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Shopping, every woman’s past time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We’re not complaining! Except maybe the husbands and fathers and brothers who need to drive us there. Haha. I have ran out of excuses to justify shopping! Seriously I am not a shopaholic, I am just helping the economy! (As if Saudi Arabia’s economy need further help. Haha!) Sometimes I wish I get locked up in my room to prevent me from going out and to the mall and prevent myself from giving in to the temptation of sales. Oh wait… that’s such a stupid idea. I have a laptop and an internet connection and boom, there is always online shopping for those who can’t shop at the mall personally! And here I am about to introduce you to one reason why not being able to go out is not a hindrance to (retail therapy) success and also one more reason why your husband will hate us further for giving you another reason to spend their money, haha! (Remember guys, you love us and we love you too!) One of our favorite stores opened their website for online shopping in Saudi Arabia and if you spend over SR 500, you get free delivery!

Mango's online portal for fashionistas!

Mango’s online portal for fashionistas!

One of our Saudi friends and officemates had taken a liking in MANGO’s online shop.  This Saudi lady is partially a Filipino by heart; she loves learning Tagalog words, likes our food, and wishes to visit the Philippines one day. And because she’s such a ray of sunshine to us, we have been encouraging her to update her wardrobe; black doesn’t match her bubbly persona. Of course nothing shocking that would go against her conservative culture but something that would be appropriate for her age. So one day, we told her about online shopping and I suggested MANGO. All the items in the website are available in the MNG branches in Riyadh but knowing that she doesn’t get out much, I know that online shopping best suits her. She got one of their on sale scarves and she was delighted when it was delivered to her personally just a few days after. She’s been wearing that pastel scarf from time to time and it really brings out her youthfulness and happy personality.

What I like about Mango's collections: highly defined and can be used for all seasons

What I like about Mango’s collections: highly defined and can be used for all seasons

MANGO (MNG) is not just a fruit it’s also a popular clothing brand founded in Barcelona, Spain by Turkish brothers Isak and Nahman Andic. It’s one of the famous high-street brands that boasts of the quality, originality, and coherence of their designs. The clothing and accessories of MANGO is highly-defined meeting the needs of modern and urban women all over the world. Personally, I find their products expensive. Maybe that’s just because of my pay scale, haha, but I don’t usually buy at MANGO when it’s not on sale. When it is, which happens twice or thrice a year… well, that’s a different story.

Cart 'em and check out!

Cart ’em and check out!

During the SALE season, I find it better to shop in MANGO online. I find the kinds and sizes of clothes that I want without having to visit one rack after the other or rummaging through their accessories and bags section in their stores just to get what I want. The online shop of MANGO is pretty simple and clean. It has a no-fuss system. I find what I want, click the item and choose my preferences (color, size, etc.), and click on “Add to Bag.” The website has a sizing guide for  reference. It pools the items I want to buy and when I’ve pretty much put on my “bag” everything I want, I can check out with ease. MNG accepts Visa and Mastercard credit cards as payment. But fret not if you don’t have a credit card (good for you!) because you can pay on delivery! Delivery takes 3-6 days within Riyadh and costs SR 49 for 1-3 items. But if you buy products that are worth SR 500 or more, then delivery is free!

Before the Eid holiday, we ordered a few items from their SALE collection. I got this adjustable shape shopper bag for SR 109 (from SR 159).

My pick: Neutral and versatile; goes well with any outfit!

My pick: Neutral and versatile; goes well with any outfit!

We got the items after 5 days (not counting the weekend) and they arrived in good condition; well-packed and all. I just wish they didn’t fold my bag into two because a crease formed in the middle but a few uses of the bag eliminated that. I thought my bag appeared smaller than in the website but it expands to a good enough size. And I’m also amazed how much this pebbled faux leather shopper bag can carry. I used this for a quick grocery one time and a huge Almarai juice container, three small-sized chips bag, two cans of tomato sauce, and a pasta fit in this with no problem at all. It’s heavy yes but it didn’t give up carrying those and the other stuff I carry every day in my bag. The top snap buttons can also adjust the shape.

Reina got an almost similar bag, but in red.

Reina's pick: brightly-colored and functional

Reina’s pick: brightly-colored and functional

I also got a few shirts and a blouse and I like them all. Our friend bought more scarves and skirts and she loves them all. Another thing that I like about Mango’s online shop is the availability of their plus-size range, Violeta, which is not easily available in their branches.

Hooray for the plu-size line of Mango!

Hooray for the plu-size line of Mango!

And guys, there is something for you too. H.E. by Mango has been created in 2008 and it already has lone branches, even in Riyadh (at Localizer Mall). Items from this men’s line are also available in their online shop.

Well, you don't exactly have to sport this rocker look.

Well, you don’t exactly have to sport this rocker look.

Apart from clothes and bags, you can also check out Mango’s latest collection in their website, from shoes to hats to sunglasses to jewelries. If you’re lacking some fashion inspiration, you can always browse their online catalogs.

Mango's bags and sandals

Mango’s bags and sandals

Accessories in neon add a pop of vibrance to any ensemble

Accessories in neon add a pop of vibrance to any ensemble

Now that there’s Mango has a pretty decent online shop and we enjoyed our online shopping experience, having no driver or having no time to go to the mall is no longer an excuse to have a little retail therapy. I’m definitely not saying you blow all of your (or your husband’s) hard-earned money on clothes and accessories and shoes. I’m saying that Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life. Or maybe a bag like this and this and this can do it. Or maybe this dress or gown (or this and this). Haha.

However, if you still feel like taking that trip to the mall, then do so. Mango branches can be found in Al Faisaliah Mall, Sahara Mall, and Riyadh Gallery. And guys, please understand when we’re taking quite a while to finish our shopping spree. Remember that “men go shopping to buy what they want but women go shopping to find out what we want!” 

‘Til next fashion shop feature!

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    I would love if you guys ordered some things off online stores like sheinside (free standard shipping over $30 and express shipping with Aramex over $70, I’m not being paid to say this hahah) or oasap or choies and did a review to give people an idea of how shipping to Saudi Arabia works 🙂

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    which shipping carrier shipped your shipment?

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    Hi! I would like to ask if Mango Online Shop can also ship in Jeddah as well? Thanks!

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