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In the years that I’ve eaten around Riyadh, there is one dessert that I have always spoken highly of ever since my taste buds ever laid its senses over them…that is the chocolate fondant. Its endearing factor for me has always been the gooey molten chocolate that oozes out as you cut into it and the contrast of the warm chocolate with the dollop of vanilla ice cream that usually comes with it. I’ve experienced several versions of this dessert and more recently, my friends and I chanced upon the opening of this new dessert cafe cutely named, Mol10.


It is a corner shop located right beside the new Tamimi Markets in Arcadia Plaza along the Prince Turki Rd and Al Mather intersection. As cute as its store name is, the interiors are just as delightful. Inside you will find white-washed wood shelves, silver tin-colored tables, brown wooden chairs and lighted Ball Mason Jars adorned all around. It gives off this delicate, quaint and slightly chic ambiance that’s attractive to those looking for a simplistic chill-out cafe with yourself or with your friends.


The Men’s Section is on the ground floor, with a “bar”.


There is a rustic yet chic feel in the cafe.

The Family Section is upstairs and it has a view. :)

The Family Section is upstairs and it has a view. 🙂

As we ordered, I found the menu to be very straightforward. As the name implies, they sell Molten Chocolate Cakes in different variations and they also offer a couple of flavored coolers along with the standard cafe items of coffee and tea. 

Very affordable!

Very affordable!

We ordered four different flavors of molten cakes and four different drinks so just we could have a little taste of each. Apart from chocolate-based cakes, they also have Red Velvet, Peanut and Pistachio just in case you don’t feel like drowning in the Chocolate options. You can add vanilla ice cream to go along with your cake for 4SR.


Ball Mason Jars! *swoons*

Their serving tray and serving jars are really something to talk about (and I bet they are one of the selling points of this place). I, for one, am a big fan of mason jars and I use my own from at home when making my smoothies. But I had to buy mine from the Philippines and I’m sure people who love these hip mason jars as much as I do will plead with the staff to sell it to them (just as I have) to no avail.



Don't they look adorable?

Don’t they look adorable?

In terms of the drinks, I ordered the Watermelon Fizzler and the gang ordered the Mango Fizzler, Blue Fizzler and the Oreo Milkshake. I ended up liking theirs more than I did mine because for some reason, the Watermelon Fizzler came across as slightly over-sour-y. The Mango Fizzler tasted fresh and sweet while the Blue Fizzler tasted cool and refreshing. The Oreo Milkshake was very creamy and was everything I expect an Oreo milkshake should be, so no surprises there.

Blue Fizzler, 14SR

Blue Fizzler, 14SR

Watermelon Fizzler, 16SR

Watermelon Fizzler, 16SR

As for the star product of their cafe, we ordered the Motlten Original, Molten Nutella, Molten Red Velvet and the Molten Cookies. For the size of the serving, it was justified in the price range that it came in.


I thought the Molten Original was good and fairly chocolate-y and its sweetness was nothing to be to ashamed of. It’s not as luxurious in taste as in other upscale restaurants but for a mere night out in search of self-gratifying desserts, this molten chocolate cake is enough to satisfy my emotional eating as necessary.

The Molten Original, 10SR

The Molten Original, 10SR

The Molten Cookie was ingenious because it tried to combine two sweets together (cookie and cake in one) but while the cookie was good, I think it took all the cooking attention and left the supposed “cake” under it, more molten than usual.

The Molten Cookies, 13SR

The Molten Cookies, 13SR

My friend enjoyed her Red Velvet option since she is not a big fan of chocolate, really. It was soft with a fair amount of sweetness and the red velvet flavor really shined through. Meanwhile, the Molten Nutella is really for the big chocolate fan. It was deeply indulgent and the Nutella weaves through the already molten center that it becomes this extra gooey mixture and so much richer in terms of chocolatey-ness.

Overall, it’s a charming new cafe that’s perfect for those with a (chocolate) sweet tooth and a passion for mason jars. Seating could be limited if you are coming in a group of four or more so it’s safe to say that the place is for a more intimate gathering. Even better I think, you could go there by yourself to read a book or do some online work while enjoying one of their molten chocolate cakes and a cup of coffee…now that would be a Mol10 moment! 🙂


Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat: @mol10_sa

Tel: 011-411-1010

Opening hours this Ramadan: 6:30PM to 2AM. 

Location is right beside Tamimi Markets in AlMather, inside Arcadia Plaza, beside the Dunkin’ Donuts


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