Shake(s) It Off! Shake(s) It Off!

I am unabashedly taking advantage of Taylor Swift’s hit song from her platinum record “1989”. It’s the only way I could think of segue-waying this topic of milkshakes in the midst of the bubbling winter season. Yes, the weather is running its course of welcoming the cold and more often than not, cold drinks are more suitable for the summer season — which is part of the reason why I wondered this store SHAKES over at Arcadia Plaza opened in a time where cold season was at its doorstep. But all in the spirit of trying out something new, my friend and I went inside and decided to see what they have.

Nice sign! Better than most. :)

Nice sign! Better than most. 🙂

It’s basically a one-stop shop for all your shake needs. You might feel a little baffled at first at the sight of hundreds of chocolate bars displayed in front of you and you can easily mistake this as a candy store instead of a shake shop, but the countless sweets that you’ll find are the ingredients you would have to choose from to create your milkshake (or ice cream). If you have sweet teeth (not just a tooth, but several) then you are going to have an awesome time looking at the famous chocolates that they have in the store. Shakes, by the way, started out in Al-Khobar and this store is their first in Riyadh:


Welcome. Ain’t that something fun to look at?




I repeat, this is not a candy store. :P Really!

I repeat, this is not a candy store. 😛 Really!

The formula is simple. They have a base ice cream made of vanilla and you (the customer) have the freedom to pick whatever chocolate/dessert/fruit/juice you want mixed into it and made into a milkshake (or smoothie or ice cream too). They also have plenty of ready-to-pick combinations if you’re proving to be fickle-minded.

Check out the menu.

Check out the menu.

There’s the usual sweet stuff, but some items that piqued my interest are the Healthy Shake (Peanut Butter+Banana+Protein powder) and the Energy Smoothie (Red Bull+Strawberry/Berry). When we asked the salesman which item he can recommend, he offered the Yummy Shake (Ferrero Rocher + Strawberry/Banana) which he claims to be a bestseller and the Red Velvet Shake (Red Velvet Cake + Cream + Cherry). Since this was obviously heavy on the calories, my friend and I decided to share just one order, and we ended up choosing the Red Velvet Shake.

As they prepared it...look at that dollop of ice cream! Whoa.

As they prepared it…look at that dollop of ice cream over the red velvet cake! Whoa.

Le finished product.

Le finished product.

This will be blast for your calorie intake (not to mention a shock to your sugar levels), but I suppose once in a while, it wouldn’t hurt to indulge yourself in a hearty sweet drink like this one (i.e., stressful day at work or heartaches). The Red Velvet Cake is luscious and oh-so creamy with morsels of the red velvet cake sashaying through your mouth with every sip. It is sweet so if your sugar tolerance is low, best to share this baby with a friend.

Shakes is located right beside the newly opened Tamimi Markets that I’ve previously posted here.


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