Ted Baker London Now in Riyadh

We have a friend who’s a bit obsessed with Ted Baker London‘s Icon shopping bags. I didn’t know what the obsession is about at first but when I walked into their newly-opened store in Granada Mall, I thought I might have found the store that best describes my style now that I have reached the great 3-0. I can feel the elegance and sophistication emanating from the store, even by looking at it outside. Its facade is very different from the rest of the fashion stores inside the mall. And when I entered, I think I might have entered into another world.

Ted Baker is a designer label, one of the fastest-growing leading lifestyle brands in the United Kingdom. It began as a menswear boutique in Glasgow in 1987 but has expanded rapidly since then. Now, Ted Baker also offers womenswear, accessories, fragrances, footwear, eyewear, and watches. There’s a certain classy style to their clothing line and it’s the one I’m going for (or would like to go for) now that I’m at an age where colors don’t always mean loud and party-ish. Colors in clothes can also be classy and practical. Ted Baker has impeccably tailored pieces that has a touch of modern whimsy. Their bags, shoes and accessories are also a delight to see. They’re for the modern woman who is strong, confident, yet beautiful and endearing. Whoah, I hope I can be that woman! Haha! However, I have yet to find ways on how to finance my like for Ted Baker stuff. Haha!

Here are some items that caught my eye when I visited Ted Baker (also, the contents of my dreams):

Welcome to the modern whimsical world of Ted Baker London. Now in Riyadh!

Welcome to the modern whimsical world of Ted Baker London. Now in Riyadh!

For the classy, sexy, confident lady!

For the classy, sexy, confident lady!

Ted Baker 2

Sometimes, colors can also be bold in their simplicity.

Ted Baker 6

Keeping the blues and pinks striking yet sophisticated.

The lacey blue dress of my dream!

The lacey blue dress of my dream!

Ted Baker 7

I LOVE THESE! Perfect for those semi- and formal occasions.

Ted Baker 4

It’s pink and it has this gorg accent. LOVE!

Ted Baker 14

A peek into the luxe lines of bags and accessories.

Ted Baker 3

Bags that go over SR 1,000 a pop!

Ted Baker 1

The iconic bags go for SR 249 each.

Ted Baker 10

Eeny miney moo, what color will I choose?

Ted Baker 12

What color of these shopping bag will you choose?

Ted Baker 5

Well, this one is a cutie! Around SR 150.

I am smitten with the products of Ted Baker but most of them are still way out of my budget. But if you want to splurge, then go for their SR 800 and above dresses. Their bags can go for SR 250 (shopper’s bags and pouches) to as high as over SR 1,000 for the formal looking ones made of leather. I even found a bag named “Janel” haha! I would have loved to make it mine but for a sling bag that’s worth SR 550, I have to pass it up for now. However, if you can afford it, Ted Baker is a nice store to buy classic clothing pieces that you will never let go of.

Ted Baker London

Granada Centre, Exit 9 (beside Magrabi)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



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