Waffle’s? Waffls? Waffles!

A month ago, our friend Jou of Destination Riyadh mentioned a waffles restaurant in the city. So I asked her what’s the name of it and she said, “Waffle’s.” I reiterated my question, “No, what’s the name of the restaurant?” And she said “Waffle’s.” Are you kidding me? That literal? I would have never in a million years guess what they’re serving in this place! Hahaha! Anyway, anything with waffles and pancakes sounds good to me. She said she’s been seeing nice photos in Instagram so we decided to check it out in Exit 2. Before reaching Waffles, we discovered how Exit 2 is fast becoming a foodie hub (just because we missed our exit and had to make a u-turn in the area, ergo prolonging our road trip that Saturday morning. We saw branches of Applebees, Fuddruckers, Steaky, etc. Old favorites coupled with a few new restaurants lined up along Prince Turki Bin Al-Awwal Road. It seemed like it became one huge hang-out place! Cool. Another place to re-visit.

We found Waffle’s along the road (we missed it by inches and we couldn’t go back so we had to make a u-turn). We entered on a side door and came upon a bare area of tables and chairs. There’s nothing much to see in terms of decor. So let’s go to the food.

Welcome to Waffle's!

Welcome to Waffle’s!

Come have coffee and waffles!

Come have coffee and waffles!

They have a short menu that includes crepes, pancakes, and of course, waffles. My friends and I got one from each kind and shared. Their prices are pretty decent but their execution in terms of appetizing design is a bit poor. Just look at this Waffle Hotdog Breakfast that came with a smashed egg yolk. Don’t get me wrong, I like my eggs smashed like that but it didn’t look appetizing on the plate. And there are more people who likes their yolk runny.

The breakfast mashup, haha!

The breakfast mashup, haha! Waffle Hotdog Breakfast, SR 20

The hotdogs are good though. Thinner than most but really juicy. We had to order another batch of hotdogs. The waffle is just right. However, it had nothing extraordinary to offer. I like that it’s fluffy, buttery, and soft. If you’re the crunchy on the outside kind of waffle lover, then this is not for you.

Chess Waffle

Chess Waffle, SR 20

The Chess Waffle looks interesting but it’s just waffle with generous amounts of Nutella and condensed milk on top. The waffle is a bit sweet already; this one is for the sweet tooth who eats breakfast. I like condensed milk in general so I like that part. And who doesn’t like Nutella?! Overall, an average waffle with average toppings but with copious amounts of sugar rush!

To the dark or the light?

To the dark or the light?

My Chicken Forest Crepe doesn’t look much but it’s tasty. I didn’t think I would enjoy it looking at the lifeless and colorless dish that they brought me but it’s quite good. I love the cheese on top and the flavorful chicken  mix inside.

Forest Crepe

Chicken Forest Crepe, SR 24

We thought we’ll enjoy the Crepe Cheese Hotdog because it has our favorites: cheese and hotdog but turned out it was rather bland. The hotdog from the Breakfast plate is not the same as the one they used here so it’s not that juicy. It was okay, nothing fancy.

Hotdog Crepe

Crepe Cheese Hotdog, SR 18

Crepe instead of a bun

Crepe instead of a bun

What’s a breakfast place without pancakes? Waffles Chocolate Pancakes are as literal as its name. It’s a stack of 3 pancakes with nutella, ice cream, and powdered sugar dusted on top. AT least that’s what on the picture on the menu. Ours didn’t have the required powdered sugar. Haha. But it’s okay. There’s a mild tug of war between salty and sweet notes; later on overpowered by the sweetness of the chocolate spread and ice cream. The batter of the pancakes, waffles, and crepes have similar qualities and taste to it.

Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate Pancakes

Yep, with ice cream so early in the morn.

Yep, with ice cream so early in the morn.

After our drinking decent cappuccino and finishing our food, we ordered some Lemon Mint slushie to cap off our refreshing morning. We needed to go into the heat of the Riyadh sun so this is a much needed to cool us off.

Waffles 11

Refreshingly cool lemon mint slushie

Refreshingly cool lemon mint slushie

Is it Waffle’s (written on the wall), Waffles (on social media), or Waffls (on the menu)? What?! Haha! Anyway, if you’re looking for a breakfast nook that serves the basics all-day, then this is your to-go place. Also if you want to visit Hiteen Plaza. Otherwise, if it’s a bit far from you, then you can just pick a breakfast place somewhere else.  You didn’t miss anything.


Prince Turki Al-Awwal Road (Exit 2)

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

T: +966-11-2004559

Map: https://foursquare.com/v/waffles–وافلز/50a9bfdee4b006e1c2d5aa4b

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