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Did you know that women have a keener sense of smell than men? It’s a scientific fact. Interestingly enough though, the founders of cosmetics and perfume company, Zohoor Al Reef were actually, two brothers! How fascinating. 🙂 Now a household name all over Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Zohoor Al Reef recently launched a new line of body care and fragrances called Vergers de France (translates to “Orchards of France”). We were fortunate enough to be one of the invited guests for the exclusive launching event of Vergers de France at the Four Seasons Hotel, which excited everyone with an “augmented reality” presentation. I was surely intrigued as to what this was so off we went.
Upon entering the hall, we were greeted by its hosts, Ms. Soumaya, Ms. Sabina and Ms. May Kanounji who were very cordial and hospitable throughout the entire event. Their newest products were displayed in the foyer, in true French fashion with the pastel colors of lavender, peach and pink.  Sundrenched and I ushered towards the fragrances to whiff at which ones we’d like best. 
The line, “Vergers de France” is aimed to entice the sweet, passionate and romantic woman in you, inspired the many streets of Paris (according to Ms. May). I found most of the scents delicate and fruity and figured that these kinds of scents (even the packaging) are probably targeted for young ladies. You can choose amongst the seven fragrances, namely: Strawberry & Rose, Cotton Powder, Secret Garden, Verbena & Lemon, Grapefruit & Peach, Oriental Twist and Berries & Cream (at 89SR each for Eau de Parfum)
I particularly liked the Verbena & Lemon scent, thinking that it was a good after-beach scent. I’m buying the whole bodycare line of this one for sure! 😉
Sundrenched liked the Grapefruit & Peach because it was light and refreshing, like a breezy day.
I tested the other fragrances and found the Cotton Powder smelled like something I would want to hug (if that makes sense, haha!) while the Secret Garden scent had a vanilla base, if I’m not mistaken.
Strawberry & Rose were a bit on the sweet, indulgent side while the Oriental Twist was the ‘deepest’ of all the scents I’ve smelled.
I wasn’t able to test the Berries & Cream but I’m hoping it makes me smell like cheesecake. (I’m kidding!)
After having gone through all the scents (they are also available as body butter, body splash, shower creams, hand lotions, talcum powders etc), we finally went inside the function hall for the presentations. We were seated at a beautifully arranged table, adorned with the theme colors of the night. Ms. May Kanounji,  the Marketing Director for Zohoor Al Reef, read the description of the Vergers de France line both in Arabic and English. Then she, along with Ms. Sabina, proceeded to present the two interesting merchandising methods that Zohoor Al Reef will especially be using for the Vergers de France line. It was truly a surprise for our senses!
The first was the “Whispering Window” – a technology that is apparently being implemented nowadays in several retail shops worldwide. There were a lot of technical terms thrown into the mix as they were explaining it but it was basically a way of attracting consumers as they pass by your store window. The proximity of a potential customer to the window triggers a sound through the glass, which acts as a speaker. In this case, the sound is the usual streets of Paris along with a cycled whisper of  the words “Vergers de France” from time to time. So if you were walking in the mall and passed by a Zohoor Al Reef window display, you are most likely going to hear the surroundings of Paris all of a sudden.
Finally, it was time to unveil what they have hyped regarding the “augmented reality” experience. As it turns out, one of the printouts that were distributed in our tables had more purpose than being a mere promotional material. We had to download an app called “Junaio” and once it was open, we had to point our device’s camera to the picture on the paper (a Parisian scenery) and instantly discover a short 3D experience showcasing the Vergers de France fragrances. It was nice, but I suppose I felt a little shorthanded because I was expecting more of like holograms or something…oh well, I might have to wait another 10 years for holographic marketing strategies to take place. Anyway, it was indeed something ‘different’ and will surely make me remember Vergers de France even more.
You’d have to experience it yourself! 🙂
Overall, it was one sweet event, especially for the ladies who were able to take home goodie bags with sample items of the Vergers de France line. 🙂
You can find the Vergers de France collection in all of Zohoor Al Reef’s branches and even order them online if you wish.
Stay scented!
Zohoor Al Reef has a total of 42 branches all over Riyadh alone. Check out their listing and contact info HERE.
Twitter: @ZARStores
Instagram: @zarstores

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