Beauty Bets: Fuji Green Tea Body Wash

Summer is here and a refreshing bath can prove to be a relaxing way to fight off the heat. Body Shop’s latest fragrance line is the Fuji Green Tea which is infused with handpicked green tea from the Mt. Fuji region in Japan and I just happen to pick its Body Wash to try it out.

The fragrance is light and delicate with notes of bergomot, mandarin, camellia, jasmine, violet and of course, green tea. It’s not so sudsy and with the help of a loofah, I couldn’t help but feel refreshed and revitalized after. Though I also feel that way when I use Dove’s Go Fresh line so it really must boil down to the scents and how it triggers that feeling of “freshness” for you.

I suppose the one of the main upsides is that when it comes to Body Shop products, you can be assured that they supports the Fair Trade Community and also that none of their products are tested on animals.



The Fuji Green Tea fragrance is also available in Body Butter, Body Scrub, Body Lotion and Eau de Cologne. Maybe next time, I’ll try the body scrub instead.

Product Name: Fuji Green Tea Body Wash

Brand: The Body Shop

Price: 39SR (250 ml)

Where To Buy: The Body Shop branches in Riyadh

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