The 2014 FIFA World Cup Viewing at The Ritz-Carlton

SOCCER IS THE BIGGEST sport in Saudi Arabia and without a doubt, every true-blooded football fan will be glued to this historical sports event: The 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is quite the common practice here in the city that when a big game is happening, you can be assured that the streets are clear and that it’s trending on Twitter. The moment the game is over though, it is doomed to transform to a street party-ish frenzy – that is if the club that they are rooting for wins! So if you and your friends/family want to stay risk-free from all the havoc of teenage testosterone post-game-night, we suggest you stay away from the streets and head on over to The Ritz.


The Ritz-Carlton Football Lounge


Our experience of the opening games of the 2014 FIFA World Cup was not anywhere close to chaos or frenzy though. Instead, we were able to witness this grand event in the luxurious comforts of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where they beautifully transformed their poolside area into a lush and relaxed viewing atmosphere complete with white couches and faux green grass for a true soccer-field feel. Though it’s not just the décor that will catch your attention — upon arriving to the site, your eyes will automatically glaze over the 9×6 meters-long LED screen that’s showcasing the World Cup event itself. That television (if it even still classifies as one) is of majestic proportions! We lounged around as the countdown was at 6 minutes before the opening started and we were treated to some creative canapés from their hotel restaurant. Drinks also poured in (not the alcoholic type of course) and all we could do was mesmerize at that huge TV in front of us even though the commentators were speaking Arabic.


Such a relaxing sight.

Another winning top view.

A television bigger than life!


Finally the opening ceremonies commenced with the area fully packed. Admittedly though, the general feedback of the opening acts were that it was colorful but lackluster, with most visitors expecting a production number with more pizzazz considering that it is BRAZIL who is hosting this year. Nevertheless, who can complain seeing J. Lo perform? I bet the men in the audience couldn’t. 🙂



It’s staaaarting!

Hey yo, J. Lo.

Brazil fans!

Brazil eventually won the opening game against Croatia at 3-0. So did the Ritz, for hosting such a splendid viewing event. It was indeed, an elegant premiere of a sport that is well-loved in this country. What’s better is that the viewing at The Ritz-Carlton is open to women and families too! You can choose to watch it by the poolside or down by their very fancy bowling alley which are also equipped with big screen TVs for your viewing pleasure. It would be something different and fun for you and the girls to do on a night out (maybe even play some bowling or billiards yourself!).


The cozy, Strike Bowling Alley.

Big couches and a big TV. Not to mention top-notch service.


To watch the special viewing at The Ritz-Carlton, call 011-802-8020 to book your seats. Matches begin from 6:30 PM to 3:00 AM and there is a minimum fee per person of 285SAR (food and beverages included).


Also, if you are going to take photos and upload them to your social media, don’t forget to hashtag them with #RCMemories.  Smile and say, Ole Ola!



(Professional photos were provided by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s management)







The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Riyadh

T: 011-802-8020



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