Top 5 Quirky Things I Saw at the Virgin Megastore

I love anything quirky not because I’m strange but because I’m all for having something to distract me between work and errands once in a while. The new Virgin Megastore in Al Nakheel Mall has quirky things that made me smile and smirk and baffled when I visited the other day (it was my third time on the store). The Virgin Megastore is a one-stop shop for entertainment needs (and being in Saudi Arabia we sure need all the things to entertain us eh?) carrying a wide range of products that includes gadgets, CDs, DVDs, books, games, accessories, and a whole lot more. Part of that “a whole lot more” are these products that I saw on their shelves. Some of you might find it useful in your daily life. So why not?

1. Selfie Snap, SR 99.99

Selfie pa more!

Selfie pa more!

Who ever gets tired of taking selfies?! C’mon, admit it. Once a day, you can’t help but take a photo of yourself with your mobile phone. Whether vanity or just to check yourself out (boy aren’t those the same?!), the Selfie Snap is a little gadget that can help you with that. It’s a wireless shutter control for the iPhone and iPad. All you have to do is download the free iSnapx Remote app from the App store and use the remote to take photos remotely and wirelessly! Voila, more selfies!!! I already know what to give my friend Chynna (aka the groufie queen during our Turkey trip) on her birthday.

2. Self-Stirring Mug, SR 59.99

A self stirring mug that is not obvious. Oh, it says so in the mug. :P

A self stirring mug that is not obvious. Oh, it says so in the mug. 😛

“No, I’m not lazy! As a matter of fact, I’m so busy I couldn’t even find the time to stir my coffee!” What a good excuse to get myself this ultimate lazy man’s self-stirring mug then! Woot! Hahaha! It’s not only great for coffee and tea, it’s also great for hot chocolate and soups. The box says “Simply press the ‘Stir’ button and have the hard work done for you!” Wait, when did stirring become hard work?! Haha!

3. Dunecraft Sprout n’ Grow Greenhouses Sugar Baby Watermelons, SR 49.99

My very own fruit garden. :P

My very own fruit garden. 😛

So, it’s not like we have a garden outside our villas and flats ready to become a garden here in Riyadh right? So I find this nifty ‘greenhouse’ really cute. And to harvest fresh watermelon in three months… wow! However, I’m not sure if this really work. When I read “watermelon”, I see the huge round green fruit in my head and that doesn’t exactly fit in this container. But it says this will produce “super-sweet melons are only about 8 inches tall, wide, and long.” To see and taste is to believe so I better start planting then. Oh, I need to buy it first.

4. Spinning Hat’s Emergency Outfits, SR 54.99

Wow, I have no excuse to go to that party!

Wow, I have no excuse to go to that party!

Does this mean when I spill coffee on my uniform I can just whip this one out and have an emergency change of outfit immediately?! Well yes if I want to look like a weirdo in our workplace’s hallways. I might even get myself thrown out of the building with this! Haha! This Emergency Outfits box has cool costumes (depends on your definition of cool, haha) to wear to any occasion (not any occasion really, just costume parties). Do you wanna be a cowboy, a superhero, a pirate, a hula girl or even Pocahontas? Here you go.

5. Mad Pax Backpacks, SR 214.95

What is the meaning of this?!

What is the meaning of this?!

At first I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. I turned them over and got the shock of my life… those are backpacks?! Like I want my bags to have spikes and bubbles and cracks in them? Well, first and foremost, I don’t use a backpack so I’m safe. Haha! Some people might be fascinated with them (ask your kids!), others might repel it. But one thing is for sure: if you’re using this backpack, you’ll turn heads with its vibrant colors and weird designs.

Find anything you fancy above? If not, then I still have more items to show you in the next edition of “quirky things I saw at the Virgin Megastore” series. Haha, not another series you groan?! Hehehe. Can’t help it. Visit the Virgin Megastore in Al Nakheel Mall! You’re probably the only one who haven’t been there by now.

Virgin Megastore KSA

Al Nakheel Mall

Imam Abdullah Ibn Saud Ibn Abdulaziz Road,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia




Map from Foursquare.

Map from Foursquare.

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