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Riyadhizens have a major sweet tooth. Na-ah, don’t contradict me on that because I worked in the healthcare industry, not as a medical professional but still, and I know that most of the topics discussed in Saudi Arabia is about diabetes. Everyone loves sweets and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as consumed in moderation. Right?
I just found out right now that I’m a bit over the normal blood sugar level and I need to start keeping my sugar intake in check. How sad is that? Anyway, that being said, I am now presenting to you some sweet escapes I’ve found in Riyadh… what? I am truly contradicting myself here. Well, what I’m thinking is, if I can’t eat more sweets now, at least I get to share these foodie discoveries with you. You eat for me. 😉
The Cake House 
My go-to bakeshop for impromptu cakes
In my six years in the Kingdom, I have developed an instinct to look and feel differently towards the cakes served to me. I find most cakes here, especially the commercial ones, too sweet and too syrupy. They lack the fluffiness of a Goldilocks cake or the creaminess of a Red Ribbon chocolate icing. I miss those in the Philippines… until I discovered the next best thing in Riyadh: The Cake House.
Yummy cakes!
Not at all cloying
The cakes in Cake House are named and flavored after the most popular chocolates here in Saudi Arabia: Mars, Galaxy, Candy, etc. And they also have a non-chocolate variety that I love: Honey. Their icing is not too sweet (almost unsweetened, claimed my brother who’s starting to share a free space in this blog everytime I have a food/resto entry) and their cake is soft and fluffy. Another great thing about the cakes in this shop is the very affordable price. SR59 and above is not at all bad. I will eat this cake every week if it doesn’t make me a diabetic. They also make customized cakes for every occasion. You should check out their wedding cakes that have traditional white icing piping and ribbons all around. So nostalgic!
Piece of Cake 
The Piece of Cake store is cuuute!
While waiting for the prayer time to finish so we can eat in the Backyard Grill, my friend and I decided to check out what’s beyond the corner of the street (just because we’re always curious and on the move like that). That’s when we discovered a dainty store named Piece of Cake. And guess what they offer? Haha!
Pick your theme and character.
Don’t wear the gown; eat it! 😛
Mini cupcakes in varius flavors
Piece of Cake is a bakeshop that specializes in customized fondant cakes. Whatever your theme is, they can do it. If they can do this huge bridal gown cake (priced at a whopping SR 7,000 btw), I doubt they cannot do anything you request them! Their take on character cakes are awesome! We tried their cupcakes and I wasn’t wowed but for a cupcake, it’s fine.
Do not blame me if your sugar levels go up than the normal okay? I am merely suggesting. Hahaha! Have a sweet week, Riyadhizens! Keep the happiness flowing!
The Cake House
King Abdullah Road 
(just before reaching Takhasussi Street)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
(various location; website is disabled)
Piece of Cake
Abdallah Al Hamdan Street,
Sulaimania, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-11-4664970

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