How To Keep Safe in a Theme Park

Amusement parks are often marked by a charming chaos brought upon by the children’s excitement and the thrilling rides. Granted, places like these are more prone to injuries or accidents. With all the running around, adrenaline rush and sugar high combined, it’s easy for children (and parents) to get carried away with all the overwhelming festive spirit. That’s why we want to help prevent any mishaps as much as possible…after all, we came to the amusement park to have fun right? Not to end up in pain and tears. Thus, here we are some tips on how to keep safe at any theme park.

1. Know The Rides. 

Parents should make it a point to scan and assess the rides available at the park before allowing their kids to on it. Which rides can be accompanied by an adult? Which activity should have some form of safety gear on?  Many rides have an age-limit and height-requirement in order to meet safety standards and it’s the responsibility of the adults to make sure that their young ones don’t put themselves at risk. No matter how exciting the ride or activity looks like!

2. Watch Your Kids

There could be hundred of kids passing you by and your kid can easily get lost in the crowd. A tip? Remember what they were wearing that day. Also when on the rides, don’t rely on the ride operator to keep an eye on your children as his main focus is on making sure he’s pressing the right buttons in a given time. For example, things can get rowdy on bumper cars and other action-rides that you might disregard whether or not your kid is staying safe. It can be tasking, but it’s basically about not leaving them unsupervised.

3. Follow The Safety Rules

All amusement parks have a set of safety rules that are visible to each and every guest at each and every ride. Make sure to read it and follow it. Toy Town in particular has these set of safety rules on all of their major rides:

1. Kids under 4 years old are not allowed.

2. Pregnant women and those suffering from heart problems, fractures, epilepsy and back problems are not allowed to ride.

3. Never enter a ride area without the operator being present and consenting.

4. Fasten seat belt and keep all parts of your body inside the ride at all times.

5. Remain seated in an upright position at all times.

6. Keep all restraints fastened until the operator instructs you to exit.

7. Food, drink and smoking are not permitted on any ride.

8. Keep far from electrical cables, outlets and control panel.

9. While rare, evacuations may be required due to mechanical issues, weather conditions, or power interruption, evacuating may require you to step over and around objects and walk down steep inclines.

In the midst of the excitement, it’s easy to get carried away with all these but by taking the time to read and follow the safety rules, we could all have fun…safely.

In our past visit to Toy Town, we were glad to know that their staff have been trained to address safety issues and that they have a dedicated first-aid room in case of any injuries or accidents.

Safety First at Toy Town

Safety First at Toy Town!

Available oxygen tank and a medical bed.

Available oxygen tank and a medical bed at Toy Town’s First Aid Room.

4. Give Them A Break

Set your kids aside after a series of hyperactive rides and encourage them for a quick break to take a drink, catch their breath and basically calm the momentum in which they have made for themselves for at least 5 to 10 minutes. By doing so, you can lessen the probability of them getting too rowdy and getting into trouble because of hyped of emotions brought about by the rides and being with their friends.

5. Keep Them Informed & Prepared

Even before leaving for any theme park, practice the rules and emergency plans with your kids in case they get lost or something bad happens to them while on the ride. Make sure they know who they should approach in case they get lost and loses contact with you. My mom before had a laminated information card on my brother’s pocket when he was young and told him that if he should ever get lost, he should just show that card to an adult. Also, in any case of emergency, it’s important you practice your kids on how to stay calm and collected. It can make all the difference. 🙂


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