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I have always been obsessed in getting Nars Blush in Orgasm but I haven’t gotten around in purchasing one. Don’t ask me why. I’m just being a girl (cuckoo indecisive). Haha! Anyway, before I can get my hands into the real thing, I read somewhere that a good dupe for Nars Orgasm is a blush from Sleek Makeup called Rose Gold. It’s a good thing that Sleek is readily available in Whites Pharmacy! So I immediately looked for it in Whites Pharmacy, Panorama Mall. Ooops, sold out. There were other blushes there but I wanted the Rose Gold. I ended up picking this trio of blushes that I will review soon. Now back to the elusive Rose Gold. I tried a couple more branches to no avail. I hit gold in the Granada Mall branch of Whites.

Is that you Nars Orgasm? Nahhh.

Is that you Nars Orgasm? Nahhh.

I really love the black matte packaging of Sleek. Talk about being sleek eh. Their makeup are really affordable but they look expensive. I wanted to hoard their eyeshadow palettes just because of the gorgeous packaging (both the box and the case)! Anyway, the Rose Gold blush comes in a small rectangle pan that has a mirror. The blush appears highly-pigmented and shimmery in the pan but is subtle when swiped on the cheeks. I needed three sweeps to build up a noticeable color. I love the dewy, radiant glow that the blush adds to my cheeks. Careful on putting too much though because instead of dewy, your face might appear oily with that too much sheen. The blush lasts around 5 hours on the cheeks. It still looks good even with it’s faded. It can also serve as a highlighter.

Sleek blushes are worth a space in your dresser. They super affordable! They have various shades but some shades are better for fair-skinned and some for morena better so it’s just a matter of picking the right hue for you. Rose Gold looks good whatever your skin color is so it’s a versatile blush you need in your kikay kit.

Product Name: Blush in Rose Gold

Brand: Sleek Makeup

Price: 24 SR

Where To Buy: Whites Pharmacy

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