’s Ladies Floor. Come night time, it gets packed. The prices are a bit on the expensive side considering the food but you can always share.
I wouldn’t bring these food to my father though because he would complain it’s too fancy schmanzy (all the more reason he won’t go to Kingdom Center now, haha!). I will however drag him to the Skybridge. He’s a Riyadhizen and he hasn’t been to the Skybridge? Inexcusable! 😛 Oh well…
Shopping and dining? That fierce combo is always a pleasure to do in Kingdom Tower. 😉 ~ Sundrenched

R Lounge
Ladies Floor, Kingdom Center
Olaya Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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