Friday Finds: Of Sugar and Pink Salt

It’s Friday once again and how are you folks? I remembered we used to go to Batha on Friday mornings to do our groceries and buy freshly-baked bread at the Filipino market and bakery (speaking of Filipino, happy Independence Day to our beloved Philippines today!). However, we stopped going because of the ongoing construction in Batha that causes too much traffic and lack of parking areas. We end up going to Lulu Hypermarket nowadays (like what I mentioned in our first Friday Finds… attention, this is not an paid advertisement, haha!). At first we went to the Khurais branch but the Lulu in Riyadh Avenue Mall in Olaya is closer to our house so that’s where we go now.

Because I’m such a sweet tooth, you will find me in the candies and chocolates aisles of a supermarket. I’m like a kid going through the selection looking for something new. Maybe there’s a new flavor of Lindt, maybe a limited edition of a Cadbury chocolate, or a brand that I’m seeing for the first time. Whatever it is, I always end up getting something from the sweet aisle much to the dismay of my diabetic father, haha. Anyway, here are my Friday Finds…

Tabasco Hot Cinnamon Candies

Spicy or sweet?

Spicy or sweet?

What?!? Again, again, again! Tabasco candies. You mean  the Tabasco hot sauce came up with candies?! What a surprise. Haha! I was curious to try this but not adventurous enough to buy it. I’m thinking this might be an interesting combination. I like that it comes in a Tabasco style bottle. A+ for packaging!

Hello Kitty Jelly Belly

Cuteness overload!

Cuteness overload!

So I’m wondering if R and I have a secret liking for Hello Kitty because she just featured a Hello Kitty Instax and I’m featuring a Hello Kitty candy in this Friday Finds edition. I find it so adorable, these jelly bellies that come in five flavors. Also, they’re in different shades of pink so… what’s not to like?

Dots Gum Drops

Chewing gum drops was a hobby, haha.

Chewing gum drops was a hobby, haha.

When I was a kid, I used to receive a huge plastic bag filled of gum drops from my relatives in the States. Apparently, it’s some kind of a popular form of candy there. I love the initial assault of sweet sugar and the chewiness of these gum drops. It sticks all over my gums; maybe that’s why it’s called gum drops. Haha, kidding. Now, I found a box of Dots assorted fruit-flavored gumdrops in Lulu and it’s juicy and chewy!

Almond Roca

Oldie but goodie

Oldie but goodie

When I was a kid (these Friday Finds candies are taking me down memory lane!), there used to be packs and tin cans of Almond Roca that went with the gum drops from our relatives in the US. My grandmother loved it and stores them with much care so she can distribute it after dinner; even cutting them in two so it goes a long way. Truth be told, I wasn’t a fan of the Almond Roca, maybe because it has nuts in it (I’m not a fan of the combination of chocolate and nuts in general). But for those who loves it but is afraid it might get in the way of their diet, then here’s a sugar-free version.

Last but not the least in our Friday Finds today is salt. Yup, I’m jumping from the sweets to something salty because I remembered a reader asking where to buy the Himalayan Salt a few months back. There are a few stores where you can get this now but if you’re in Lulu, there this:

Jamie Oliver Pink Himalayan Salt

This, and more spices from Jamie Oliver

This, and more spices from Jamie Oliver

I’m not a cook and I stay away from our kitchen as much as possible to I cannot for the life of me differentiate the taste of pink salt from the ordinary table salt. But they said that this is the healthier version. So, if you’re looking for this (and other spices), here you go. It’s Jamie Oliver’s brand so you might as well feel like on a cooking show while using this, hehe.

That’s it for our Friday Finds. Have a great weekend, Riyadhizens! Stay sweet!

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  1. Marc Magsino Reply

    Pink Himalayan salt usually used as a spice rub for your chicken, beef, pork

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