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For as long as I can remember, Samurai has been my go-to spot for decent, Japanese food in Kingdom Mall. More than recently though, a worthy competitor took fort on the other end of Kingdom’s ever-growing food court and designed a unique seating spot complete with the allure of a rotating conveyor belt where all the sushi are made to parade in (well not always, but on most evenings). Its name is Sushi Spot and we have sampled it quite a few times already to know its good and not-so-good parts. 



A big, spherical division separates the customers of Sushi Spot from the rest of the food court, giving some form of privacy to its patrons. However, the seating formation won’t let you be face to face with your dining companion because you’re all at the mercy of the geometric laws of a circle. You can though, enjoy the view of traveling plates of sushi (covered in transparent packaging) along the mini-conveyor strip that silently motors away in front of you.


After you place your order at the cash register, you can find a space in the “Sushi Circle”, as I like to call it, and the wait staff will set up your eating area.



Pickled Ginger. Free.

Waiting for the real thing.

All set and waiting for the real thing.

One ‘thing’ I have regarding their seating section though is that, while the sun roof atop the area is lovely during day time, the place is a bit dimmer than the rest of the food court at night time because there’s no lighting fixtures above us. It can be a lil’ dim, depending on which part of the circle you are seated.

Fortunately, their food in general is pleasing and appetizing. The menu is straightforward and itemizes each category with less than ten items each. It sure makes the decision-making easier for me! For the starters, these are some of what I’ve tried so far:

Endamame 10SR

Endamame, 10SR


Miso Soup, 10SR

Both these starters are just 10SR each and I can say that both were real value for your money. The endamame may not be the imported kind, but the beans were still juicy and fairly delicious. As for the miso soup, it was served warm and ready for consumption. Taste-wise, it was averagely okay.

Salmon Salad.

Salmon Salad, 30SR

Crispy Salad, 35SR

Crispy Salad, 35SR

Dynamite Shrimp, 35SR

Dynamite Shrimp, 35SR

These are their ‘heavier’ starters with the Dynamite Shrimp being their latest addition to the menu (and the tastiest by far). It lives up to its name of being spicy and it’s definitely not something for those averted by spicy food. However, while the sauce is strong and memorable, I can’t say the same for the shrimp itself. I found it a little to breaded and confusing to a point of whether…am I eating shrimp or am I eating batter? That’s how thick it was for me. Unlike the Crispy Salad which only had Tempura batter, it was lighter and I could definitely taste the seafood inside it still. However, that Salad lacks the power punch that makes a dish feel inspiring (not that fast food restaurants should be held up to that standard, but I’m just sayin’). The Salmon Salad’s vinaigrette was a little too sour for my liking and would prefer that I had the sauce on the side instead of drenching the entire salad with it.

The Master Chef is also standing in the 'Circle of Sushi' preparing some of the dish live in action.

The Master Chef is stands  in the ‘Sushi Circle’ preparing some of the dishes live in action.

Of course, the place wouldn’t be called Sushi Spot if they didn’t serve any sushi! I’m glad to report that we really, really liked their sushi.


Philly Maki


Salmon Maki


Crazy Salmon

Pardon me if I can’t remember the prices for the Maki selection but I can assure you that three pieces wouldn’t go over 30SR each. Overall, their makis can satisfy your fullness with the right amount of tastiness. I certainly did not feel like they were short-selling me on the salmon and the rolls were chubbier than some other Japanese fast food chains I know. Their makis are a good deal to me.

Tuna Sashimi.

Tuna Sashimi.

I read a comment on Foursquare who said that Sushi Spot’s sashimi wasn’t fresh. He is entitled to his opinion, but the tuna sashimi I got was certainly fresh and meaty. It was the kind of tuna that made me happy and dipping it on the soy sauce with wasabi was simply like biting unto a cherry on top of a sundae (if that makes sense, haha!).

Mixed Tempura

Mixed Tempura, 30SR

Last but not least, here is their Mixed Tempura (selection of shrimp, fish and vegetables). What’s notable in their tempura selection is you can order it by piece (1 lone shrimp tempura can be ordered for 10SR). It’s a good option for those who don’t want to order a big dish all on their own but still wants to have a taste of tempura. However, since we were sharing during our last visit, my companions and I opted for the 30SR order which had enough for sharing. A tad bit oily, but manageable once dipped in the ginger and tempura sauce.

Sushi Spot also has a variety of noodle viands and fried rice to satisfy the rest of your Asian cravings.

In a nutshell, Sushi Spot won’t blow your socks off but it won’t make your wallet burn a hole either. It’s a decent stop in between prayer times to cater to your Japanese inclinations whilst shopping and it offers us a fresh new option from the usual and established restos in the area. As we always say in The Pink Tarha, let’s do something new every day! May Sushi Spot mark the spot. 🙂

Sushi Spot

Basement, Food Court

Kingdom Mall, Olaya

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