Another Top 5 Quirky Things at Virgin Megastore

So how did you find the first Top 5 quirky things I saw at the Virgin Megastore entry? Let me know if you dashed to the Al Nakheel Mall and got any of the stuff. Please provide me a five paragraph review of each product. Haha kidding. You know when my friend and I were at the Al Nakheel Mall a few weeks after it opened, the parking lot was an empty lot. Even if I had an entourage of ten cars with me (not sure how will that ever gonna happen), we would still have space for ten more near the entrance gates. But now, it’s a headache to park. It’s amazing how I managed to convince my father to go again after our first experience of spending fifteen minutes waiting for a parking lot going round and round on our first visit. (Actually it was quite easy. Magic word: Beats Earphones!) Anyway, I still have more photos of quirky items I saw on that visit. So here’s another list for you:

1. Click And Grow (Basil), SR 500+

Herb on demand

Herb on demand

Remember the watermelons? If you’re not convinced of growing fruits on your desk then why not herbs? I think that’s more manageable right? Look at this Click and Grow! It even looks like a Mac mini only with leaves growing on it. It will sure make a pretty darn countertop design and when you need some basil to sprinkle on a dish you’re cooking, all you need is reach for it. Win situation! Tomatoes and chili peppers also available.

2. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, SR 49.99

Knead your stress away.

Knead your stress away. Cheaper than a massage!

Seriously what is this thaaang?! It’s like a melted stress ball? Haha! You can use the Thinking Putty as a toy, a stress ball, a squeeze toy, or as a therapy putty. They say that once you start using it, you can never put it down (so how will I work when I’m using it?! Haha!). Anyway, the Thinking Putty comes in primary colors and out of this world colors: metallic, glow in the dark, heat sensitive etc. Imagine what you can do with it! And what you can come up with. Not something crazy, we hope.

3. Mighty Wallet, SR 49.99

A mighty fine wallet for your fulos

A mighty fine wallet for your fulos

The Mighty Wallet is all the rage in the Philippines before and frankly, I couldn’t see why. It was so thin and looks like paper to me. But it’s one heck of an innovative, sturdy wallet apparently. The Mighty Wallet is made with DuPont Tyvek fabric  that is tear-resistant, water-resistant, and expandable. The super think design has no stitching (wow right) and instantly adjusts to the contents of your wallet (well for mine it would have no difficulties whatsoever). So your money is well-protected and taken cared of.

4. Megaphone Mobile Speaker, SR 94.99



For a huge sound, this mobile speaker is so tiny. I have nothing more to say. It speaks for itself.

5. Nano Block, SR 74.99

Tiny creations

Tiny creations

Admit it, you miss Lego. These Nano Block creations will be the answer to your Lego cravings. You’ll have something to do in your desks when you’re bored our of your wits. They’re so tiny (they’re the world’s smallest building blocks) but when you make a lot of them, your desk will be unique with these nano block collections on it.

There is no end to the quirky, fun things in Virgin Megastore. Have you seen anything you like there? Share it to us! 🙂

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