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The good thing about living in Riyadh is living tax-free so we all have this mentality that prices are cheaper and we can buy almost all we want and need. However, if you look closely, we are lacking many brands in the market that are otherwise very popular in other countries. The options here are enough, yes, but we are often left thinking if what we’re getting is a good bargain if we buy it somewhere else. It looks as if most of the prices are jacked up, except when it’s sale season where of course, we expect discounts and promos (but even this is up for debate). What’s frustrating in Riyadh sometimes is we can’t find what we’re looking for most of the time. Brands and items are not as accessible. We need to shop online and that’s not always a possibility to most of us who do not have credit cards (and those like me who don’t trust ourselves with credit cards, haha!) But then again, there are so many ways to acquire stuff. You just have to go and look for these ways especially when it comes to beauty products.
There are a lot of beauty products in huge cosmetics stores in the Kingdom. You’ve probably been to those one-stop stores like Debenhams, Paris Gallery, Faces, and Sephora. Found what you’re looking for? Good. Didn’t find what you’re looking far? Too bad. But all hope’s not lost. Online stores that bring make-up and beauty and wellness stuff in Saudi Arabia are opening in Facebook and they do cash on delivery! Have you discovered Limited Editions? I did!
The Limited Edition/s Store
Limited Editions is an online beauty store selling the best cosmetics and beauty brands in Saudi Arabia. They offer options for us Riyadhizens to get our hands on the latest, trend-setting beauty products with an easy online ordering process and a quick and convenient delivery service. They carry popular brands like Urban Decay, Clarisonic, Olay, BH Cosmetics, Tarte, Stila, Beauty Blender, and other well-loved brands. I saw the Facebook page of Limited Editions when they were still fairly new in the business and now, as I perused their photo albums of products, I see that they’ve grown, offering over 1,800 products from 150 different brands and garnering more than 35,000 likes as we speak! So imagine my indecision just by looking at all these wonderful products available with just a click of a button. I thought I already knew what I will buy even before I clicked on Limited Editions. Sister was I wrong!
Visit their Facebook page and satisfy your beauty (products) craving!

So I’ve always wanted the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes at home but I have a need to buy this palette. I have no idea where this irrational craving for a beauty product came from. Haha! Anyway, I visited Limited Editions and guess what I ordered after an hour of going back and forth the page? An Olay ProX Advance Cleansing System! Uhmn what?! Hahah! Told you, just by going over the hundred of albums of thousand of products in Limited Editions, my mind changed. I’ve always thought I wanted that rose palette since forever! Turns out I need a face cleansing tool more. Hahaha!

Which ones are you buying?

The good thing about Limited Editions is that their photo albums of products are labeled. However, searching for the product you want (or think you need) is a bit hard, especially when a Search button (we’re spoiled by Google) is not available in Facebook pages. But, it’s also so simple to send them a message for any query that you have and you get your reply almost immediately. LE has a dedicated customer service that mans the messages they receive so feedback is immediate.

Another con for most women might be the waiting period. We all know that when ordering online, it takes days to receive the products. But with LE, 8-12 days is not too bad of a waiting time. And you don’t have to worry about the bureaucracy in the post office; you won’t be left wondering where in the Kingdom your package landed or what happened to it or if someone too his sweet time going through your box. Anyway, if you have a low EQ like me (I hate waiting for stuff), you can always go to their On-Hand Products folder and look at the items that are immediately available and can be delivered in a matter of 1-3 days.
Too many beautiful, bestselling, trendy cosmetics to choose from!

Another factor in considering when buying online is, of course, the price. LE’s prices are higher than what most websites advertise because they also bear the local US/UK taes/VAT and shipping costs. I recommend you go for products that are not really available here in the Kingdom so you really get the best bang for your bucks. But then again, LE doesn’t usually carry the brands that are widely available in Saudi Arabia. If they do (like Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Mac, etc.), it means these items are from a limited edition or special range and are not released in Saudi Arabia.

Here are my suggested buys for you: Coastal Scents (wide range of eyeshadows in handy palettes), Sara Happ lip scrubs, Philosophy, Burt’s Bees, Lime Crime (highly pigmented lippies), Cetaphil, and Clarisonic and Olay brush cleansing systems. Now, if you can’t find the product you’re looking for, you can always ask and request it from them.
Popular brands at your fingertips!

After deciding on the Olay ProX, I messaged my order on Tuesday afternoon and received a reply in less than 10 minutes. They informed me that the product will be available for delivery on Thursday, 9:00AM to 3:00PM. After that, they asked me for my address and contact number. On Thursday morning, I received a call from the delivery guy and he delivered the product to me after 30 minutes (the guy gave me a wrong estimate time of arrival; he kept saying “10 minutes.”) I gave the money, signed the receipt, and voila! The product is in my hands! With a free L’oreal lipstick and a Patchi chocolate to boot. They all came in a Limited Edition paper bag that makes this online business really professional-looking. Goes to show how committed they are in their work.

My loot! Yeyyy!
LE offers free delivery within Riyadh and SR 19 shipping fee for those outside Riyadh. They deliver to Gulf countries too for a minimal fee.
Here’s the good news, when you buy any stuff from Limited Editions, mention the code PINKTARHA in your message to them and you’ll get 5% off in your order! This is valid from June 1 to June 15, 2014.
Promo code for you gals!
Don’t forget to check out Limited Edition’s Facebook page for ongoing promos!
So, are you ready to be mesmerized with thousands of beauty products you don’t even know are available to you? Go for it! Quench your thirst for cosmetics. You don’t get a second chance in making a first impression, so buy and wear that gahd darn lipstick! Happy shopping and be your own kind of beautiful! 😉
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Email: LimitedEditionsKSA@gmail.com

Disclosure: The Pink Tarha was given a 20% discount for a one-time purchase in Limited Editions online store. Promo of 5% has ended.

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    hi ladies! Love reading your blogs, can you also do a review on the Olay Pro X, thanks!

  2. Rana Reply

    Hello, I was wondering where can I find such a store in Riyadh. I would be very pleased if I could know where to find shops like Coastal scents, or places where beauty blenders are sold. Thank you for your time.

    • Janelle Reply

      Hello Rana, that’s why there is Limited Editions and Irene’s Coset, online stores for beauty needs because there are no physical stores in Riyadh that sell Coastal Scents and other brands. Thanks.

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    Hello! May I please know where to buy burts bee here in Riyadh?

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