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I’m all for nude colors in my makeup arsenal lately so it came as a surprise that I actually ordered one of Lime Crime‘s Velvetine lip stain. It’s a very “in your face” lipstick that you can see in a lady’s lips a mile away. Kidding, not a mile away but a pretty good feet away for sure. I just feel like with my commitment to nudes and neutral lipsticks, I needed something shocking for special events and girl did I get something shocking with the Lime Crime Velvetine Wicked!

The Velvetine is a liquid to matte lip stain that is housed in a beautiful matte packaging. The Wicked is burgundy red that gives a very sexy, seductive, mysterious look when applied correctly. Putting this on is quite tricky because it dries and smears easily at the same time. I needed to start with clean, flawless lips (dry lips would create an uneven look) and when I put it on, it’s all I can ever see in the mirror. It instantly made my lips the focal point of my face. The color payoff is amazing; it’s vibrant and bold. It stays quite a long time even with drinks but I had to look at the mirror from time to time to make sure it didn’t smudge with whatever I ate.

For the bold and the vamp

For the bold and the vamp

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, bold lip stain that stays, then the Lime Crime Velvetine is for you too. However, with its price and its ‘out of my character’ color capacity, one is enough for me. There are cheaper dupes for sure and with Lime Crime’s controversy recently, I’ll think before getting a Lime Crime again. Oh wait, they came up with an earthy, neutral, muted red Velvetine in Riot?! Haha.

Product Name: Velvetine (Wicked)

Brand: Lime Crime

Price: 128SR

Where To Buy: Irene’s Closet KSA (pre-order)

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