Ramadan Promos and Offerings 2014 (Restaurants)

So, we’ve done the hotels, now it’s time to bring you the list of restaurants and their Iftar offerings. I thought we’ve done this last year and I’ve been looking for it in our archive. Turns out we only shared them in our Facebook page and didn’t make this kind of list in our blog. So this is the first time. And you know how many restaurants are in Riyadh? A LOT. Gathering them up will take me the entire Ramadan. So here’s an initial list of the restaurants that made a good effort in making their Ramadan menu known through their social media.

Indeed a tender way to break fast.

Piatto Italian Restaurant offers a menu of delicious pastas, pizza, and meat dishes at a reduced price specially for Ramadan. You can start off with their creamy Warm Artichoke Spinach Dip and dig in their free fresh garden salad, soup of the day and rosemary garlic bread. Check out their Ramadan menu HERE. Piatto has branches in Exit 5 and in Panorama Mall.

T: +966-11-211-4678


TSC Signature’s good food (photo from their FB page)

One of our faves, TSC Signature, has a set menu for their Ramadan Iftar. If you order any of their main dishes ranging from SR 65 (sandwich/burger), SR 75 (pizza/pasta) to SR 95 (for their yummy steak), you get a free soup, appetizers (includes sambusa and Italian and Arabic salads), homemade desserts, and a choice of beverage. Visit their menu HERETSC Signature is located just off Tahlia Street.

T: +966-11-293-9693 


An array of starters from Trader Vic’s buffet

Trader Vic’s in Panorama Mall is one of the restaurants that offering a buffet during Ramadan. Last year, we enjoyed their appetizers and main courses. This year, we haven’t tried it but you can beat us to it. SR 109 per person.

T: +966-11-281-4782 


Lusin, the first and only restaurant that serves Armenia cuisine in Riyadh is having a buffet for Ramadan. So if you’re trying to find something new to your palate, then get ready to fork over SR 225 per person in Centria Mall.

T: 9200 02690 

BBQ Chicken delivers!

BBQ Chicken ushers out their cold buffet, soups and desserts at SR 55 per person and free for kids under the age of 6. Then you can choose your main meal from their a la carte menu. From SR 39 chicken dishes to SR 39 pastas, no item in their Ramadan menu is over SR 50! You can check out their menu HERE. BBQ is in Thalateen Street.

T: +966-11-462-3343 


Best Ramadan deal ever! 😛

You know where you’ll get the best Ramadan deal ever? At a furniture shop! Yes, IKEA is offering a Ramadan combo priced at SR 19. You read that right: SR 19! For that price, you’ll get a main meal, desert, salad, and soup! Your kids get an even sweeter deal because it’s only SR 9 for them.

The steakhouses in the city are all ready for Iftar! Check out the following offerings from the authorities of grilled meats:

What are you having?

Steak House will welcome you with an Iftar menu that’s almost fit for 2 people because just a trip to their soup and salad bar is enough to fill your hungry tummies! You get those for free if you order any of their special meals included in their Ramadan menu which you can check out HERE. Reserve as early as possible because branches to tend to get packed. Steak House is located in Exit 5 and in Thalateen Street.

T: 800-249-2222 


Outback Steakhouse in Localizer Mall has an SR 67 Ramadan menu. Choose from their Alice Springs Chicken, Mahi Hearts of Gold, Grilled Chicken on the Barbie, and Prime Rib Pasta and you’ll get to enjoy their free selection of dates, Arabic coffee, sambousa, soup, and salad. With a dessert of vanilla ice cream to boot!

T: +966-11-217-4633 


You’ll already be full with Applebee’s appetizers!

Applebee’s is offering two choices for your Iftar meal. A Set Menu where you can order one of their selected dishes and you’ll get a free drink, salad, soup, and dates. The other is their Unlimited Menu where you’ll get unlimited soups, salads, and appetizers when you order one of their pre-determined entrees. Unfortunately their menu is not available online so you have to visit to see it. Applebee’s is in Tahlia Street


UPDATED: 07/15/14


Unlimited pizza? Try Pizza Inn‘s iftar buffet for only SR 38!

W: http://www.pizzainn-me.com/index.php/en/

T: 920001601


Pizza Hut is also offering a Ramadan buffet for SR 40. Your kids can get it for SR 15! That’s a nice way to keep ’em full!

FB: www.facebook.com/pizzahutsaudi

W: www.pizzahut-me.com

World famous pizza chain Domino’s is not having a buffet but have three offers instead:


FB: https://www.facebook.com/DominosKSA

W: http://www.dominosarabia.com/default.aspx (you can order online!)

T: 920012345 

Try checking out food delivery sites hellofood.comfoodonclick.com and otlob.com too. Restaurants in their list are also offering Ramadan specials. Just make sure to chat with their representative online to make sure that your resto of choice is already open for delivery. Ramadan timings vary.

There are more iftar offers for sure but I can’t research them all in one day, especially when some of them encourages you to go to their restos instead to find out what they’re offering. I’ll be updating this list as we encounter more offers and try some of them as the holy month of Ramadan unfolds in Riyadh. Check back this entry from time to time. Or follow us in our Facebook page. 🙂

Ramadan Kareem!


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