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So…I am not exactly in my youthful 20s anymore (it’s my last year before I hit 30) and since the New Year came in, I’ve become engrossed about reading products in the beauty aisle of pharmacies and grocery stores. The truth is, I can’t stop the aging process. But I can resist it as much as I can! Hahahaha! My beauty regimen is actually a balance between the organic and not-so organic products but one that I have added recently to my pack is L’Oreal’ Paris’ REVITALIFT 10.


Looking at the packaging, it’s kind of tricking you to think that by 10 days, your skin will be ‘lifted’ or ‘repaired’ (keywords, product design and the subconscious at work) so ladies, I fully encourage you to read the fine print before purchasing any beauty product. It turns out, the Revitalift will help you fight the first 10 signs of aging brought about by stress or environmental factors. For all our curiosities’ sake, apparently, these are the 10 signs of aging:

  1. Deep wrinkles
  2. Fine lines
  3. Loss of firmness
  4. Loss of tone
  5. Lack of plumpness
  6. Age spots
  7. Uneven complexion
  8. Uneven decolletage
  9. Uneven skin texture
  10. DRYNESS.

This 50 mL bottle goes for around 60-65SAR but I got it on sale during Azizia’s promo so it only went for half-price. When I first started using it, I found that it was a good base for my make-up in the morning giving a silky feel to my skin. I have a predominantly oily face, so upon application I found that it made my face look shiny but as I apply the rest of my make-up for the day, everything gets matted out. The smell of the cream is nothing too offensive, though there is a distinct scent but generally pleasing. Two pumps of the product on my finger seem to provide good coverage for my entire face already. Best used during the day as it works as a great moisturizer. Not to mention that it also has SPF 20.

Will I be able to fight the first 10 signs of aging? I’ll let you have a look at me in 10 years and let me know if I look like my age. 😛

Product Name: Revitalift Total Repair 10

Brand: L’Oreal Paris

Price: 65SR

Where To Get It: Beauty aisle of major supermarkets (HyperPanda/Danube)

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