Janelle and the Big 3-0!

The time has come in every girl’s life when she becomes…30.

Yes, the Editor-in-Chief of your favorite lifestyle guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia — Janelle (previously known as Sundrenched) is celebrating her third decade in this universe today. As much as the majority of women would shriek and freak about turning 30, I doubt that Janelle is. As her friend, I know for a fact that she is surrounded by blessings and so much love that there is simply no reason for her to fret at a number so mistakenly glorified by many as a hex.

Janelle is one brave lady, bright and beautiful. In the years that she has managed and write for this blog, she has shared a piece of herself through her writing. I know that having this blog — this platform — for people to find positivity in their lives is one of her greatest achievements. She is quite a modest person so I am doing the bragging for her. 😛

Therefore, to all the followers and readers of our blog, join us as we wish this wonderful woman who have brought us The Pink Tarha and all the good vibes that you enjoy here in Riyadh, a grand…

Happy Birthday!!! 

Editor-in-(Mis)Chief of The Pink Tarha

Editor-in-Chief of The Pink Tarha

We wish you many more fabulous years ahead. And we are so thankful that you are here. 🙂


Reina & Sheila


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  1. Badj Reply

    Happy Birthday! More posts to come! 🙂

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