Top 5 Places to Buy Video Games in Riyadh

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short article about Five PC Games That Guys Enjoy. Today, I’m going to tell you where to find games in Riyadh! Gamers moving to Riyadh, have no fear! You can still buy the latest video games while working in Saudi Arabia. Yep, there’s a treasure trove of titles and game consoles available here that you’ll never get bored. You’ll even find that it’s cheaper compared to buying them in the Philippines (because we don’t have taxes here in Saudi). How do I know where to find games? Well, I just happen to have a “PlayStation-fan” brother (he literally has ALL the PS consoles and handheld devices ever dished out by SONY), a “PC gamer” husband who has more than 1000 games on STEAM and a gamer friend who writes and reviews games for That Riyadh Gamer. That’s how. Hahaha.

Kidding aside, after years of watching my brother hoard video game titles, watching my husband’s ever growing list of PC games and interviewing my friend, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 MOST POPULAR places to buy games in Riyadh.

Top on the list is Jarir Bookstore. There’s a section of the store completely devoted to games, devices and accessories to keep every gamer happy. They have the latest games for popular devices like PlayStation, XBOX, Wii, Nintendo and PC Games. On some occasion they even sell limited edition/collector’s editions. They also have an extensive collection of Razer products. However, you should know that prices in Jarir are usually a bit heftier compared to other stores.

Video Games in Riyadh 1

Video Games in Riyadh2

Video Games in Riyadh3

Jarir Bookstore

Tel: 920000089



The next shop to try is Computer House in Olaya. Established in 1984, Computer House is known as the first video game store in Riyadh. There’s a reason why they’ve managed to stay strong and that’s loyal customers who enjoy their services and products. You can pre-order games and also buy Steam cards here. .  They have 3 branches here in Riyadh and 7 other branches across Jeddah, Al Khobar, Dammam and Dubai.

Highly recommended by Mookie Mookie from That Riyadh Gamer: “I recommend Computer House because they have good imported games and peripherals which are a bit better than the shops i know. They also have friendly personnel and listen to customer’s feedback. They also have one of the best gaming headset brands in the world called Astro Gaming in which i have the 2010 A40 edition till this day.”

Video Games in Riyadh4

Video Games in Riyadh5

Computer House

P.O. Box 51151 Riyadh 11543

Tel: (Olaya Branch) 464-4125

        (Sahara Branch) 452-0287

        (Granada Branch) 253-4920



Third on our list is Tokyo Games. Another popular game retailer, they boast of extensive list of titles and you can even sign up for a mailing list and you’ll get regular updates for game availability. You can also pre-order games from this retailer. They have five branches here in Riyadh, eight in Jeddah, one in Makkah, Madinah, Al Khobar and Jubail.

Video Games in Riyadh6

 Video Games in Riyadh7

Video Games in Riyadh8

Tokyo Games

Tel: (Olaya Branch) 293-3940

        (Sulaimaniya Branch) 463-3274

        (Rawda Branch) 248-1446

        (Takhasusi Street) 217-1510

        (Rabwa Center) 473-6946


Tokyo Games2

Of course, there’s also one solely dedicated for Nintendo lovers. Located at the Faisaliah Center, the retailer is aptly named Nintendo 3DS. The store offers almost all the Nintendo consoles, games and accessories a bonafide fan would want.

Video Games in Riyadh9

Video Games in Riyadh10

Nintendo 3DS

Plaza Level, Faisaliah Center, Olaya

Twitter: @nintendomiddlee


There are also small retailers that sell Modded video games in Riyadh. They sell original games, second hand games and “modded” copies of games for those with modified game consoles and handheld devices. These are usually nameless stores tucked away in discreet stalls in Batha. While we don’t promote their unlicensed product, their original products, both new and secondhand are sometimes cheaper (because they have cheaper stall rents) and they’re very popular among gamers in the city so they’re also worth noting. You’ll find these retailers at the Electro Building and at the Five Building Area next to Al Rajhi Center. You’ll just have to ask the vendors to show you their merchandise. You can also ask to them to add you to their mailing list and they will call you once they have a copy of the games you requested.

Those are the five popular video game (physical) stores in Riyadh. But as you may already know, you can also purchase video games online and it’s not restricted here. You can either buy a PSN card and Xbox Prepaid cards from most of the retailers we featured or purchase them online. Using a credit card or Paypal, you can also purchase PC games keys from STEAM and Amazon, then download the games from the internet.

Video Games in Riyadh11

You can also try game trading at STEAM by joining groups like Trader’s Guild, where members post deals and trade offers for other games. It’s actually fun , and in some cases even profitable, once you get the hang of it. Just be sure to stick to the rules and netiquette. One member shared that he was able to collect over 1600 games with just less than $300 taken out of his pocket, bulk of the games he obtained was from trading.

Video Games in Riyadh12

That about sums it up! If you have other recommendations, don’t forget to leave a comment below or on our Facebook page!

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  1. anonymous Reply

    WOW!!! Me and my husband a PC gamer too, we play MMO since 2003 from MU, Lineage 2, Guild Wars to Diablo 3

  2. Knivez Reply

    Thanks for this info of video games… I’m a PC gamer I hope there would be info’s where we can buy cheap PC games (not cracked) or used original pc games…. MU was the best online game for me too bad it had to end…

    • Sheila Reply

      We will ask around! Have you tried and They usually have a lot of original games on sale. If you build your library, you can even join trader’s guilds to swap games with other members. 🙂

  3. samra Reply

    where can i find battle field 4 pc ?

  4. talha Reply

    Hey can you give the no of nintendo store

  5. R Reply

    Hey. Could you please give me the phone number of the nintendo store ASAP!!!
    Thx ❤️

  6. sulfuroxide Reply

    im looking for a gamers group here in Riyadh, is there any? it’s nice to hve friends who share same interests. currently playing Guild wars 2, and i feel so alone, though i play and interact with players all over the world but it is still is nice to have a company in this Foreign Country :]

    • Mazen Jammoul Reply

      what kind of games u like ? I’m into online gaming like league of legends, PS games mostly fifa , and every possible strategy game on PC

  7. Mazen Jammoul Reply

    guys im a hardcore gamer, and since its my only access to entertainment in ksa , i would love for u to tell me which of these stores is the closest to my place, i live in next to kingdom compound near exit 5 and near thumama road. if u can please reply by email. thank u all .

  8. So, I have a question is black ops 2 still in jarir. please say yes cuz I will buy it today in a couple of hours

    • COD Guy Reply

      Really depends on the location, I will check my nearest and let you know, I think you should upgrade to ps4, BO3 is coming out soon

  9. tarnosh Reply


    Best Option is to goto Batha 5 Buildings, there are many shops selling latest games and on cheep prices compared to above 🙂

  10. Thx for the information my school gave me 5 checks each one is one hundred SR becuz I’m good student only me becuz I’m the best in 4 grade which means I will go to Jarir to buy games ?????

  11. noura Reply

    what about PC games?

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