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I had a phase during my third year in Saudi Arabia that I called “obsession with organic.” I used to ask my sister in the Philippines to pool my orders of organic stuff from soaps to shampoo to oils and send it to me through a relative or friend who’s coming back from vacation. Eventually, my obsession faded because it was quite hard to wait for my orders (EQ failure) and be in the mercy of loved ones coming and going from their vacation. I turned to Etsy stores and for a time, I enjoyed organic soaps and whipped body butters from the Anderson Soap Company and Lethal Lather. But that soon stopped too. Now, I’m beginning to fall in love with organic soaps again through Pure Body KSA.

I purchased Pure Body KSA’s artisanal soap in “lavender, grapefruit, and patchouli.” There are other variants in different fragrances but I’m partial to patchouli. Even if it it has a strong “herby and earthy” smell to it, I love it. I always choose the soap with patchouli in it. This particular soap comes in a green and white swirl pattern on top and a light brown body. It doesn’t lather as much but it smells fresh and great. It has a clean finish to it and I feel really good after shower when I use this soap. Must try the other variants too and I’m curious with the Moroccan Tea soap that has little pretty roses in it. Can’t wait!

Product Name: Artisan Soap

Brand: Pure Body KSA

Price: 18SR

Where To Buy: 

Pure Body KSA
T: +966-556267544
Showroom: Candles & Chalk, Alhamra Oasis Compound, Exit 9, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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