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We just love us some homegrown home bakers! We love how talents are sprucing up in the ‘bakingsphere’ of Riyadh and it’s always a pleasure to meet them and showcase the fruits of their passion. Today, we’re featuring My Cake Cravings – a duo of husband and wife who both have roots in baking. Garry and Lourdes Orozco are the forces behind the carefully crafted cakes that’s become a binding plot in their life story. Growing up, they both came from families who were involved in the bakery business back in the Philippines. Lourdes, in particular, was a curious pastry chef at a young age taking bread dough as her own personal play dough. She experimented with different shapes and animals and even with different recipes, observing what would work and what wouldn’t. As she grew older and focused on her studies and career, baking seemed to be a distant memory.

However, her love for baking was reignited once she had a family of her own. It was during the birthday of her children that she and her husband presented them with a store-bought cake with edible printed designs of Frozen and Spiderman. Upon opening the box though, they did not see any WOW faces from their kids and they both felt guilty of not making their children feel special enough. Shortly after that, Lourdes and Garry decided that they will never let their kids feel that way again and so, Lourdes enrolled herself to have additional skills in baking by signing up to the Wilton Cake Decorating Class offered in Tavola. And from there, her passion for baking was triggered and she even went on to take on other trainings, investing in baking equipment and collected baking tools that were not readily available in Riyadh.

Now this Spiderman cake can make any kid WOW!

Now this Spiderman cake can make any kid WOW!

Nowadays, she spends her free time honing her craft and serving others with the cakes that she’s made hoping that her creations will make their recipients feel loved on their special occasion. She uses only the finest ingredients and considers quality over quantity. Here are just some of her work thus far:


What a colorful and festive cake!




A pretty pink cake with delectable bows.


Minecraft design that’s really into the details!

A simple yet elegant design.

A simple yet elegant design.

One thing I could really commend Lourdes on is her knack for shaping the fondant animals and making them cutesy and cartoony enough that appeals to the eye. Just look at these next photos. It must take real talent to come up with these shapes and figures:

Attention to detail is great!

Attention to detail is great!

Just look at that super cute bunnyyyy!

Just look at that super cute bunnyyyy!

This is my favorite among her creations so far.

This is my favorite among her creations so far.

Recently, she was generous enough to gift The Pink Tarha with a wonderful fondant cake in honor of passing the 10,000 mark of Likers on Facebook and at the same time congratulating us on the success of The Riyadhizen 2015 Planner. She baked for us this humongous cake that was a bit heavy to lift but we were so excited to see it that it didn’t matter: 

It's an amazing replicate of the cover!

It’s an amazing replicate of the cover!

A badge to mark the 10K.

A badge to mark the 10K.

Her details were truly on point including the color and font of the planner itself. We didn’t have the heart to cut off the cover of the cake so we made a point to somehow lift the cover off before cutting into the cake. As we got the cover out, we were finally able to share slices of this vanilla and strawberry cake with every one in the office. It was sweet, crumbly and the tanginess of the fresh strawberries balanced out some of the sweetness in every bite. We couldn’t finish the entire cake in one day (of course!) and to our delight, we ate some again the next day and it honestly tasted even better! It must have been because the strawberries and custard have meshed and made the cake more moist that we just had to have more of it again. Thank you, Lourdes and Garry!

Personally, I too, appreciate the care and attention to detail that’s done on cakes that take the recipient’s interests and hobbies into consideration. It’s basically like giving a thoughtful gift and with My Cake Creation, they will surely give you a memorable one.

For more information, you may contact My Cake Cravings in the details below:

My Cake Cravings


Mobile: +966541100791


Instagram: @mycakecravings

NOTE: This home bakeshop is no longer operating in Riyadh. 

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