Top 6 Finds at the Le Marche Bazaar

A week before our Bake and Blush Fair 2015, we attended the Le Marche Bazaar in Al Nakheel Village. We signed up as vendors (it’s our first time) but we don’t have a lot of stuff to sell apart from a few copies of The Riyadhizen 2015 planners that we still have left. We also wanted to distribute flyers for the Bake and Blush Fair to might-be last minute attendees and of course, introduce the blog to visitors. The Le Marche Bazaar is all about handmade products and hand-crafted stuff. The venue was huge and outdoors. There were a lot of vendors and tables but we easily found ours. Our set-up was simple. R brought her Macbook with her so we can show people the website and we had a plate of toffees for kids.

Setting up at the Le Marche Bazaar

Setting up at the Le Marche Bazaar

Truth be told, we became more of the customers than vendors in this affair. Haha! During the first few minutes that the bazaar opened, we already had a heaping of pad thai, green curry, and rice. We zeroed on to the food stalls on the other side of the field which had tables for Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnemese cuisine. Shawarma, from the dining area, and pomegranate juice followed after. Then freshly-squeezed orange juice and meat buns and another plate of pad thai. Plus a summery cupcake and a slice of chocolate cake for dessert. Hahaha, so you see, the money we gained from a few planners we were able to sell went to all the food we bought! We are not good at this selling thing. Ever. Haha!

Anyway, we discovered a lot of amazing businesses and products during the bazaar that you might be interested in having yourself. There were some vendors that we have encountered in some smaller bazaars we’ve been to (especially the ones that sell stones and jewelries) but there were also some that were new; it was our first time seeing their products so this is a great experience. If we weren’t so into food and cold beverage (it was so hooot that night), we would probably have taken home a lot of these products. Here are our top five finds, although I’m pretty sure we missed a lot more.

O’ La La Tutus

They're really ooooh lala tutus! Your daughters will love these!

They’re really ooooh lala tutus! Your daughters will love these!

Aren’t these the cutest tutu skirts? So adorable! O’ La La Tutus was a table away from us and when she unraveled the skirts from their plastic bags, we were already swooning. We wanted to buy one just for the cuteness but our practical side (whatever was left of it) regained control of our senses. Obviously we don’t have little girls yet and those won’t even fit us, so we gently let go. But if you have princesses in your life, these would fit them to a tea tee! Haha. Starts from SR 200 and above.

O’ La La Tutus | | 0542219798 | Facebook 

Yasmina Vuc Accessories

Solid colors, different textures, great designs at Yasmina Vuc's table.

Solid colors, different textures, great designs at Yasmina Vuc’s table.

Solid yet striking colors dominate Yasmina Vuc’s bags. A testament to simplicity can still be unique and attractive. Her accessories also use the same commitment to tasteful use of colors and patterns (lots of dots and paisley) and her bead works are amazing! Check out her accessories and bags!

Yasmina Vic Accessories | | 0541867403 | Facebook | Instagram

Isabel and Tania Tote Bags

Hand-painted tote bags from Isabel and Tania

Hand-painted tote bags from Isabel and Tania

We’re fond of tote bags, especially for our Pink Tarha Mornings that’s why we’re happy to find these tote bags that can be personalized. Isabel and Tania are two creative friends who draw, paint and sew cotton tote bags together. Their prints are so cute and lovely and since there are so many occasions and events in a year, their tote bags are great gifts and souvenirs. A personalized tote bag is around SR 60, a bit steep but just think of the smile it will bring to the receiver when he/she sees how much thought was put into their gift.

IT Tote Bags | | 0506189932 | Facebook | Instagram

Sabine Delattre-Apraxine Wire Accessories

What can you do with a wire? LOTS!

What can you do with a wire? LOTS!

Another personalized item that caught my attention are these really colorful, metallic wires at Sabine Apraxine’s table. I thought she was selling them as is but she’s actually bending and shaping them to make really cute necklaces, bracelets, and rings. No piece is alike so you’re guaranteed to have one that’s uniquely yours. Customized accessories start from SR 50. She also does framing, porcelain, and painting.

Sabine Delattre-Apraxine | | 0557648173

Eco Gallery

Art and nature combined in these hand-painted and hand-crafted products.

Art and nature combined in these hand-painted and hand-crafted products.

One of the most fascinating booths in the Le Marche Bazaar is the Eco Gallery by Sharmin Zaheer. Their backdrop is covered by cloths that has painting designs. I’ve never seen scenes from the Middle East, or Saudi Arabia portrayed in such a vibrant manner. Their items are perfect for pasalubong to your families and friends! They also carry beautiful hand crafted journals made with vintage leather and adorned with gems and crystals. It’s my wish to have their leather cover roll sketch book with recycled acid-free paper but alas, I have to learn how to sketch first haha. Eco Gallery is currently closed from June 16 to August 31, 2015 for summer vacation.

Eco Gallery | Branches: Al Bustan Village, Al Khobar and Sara Village, Al Aziziya | | 0543496321 | Facebook

The Pink Box

Affordable watches and accessories at The Pink Box.

Affordable watches and accessories at The Pink Box.

I’ve been seeing the products of The Pink Box in Facebook for quite some time now and I like her watches. That’s why it was luck that Paula, the owner, was in the bazaar also along with her quirky accessories. I definitely like the dainty floral watches and got one for myself. She also had watches with colorful threads in them that will definitely make one’s wrist attractive. The Pink Box eventually became a sponsor to our Bake and Blush Fair.

The Pink Box | Facebook | Instagram

We enjoyed our time in the Le Marche Bazaar 2015. Compound bazaars are a great way to enjoy your time in Riyadh. It will make you spend but you also spend your money on hand-crafted, handmade, and unique products. Because it’s summer now in Riyadh, and Ramadan too, most bazaar will resume their operation on September/October. Watch out for them then.

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