Reviving as Water, Zesty as Lemon

Sorry about the lag in posting entries, we’ve been pre-occupied with the upcoming The Pink Tarha Mornings 4.0 and the launching of The Riyadhizen 2015 Planner. Oh, have you checked out our gorgeous planner (haha) over You better. It’s made for you, Riyadh dwellers, and we’re incredibly proud to have produced something like it. Anyway, I will not talk about the planner as much in this entry. I’m afraid you’ll be oversaturated with it especially with our statuses about it in our Facebook page, haha. I’m going to talk about Waterlemon. Yup, you read that right. Waterlemon. It’s not a misspelling. It’s the correct name of a restaurant in Tahlia Street that has gorgeous photographs of their food in Instagram. It’s the real reason why I urged my friend to try the resto with me. (Heads up to restauranteurs, get good photos of your food and drinks and splash them all over your social media accounts!)

Comfy couches and sleek tables and chairs.

Comfy couches and sleek tables and chairs.

Waterlemon Boutique Cafe and Juice Bar, a restaurant swerving international dishes that is focused on “freshness”, has been in Tahlia Street for quite a while now but they just opened a few months ago after undergoing a renovation. I haven’t been to Waterlemon before the renovation so I can’t compare but I really love how bright and clean and natural the restaurant now is (well except for the fake grass haha). I read in their website that Waterlemon is a play on the word watermelon: pure and reviving as water and quenching and zesty as lemon. And you know what? The eco-friendly philoshophy shows. Their wooden floors have that earthy vibe and look, grass “growing” in between partitions! What’s more “nature” than that? Haha. Their pillows are covered with cases that feature photos of stones, leaves, and dew textures. The walls are covered with black and white photos of nature (there’s an elephant in the room). I like the white chairs and tables and I hope they maintain their pristine condition. Guys would be happy with the television monitors in their walls that are tuned in to sports shows.

For sport afficionados, this is a good seat in the hauz!

For sport afficionados, where I was at is a good seat in the hauz!

I like the green and gray combos of the pillows

I like the green and gray combos of the pillows

Waterlemon 17

There’s a good chance I’ll be asking my friends to go here often.

Overall, the restaurant has a very healthy, organic, calm vibe. Health enthusiasts would thrive in this space. Their menu is divided into four “seasons”: all-day breakfast, salads, sandwiches, and mains. Interesting.

Because it was nearing prayer time when we arrived, we can only order drinks; the food would have to come after the prayer. I opted for the Peach Treat under the Cosmopolitans drink group. My hip drink came looking smart and sophisticated; in a clear glass with just the right amount of fruit slices and guiltless bubbles from the soda water. It’s a mix of apple and peach syrup and I’m a great fan of both so this drink is a clear winner for me.

Waterlemon 10

Ahhhh so tasty and refreshing! SR 26

Waterlemon 3

My drink and the mock-up of The Riyadhizen Planner. Perfect combination. Haha!

My friend ordered the odd-looking blue coffee which you can see for yourself here:

Eye candy, eye coffee.

Eye candy, eye coffee.

Now that’s one gorgeous coffee, part of their innovative coffee concoctions. It does look weird at first but I have to admit we were hit with the “we have to order this!” urge when we saw its photo in the menu. It came in a tall mug and my friend said it is good coffee with a hint of mint. So that’s what the blue is about. Because it was prayer time, we had time to study their menu. It’s not that long but there are entries in there that really made us want to order pronto. Maybe it’s the names, or maybe it’s the way the vibrant photos on their menu enticed us. Whatever it is, we quickly zeroed on the following:

Yeyyy avocado, my favorite!

Yeyyy avocado, my favorite!

It needs a close up!

It needs a close up!

Our appetizer came from the Asian Nibbles section. I was happy to see a maki in this menu and I was more in love when it was set in our table. The Green Dragon Belt really had a nice amount of avocado to fill my tummy. However, this dish is more appetizing to the eyes than to our taste. The rice was too soft and does not seem to have the vinegar hint that we’re familiar with in makis. The texture was soft and smooth thorughout which was pretty odd since it’s not the texture of most makis. Well, this one is unique but we had reservations in its uniqueness.

Tell me how does the dipping sauce looks like to you.

Tell me how does the dipping sauce looks like to you.

Crunchy, hot, and creamy.

Dynamite Shrimps, SR 35. Crunchy, hot, and creamy.

The Dynamite Shrimps proved to be better. I just love how crunchy it is and how funny that the dip it came with looked like a brain in the saucer. This dish promised a glaze of penut butter and green onion but I couldn’t taste the peanut butter that much. I had to take a second glance at the menu to make sure they really wrote peanut butter in its description. I wanted more of the shrimps!

Chicken Pesto Pasta, SR 54

Chicken Pesto Pasta, SR 54

Can't wait to dig in!

Can’t wait to dig in!

We were told that the Chicken Pesto Pasta is one of their bestsellers so we had to try it. This fusilli pasta with grilled chicken breast, creamy pesto, and parmesan cheese is one of the best pesto pasta I’ve had. The pesto is not overpowering and the pasta is al dente. It has a subtle taste that is just right for my tastebuds. The serving is even good for two. No complaints on this one.

On The Rock Tenderloin, SR 110

On The Rock Tenderloin, SR 110

It doesn't look appetizing but it's not bad.

It doesn’t look appetizing but it’s not bad.

Of course we had to order one of their main courses. I found the Halloumi Beef Skewers tempting as it combines Arabic (halloumi) and Asian flavors (teriyaki sauce) together. Now that’s a fusion eh? But we settled with the On The Rock Tenderloin because it’s a recommendation coming from our waiter. Now that “plate” is nature. It’s probably a slab from a black rock! Haha! Anyway, we thought they overdid cooking the steak because of of how it looks: charred and sinewy. But do not judge a steak by its cover. It’s actually tender. And the mushroom sauce it came with was perfect! I wanted to dump the meat in it to soak up all those great flavors. We forgot about the tomato provencal and potato wedges because the steak in the sauce was good! Who cares about sides? Asks my mouth stuffed with meat. It’s expensive though.

We ordered a lot but we felt not as full as say eating steak in one of the known steak houses in Riyadh. Maybe it’s the ambiance making us feel like what we had were all healthy. We felt inculpable stuffing ourselves silly with all the food in our table. Oh well right?! Haha!

Waterlemon is a restaurant great for the chi chi crowd. Hip, trendy, cool. 🙂


Tahlia Street

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

T: +966-11-4888898


Twitter: @waterlemon_ksa

Instagram: @waterlemon_ksa

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