Beauty Bets: Victoria’s Secret Holographic Gloss

I admit, I bought Victoria’s Secret Holographic Gloss because they’re so pretty! Also, Victoria’s Secret was having a Buy 2 Get 2 promo during that time (not sure if it’s still on because I didn’t see the signs go away). They look really gorgeous in their tubes and while Like Magic looks purplish and Glow On looks pinkish brown, they’re pretty much clear when applied on the lips. But they do really have a shimmering holographic effect that enhances the lipstick worn beneath it. It also enhances the lips when worn on its own. Just don’t over apply because your lips might look greasy, as if you just ate something oily, kabsa anyone haha! When worn just right, it gives a sexy, eye-catching effect.

An effect for the lips

An effect for the lips

I love this gloss because it’s not too sticky. However, the microglitters stay on the lips even after the gloss is gone. Not sure if that’s a good thing for you or not. I suggest you wear these holographic gloss on top of a lipstick that’s the same (or almost) shade so you get the effect full on. Otherwise, it’s just an ordinary clear shimmery gloss that you can purchase cheaper in other brands.

Product Name: Holographic Gloss in Like Magic and Glow On

Brand: Victoria’s Secret

Price: 55SR

Where To Buy: Victoria’s Secret stores in Kingdom Centre, Granada Centre, and Hayat Mall

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