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I’m not a perfume person, despite of the Bath and Body Works sale haul that I got over the past few weeks (shhhh), haha. Okay so I just like different fragrances and I always try to look for new notes and smells in beauty and fragrance brands in the mall. Inglot’s Freedom System Fragrance came as a surprise to me because I didn’t think they have fragrances to begin with. Inglot is known for their nail polishes and makeup. Also, Inglot is known for their freedom system where you’re free to pick from their array of makeup and compose and combine them together in your own palette. It makes bringing makeup a lot easier.

The same philosophy came with the line of five floral and fruity creamy perfumes: Green Fruit, Purple Musk, Golden Wood, Bright Amber, and Mandarin Crush. These perfumes come in rectangular, eco-friendly pans. They’re like balm and you’ll probably mistake them for one if you’re not careful. The fragrances are light and fresh and can put on separately or mixed for a new and unique smell. The cases are magnetic and they can form a stack if you own 3 or more of these handy and classy perfumes.

Bright Amber and Purple Musk in their stackable palettes.

Bright Amber and Purple Musk in their stackable palettes.

I have the Purple Musk and Bright Amber. The Purple Musk has top notes of bergamot, ivy, and sage, mid notes of orris, jasmine, and rose and a base of cinnamon, musk, and tonka beans. This perfume has a refined quality to it, a classic scent that most Arab women will like. It’s regale and sensual. The Bright Amber, on the other hand, has top notes of citrus, bergamot, and mandarin with mid notes of freesia, jasmine, and vanilla flower. Its base is comprised of amber and cinnamon. This scent is fresh and floral. It evokes a scene of a warm afternoon in a garden (I’m not sure why that came to my mind while trying this out). These perfumes are mellow and light when worn individually but when worn in layers, they create a more dramatic fragrance. The only problem I have with this is it doesn’t last long and the scent just kinds of linger subtly in the background. It’s not something that everyone around you would notice or smell immediately. The colors of the perfumes are just there to identify it from the others because their pans don’t have names. They don’t stain or cause any coloration in the skin or clothing, They come off sheer. Place in your pulse points for maximum effect. It’s really handy for women on the go like us. I might buy the Green Fruit next as that might be the best scent for me (the tester in Inglot Al Nakheel Mall was empty).

Product Name: Freedom System Fragrance in Purple Musk and Bright Amber 

Brand: Inglot

Where To Buy: Inglot Branches in Riyadh Gallery and Al Nakheel Mall

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