Beauty Bets: Sephora’s Eye Makeup Remover Gel

Eye liner lovers, raise your hands! I’m one of you ladies and if there is anything we need to take care of before going to bed at night, it’s that we make sure that we clean that stuff off else we end up looking like raccoons the next morning. This product right here is Sephora’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, it’s tagline is that “It removes while caring” because it does not use harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfate. Remember, the eye area is actually the most sensitive area of our face and is easily prone to age faster than other parts so we really have to be mindful of what to put there and how to remove it.


What I like about it is that it’s pretty straightforward to use and you just pump 1 to 2 drops in your cotton pad and wipe away. The smell is pretty generic and there seems to be a tad bit of a cooling effect after I apply it.

My beef with though, trumps more than what I like. First, it says on the bottle that with just one swoop, it could remove my makeup…but no. It did not deliver as advertised. I had to do five to six sweeps just to be able to take it all off. Second, this particular product is not made for waterproof makeup and sometimes the liquid liners that I use are waterproof, so this product is not going to help me with that. For the price cap on this, I think I can do better next time.

Product Name: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Gel


Price: 40 SR

Where To Buy: SEPHORA Branches in Riyadh Gallery, Hayat Mall

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